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Chapter 1

Luke Smith walked home with his new Syrian hamster, the sun was shining and a cool breeze rustled the leaves of the trees around and about him. He was very excited about finally getting a pet because having a pet was what normal people did, so if he had a pet then he was, well not exactly normal but closer to normal. Luke made sure to hold the hamster's box carefully so it didn't wobble or move about too much, he didn't want to upset the little hamster or stress it. Soon he reached 13 Bannerman road and brought his new hamster inside. Clyde and Rani were waiting with Sarah Jane and discussing what to do about the latest Slithean attack.

"You know if we invested in guns things would be so much easier," said Clyde pretending to shoot the fruit bowl in the kitchen.

"You are such a guy!" said Rani "Guns are not only illegal bu – OMG IS THAT A HAMSTER!" she squealed as Luke gently set his new pet down in its new cage.

"AWWWW IT'S SO CUTE!" squealed Clyde in a high pitched voice, everyone stared at him "Um I mean yeah, whatever, cool hamster dude."

"He is soooooooo cute!" said Rani "What are you going to call him?"

"I think I'll wait a day and see what his personality's like before I name him so that his name suits him," said Luke filling the hamster's water bottle up with water.

"I think we should call him Lightning!" said Clyde poking at the hamster through the bars.

"No!" said Rani "I think we should call him Fluffy!"

"I'll leave you kids to it," said Sarah Jane "I have to go down to Scotland and help out at Torchwood two, it's just a bunch of offices in Glasgow, but they needed some help translating some old archives."

"See you later Mum," said Luke giving her a hug and waving good bye to her as she left.

"Three kids alone in a house with an alien computer, think of the possibilities!" Shouted Clyde punching the air.

"I know we could stay up doing crossword puzzles all night!" said Luke just as excitedly.

"Yeah, crossword puzzles . . ." said Clyde.

"Well I'm going to go get my sleeping bag," said Rani "I'll see you guys tonight." And waving goodbye she jogged out of the house.

"I still think he's a flash," said Clyde gazing at the hamster. Luke's new hamster skittered around it's cage before stopping and curling up into a ball and falling asleep.

"Come on let's set up the attic," said Clyde. Luke cast one last look at his new hamster before following Clyde up the stairs. The hamster uncurled itself and stared after the boys and then its beady eyes narrowed and it let out a barely audible evil chuckle. . .

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