Yuucy: Hello? If I owned the movie/story "John Tucker Must Die" then it wouldn't be a chick-flick! … I'm usually more into action/horror/fantasy. And of course I also don't own any of the characters or any other thing in the movie.


(Kate's P.O.V.)

Some people might have thought that things would've changed after the "John-Tucker-Killing-Plan", but these people were totally wrong. Well, of course I was kind of popular the next weeks after his birthday party but it also was pretty sure that in the end I would be invisible again.

The party was five weeks ago and I highly doubt that more than ten persons at this school know my name. But that's okay, because I still have Heather, Beth and Carrie. And guess what, they've actually become pretty good friends! We tell each other everything!

Okay, that was a lie. Of course I wouldn't admit to them that I've got a crush on Scott, John's little brother. Why not? Because they'd definitely come up with some weird plan again! And also I don't believe he thinks of me like that. I'm sure he just sees me as a friend.

But I also got some pretty good news. My mom finally found a guy who's serious about her!

And this time it's not just her, thinking that he's okay. I actually think that he's the right type of guy for her, and if I say something like this it has to mean something. I think his name was Phillip but everyone just calls him Phil. So at least everything is turning out good for my mom.

But what should I do now? As I said before, I "like" Scott but I can't talk to the girls about it! So how am I supposed to know what to do? I mean, lately I've been getting totally nervous around him! And we've got Chemistry tomorrow!


Why is being in love so complicated…?