"So aren't you going to invite me in?" Gordon could not suppress a grin as the man in front of him whipped around. The second youngest Tracy felt his manic grin soften and he subtly leaned against the doorframe for support as gorgeous chocolate irises he never thought he'd see again widened as they focused on him. Gordon licked his lips and hooked his right thumb into the band of his jeans, "What's the matter Dame? Aren't you happy to see me?"

Damien blinked in disbelief for a moment. Was the person in front of him really there? He let his eyes wonder up the muscular from. Damn he hoped this was really.

He snorted as Gordon suddenly tilted his head to the side and batted his eyelashes with a soft questioning hum.

Thank you God

Letting his mind finally accept the truth of what he was seeing he licked his lips and moved subtly closer to the other boy, "I'd be happier if you closed the door."

It was Gordon's turn to snort. Damien's eyes had taken on that predatory look that he had loved so much when they had first met. He was also moving in on him like a wolf stalking his prey.

Gordon shifted slightly; he had forgotten how much the older boy affected him. Lifting himself off the door jamb he stepped into the room, turned around, and shut the door before locking it with a small click. Suddenly hands were on his shoulder pulling him back around and shoving him backwards into the door.

A pair of velvety soft lips began hungrily devouring his own.

It took him all of half a second to respond.

It was amazing how effortlessly they fell back into each other.

Pressing back on the slightly taller man Gordon opened his mouth wide to let Damien's tongue slip in. He also closed all space between their bodies. And grabbed the other man's ass.

Damien groaned at the contact on his rear. Gordon could feel the warm, wet muscle, currently making home in his mouth, move deeper into the dwelling. Their bodies were practically fusing together when Damien made the first rut.

Gordon's moan was swallowed by Damien as he pushed his tongue as far as it could go down the red-head's throat. He rutted again.

This time Gordon was more prepared and, as he still had Damien's ass in his hands, assisted in pulling their bodies flush against each other, rolling his hips slowly as his did.

"Oh God." Damien moaned throwing back his head in pleasure. Gordon promptly attacked it.

Biting, kissing, and licking the golden skin in front of him the second youngest Tracy could literally feel the man beneath him quiver as the throat swallowed reflexively.

Suddenly Damien dropped down, wrapped his hands around Gordon's thighs, and lifted him up. The smaller boy used the door for leverage as he was slid up it. Wrapping his legs around Damien's waist he let his hands travel up the back of his shirt bunching the fabric in his hands till it was balled at the base of the older boy's neck. Damien laughed as he carefully lifted his arms one at a time to prevent the copper top from falling and allowed said copper top to remove the now toughly crushed garment from his body.

Once he was free he once again flattened himself onto the object of his affection. Licking a long line up Gordon's neck he mumbled, "Always gotta be one step ahead of me don't you Star?"

"Ya well…AH…can't let…OH my God…you have all the fun…MMMMM…can I?"

Dame laughed again, "Looks like I'm still winning in that area." He punctuated this with a hard bite on Gordon's shoulder.

Gordon valiantly tried to think of a retort, but…

Something was pressing hard into Gordon's ass, and it was most certainly not Damien's thigh.

Grunts and moans soon filled the entire space as Damien rolled his hips up while Gordon simultaneously pushed his own down.

"My God I've missed you Star," the feel of warm breath in his ear made Gordon's spine tingle, "it has been far too long and there are so many thing I didn't get to say to you."

Gordon hummed softly, "Like what?"

"Like..Ughh…how I never should have left you…nggg…and how I never stopped loving you…ahhhh and how I really fucking hate your clothes right now."

Gordon laughed loudly at that. Pressing his lips fiercely to his lover's he relished he the warm moistness of his mouth before pulling back and placing their foreheads together, "Well then," he whispered seductively, "you'll just have to put me down then so I can take them off."

The movement was so fast anyone looking in would not have seen it.

Damien pulled back just enough to let Gordon unwind his legs and place his feet on the floor.

Then it was a free for all.

Clothes flew through the air to land in spots unseen yet making an obvious trail from the door to the bed.

With a soft, yet still audible thud the backs of Damien's knees hit the foot of the bed. Gordon shoved him backwards onto the bed and wasted no time crawling up the muscular body. Pulling himself back so that his back was supported by the headboard, Damien quickly reached for his nightstand.

"No," a firm hand on his wrist stopped him

"Are you sure Star?"

Gordon nodded as he shifted his body. He could now feel the tip of Damien's cock against his ass, "I want to feel you."

Damien took a second to study his lover's face. The copper top was breathing raggedly, hair slightly askew and eyes completely blown. He looked every bit the lover that he was forced to leave all those years ago, and yet…

Gordon placed a kiss against his forehead, "Don't worry Dame, I'll be alright."

The strength and certainty with which he said it had Damien nodding. Gordon may have changed in the years that they had been apart, but the young Tracy was still his and he would be damned if he was giving him up again.

Gordon closed his eyes and eased himself down.

Both boys very nearly screamed.

Hands shot up to grip the shaking hips with the intention of holding them down until their owner had time to adjust. Gordon had different ideas though. Taking the hands in his own and pinning them to the bed Gordon lifted his body until Damien was completely unsheathed before letting gravity do its job. This time they really did scream and Damien bucked, involuntarily thrusting himself deeper into the willing body on top of him.

Damien could not see. As Gordon's tight heat wrapped completely around him an explosion of white tore through his vision. His head cracked violently against the headboard, but he didn't feel it, his hands pulled and tugged at their restraints with a horrible aching need to touch the boy riding him. But the more he struggled the tighter Gordon held on. Pants, moans and screams of each other's name went on deaf ears. The only thing they knew was each other.

Tight heat makes it impossible to stay disconnected for too long.

Continual slamming on a certain bundle of nerves forces the pace to become harder and faster.

They are screaming so loud now that even in the highly cluttered room the sound bounces and echoes.

Gordon suddenly throws his head back and arches his back. His hands grappled to find support on the thighs behind him as another pair gripped his hips. The hands didn't stay there though. As soon as Gordon was stable they slid to his lower back, nails raking along the skin, and locked themselves. There was a sharp yelp of surprise, but it was quickly suppressed by a moan of pleasure as Damien slammed his lover deep into the mattress. Their lips locked again.

Damien gripped the railings on the headboard.

They had five years of pent up emotion to let out.

He really hoped the Gordon had nothing to do in the morning.