Touhou Doujin: Grimoire of Dawitsu

The Tanuki with Ten Transformations, Mamizou Futatsuiwa

Mamizou Futatsuiwa is a Tanuki with an ability similar to the previous article's abilities... the ability to alter the appearance of objects. However, unlike Nue, she cannot change her own appearance. But her ability to change even energy-based things like Danmaku makes her displays far more fun to watch than Nue's... you see, she makes all kinds of animal shapes with her bullets, they look like dancing neon figures... that are lethal to touch.

By the way, last night my house got burgled. Now, it may be just Marisa, but I think there may be a dangerous, thieving Youkai on the loose. Just to let you know.


Mamizou has a similar upbringing to myself... high-class, and fully integrated with humans. She used to live in Sado, an island city in the outside world just off of Japan. There she acted as a local legend, stealing off of rich merchants, pulling pranks on indignant and mean-hearted people, and giving money to the poor. Like Robin Hood... with raccoon ears. However, unlike most local legends, she didn't remain in the shadows, and actually worked with the city dwellers in Sado whenever a project requiring hard work ensued. Altogether a good egg, and unlike myself, she didn't even pretend to be a human. I guess with the really blatant signs that she has a tail gives away enough information for even an outside world human to deduce that she's not human.

She seems to be good friends with Nue Houjuu, probably because Tanuki by nature are mischievous... as are the Nue. So it makes sense they're friends. Also, for some reason, she hates foxes. Maybe it's because both raccoons and foxes are garbage-eating creatures when living near human settlements, so she views them as competition innately. Whatever the case, I'd have to make sure Ran isn't in the house if I invite her over for tea. The results could be disastrous.

Notes on Mimicry

Oh, Mamizou, where do I begin with you? Her Danmaku is beyond awesome. And not in a difficulty sense, either. Although she has some downright complex and impossible to avoid attacks, that isn't the joy of her attacks... mimicking her is all about the art of the attacks... how elaborate they are, that's the fun.

She can make all kinds of shapes. She can make dancing stick-men which themselves shoot crystal-type bullets from themselves... she can make frogs that act as exploding turrets (sort of reminds me of Sanae when she's blessed with Suwako's power) and make birds, dogs, and copies of herself... all of which have their own unique unpredictable quality.

And she can do this by will alone, which is a mighty thing to do considering Nue Houjuu has to physically plant her seeds onto things... which technically makes her better at confusing people. However she chooses not to be the great prankster that Nue is, which is a good thing.

The only way I've ever attempted to mimic Mamizou is with Yutaka's assistance. She's not awfully good at forming bullets, but after I shoot them, she alters them to look like whatever it is I'm imitating. She does her part perfectly, but I still can't get the flight patterns just right... I guess there's a degree of randomness to her bullets, almost as if they're acting like living things.

Oh, I'd love to pick her brains sometime! Speaking of which, those glasses really do make her look clever, don't they...

Typist's Notes: Mamizou's spell-cards are an excellent way for me to practice manipulating moving objects. You see, I usually operate on objects more or less stationary relative to Earth. But when the boss fires the bullets, he shows no intention of slowing them down for me. Which is good... it's a challenge.

And... is it just me, or did the boss sound a little... too happy about Mamizou's glasses?