Touhou Doujin: Grimoire of Dawitsu


Hello, budding mimicker, whoever you may be! You are reading a book that is designed to help you mimic the residents of Gensokyo. If you are struggling with the basics, please see the book 'Mimicry for Dummies', as this book is written in a style assuming you know such things.

Anyway, I am Mateyuu Dawitsu, a mimicker of many things. Such is my devotion to mimicry that I have no original works of art in my mansion. However, I do draw, but always steal the technique of an artist in the process. And, by the time you finish this book, you'll be able to do far more than plagiarise art, you'll be able to plagiarise all of Gensokyo!

The typist that is making this publication possible is the young, ever keen Yutaka Hadekawa, an expert magician and a fine shikigami. Hey, she may even get a section in this book, as I have attempted to copy her before...

Anyhow, I shall compile the books chapters in the following way: In whatever order I choose, the girls will be organised. Within each section however, I shall break the subject down into three main areas: Personality, Notes on Mimicry, and finally a set of Typist's Notes in case Yutaka wants to add anything to my information.

My notes will not be concise, and may drag on, but if one is passionate enough about the art of copying, they will be able to get through this. If my language is confusing you, I suggest getting a dictionary, Oxford preferably. That said, they believe that 'Mankini' is a word nowadays...

Yutaka, is there anything else that I need to write down? What, that's all? Oh, okay, start your Typist's Notes now.

Typist's Notes: I'm not sure if typing everything my boss says exactly is the best way to write this book... I can see him getting sidetracked... perhaps if he wrote me handwritten notes beforehand? Or maybe I'm looking into this too much. Anyway, good luck, Mimicker of the Future!