Chapter 20: Wedding

Today was the day Serena has been waiting a long time for. She stood in front of a full length mirror admiring her silk egg-shell wedding dress. Silver leaves covered the bust and spiral down the gown in to beautiful patterns. A long vale hiding her golden hair as tears of joy welled up within her eyes.

"You look beautiful mommy," Rini giggled, giving her mother a small hug.

"Thank you Rini, you will make a stunning flower girl," Serena cooed at her four year old daughter.

"And what about me!" whined a little boy to her left.

"Andrew you look handsome just like your father," Serena cooed to her four year old son, ruffling his black hair.

Even though Rini and Andrew are twins, they looked nothing alike, where Rini was a spitting image of Serena; blonde hair with pink highlights and sky blue eyes. Andrew was more like his father, with jet black hair and midnight blue eyes, the only thing they had in common was their height and birthdays. No one would have suspected that they were twins until told and proof of birth.

Who would have thought it has been almost six years since Darien raced to Toronto to be with Serena. Serena sighed again, thinking about how lucky she was to have a man like Darien.

The door opened and in walked Mina, her belly full with child and her smile widen as she saw Serena in her wedding dress.

"You look beautiful Serena," Mina cried.

"Thanks Mina, are you sure you should be up, maybe you should sit down. You look like you're about to pop," Serena said, rushing over to her sister and placing a hand on the small of her back.

"I'm fine, you're worse than Malachite," Mina waved her sister off.

"Well tell your husband that he should be waiting on you hand in foot, like Darien did for me," Serena laughed.

"At least I waited until I got married," Mina shot back.

"Yeah, I didn't even know you two were dating until I got your invite to your wedding," was Serena's come back.

"We wanted to keep it under wraps and with all the drama with you and Darien, you didn't need to hear my story," Mina said, smiling.

"True, so do you know if the baby is a girl or a boy?" Serena asked, rubbing Mina's stomach.

"Yes they're girls," Mina gushed.

"They, twins too," Serena gasped.

"Yup, we are going to have our hands full," Mina hugged her sister.

There came another knock on the door and was glad to see Darien's father waiting to walk her down the aisle. Serena was somewhat saddened that her parents would not attend even though she had sent their invitation four weeks ago. Serena has tried everything to make admen's with her parents but it was no use, her mother refused to answer her calls and her father did whatever his wife said.

Refusing to be sad on her wedding day, she smiled as Mina gathered up Rini and Andrew and headed out of the room. Serena took Kurt's arm.

"You look stunning, my son really has chosen a good woman to marry," Kurt said smiling down at his future daughter-in –law.

Who would have thought that Serena and Darien made a life together, they stayed in Toronto and Serena finished school and went to a local collage while Aunt Toni watched the twins. Serena was able to get a degree in history and education and within a year became a fourth grade teacher at Sir William Olson's school. Darien on the other hand gave up his teaching job and was appointment CEO of his father's company as they expanded into Canada, which made earning a living a little easier. They bought a house on the out skirts of Toronto with a lot of land for the children to play.

But today outshone all the days they spent together because today was the day they promised their undying love for each other.

The music started and Rini danced up the aisle throwing flower on the floor with her brother right behind her making funny faces at the crowd. Then Mina her maid-of-honor started down the aisle wearing a golden dress that clung to her figure showing her big belly and it flowed out at the bottom and then her bride-maids followed close behind. Lita wearing a stunning green dress, Rei in a beautiful red dress and last Ami in blue. Finally it was time for Serena to be escorted down the aisle with Kurt.

Everyone sighed and broke into small whispers saying how beautiful Serena looked in her dress. Darien stood beside Malachite his best man at the altar his eyes beaming with pride. Never had he seen Serena look so beautiful and within minutes she will be his forever. Butterflies started to roam around in Darien's stomach and he felt a wave of dizziness but it sub-sided when Serena stood beside him.

As they looked into each other's eyes they were lost in their own words. The priest started his speech and Darien and Serena smiled as they repeated their vows and when the priest said "you may now kiss the bride," did Darien scooped Serena up in his arms and kissed her deeply and lovingly.

Rini and Andrew smiled as their parents finally got married. They both looked over to their great aunt who gave them the thumbs up. Rini slowly disappeared behind the priest without anyone knowing and grabbing a string she pulled it with all her might.

Serena and Darien finally pulled away from each other and when they turned towards the crowd to be announced as Mr. Mrs. Shields did a black goo covered them both and the priest from head to toe. Serena and Darien gasped in shock and stood stunned before the crowd broke out laughing. Andrew quickly jumped up pulling another sting and feathers fell over the couple making them look like chickens. More laugher erupted from the crowd and people started to snap pictures of the feathered couple. Mina ran up to Serena and started to brush off some of the feathers.

"Mina you didn't do this did you?" Serena asked, surprise that she didn't see the prank coming.

"Not me!" Mina defended, "have not pulled a prank since I got married."

"Then who?" Serena asked herself as she looked around the room, she knew none of her or Darien's family and friends would have pulled the prank but then she spotted her kids rolling on the floor holding their tummy's laughing their heads off. It was then that Serena knew she was pranked by her two loving children. Smiling Serena raced over to Andrew and Rini and picked them up and smeared some goo and feathers all over their small little body. The kids tried to get away but Serena held them close. Once the laughter died down; Darien and Serena walk down the aisle holding two squirming kids in their arms, for right now they were a family.

Then End.

Thanks to all who have read my story hope that you liked it and continue to read my future stories to come. Happy pranking.