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For Blaine, in fact, for all the guys it was hard readjusting to life outside of Dalton after being in there for so long. It was weird not having to file for permission to leave the premises for X amount of time, and instead they could just... leave.

When Blaine returned home Friday afternoon and entered his house, his nostrils where filled with the familiar aroma of home-cooked meals, mens strong cologne and a little bit of dog, seeing as his large Labrador, Mitchie, liked to sneak up on the couches when nobody was looking.

However, when a six year old girl came hurtling down the stairs, throwing herself into his arms with her long brunette curly hair going all over the place, his smile almost cracked his face as he picked her up and hugged her so tight he probably almost suffocated her.

Julia- his sister. The one thing in the world that actually kept him sane during the whole.. bullying fiasco. Every day when he came home from school, he'd do his homework straight away, have dinner with his family and then help Julia with her reading homework, play with her, get her ready for bed and sing her to sleep.

The day he was escorted out of the house by two large policemen, with his little sister screaming and sobbing hysterically, being held back by his mother, it almost broke his heart, but he had to stay strong. Though her heart wrenching shrills stayed haunting his dreams every night.

"Blainey! Blainey!" She had called, struggling to fight off her mothers grip. "Mommy, Daddy! Don't let them take Blainey away, no! Come back!" She had cried.

The policemen showed no compassion, didn't even let Blaine say a proper goodbye.

Blaine later got word that his sister wasn't sleeping at night, instead crying out for him, wanting him to sing and soother her to sleep as he had done every night of her life.

He broke several kids noses that day.

She wasn't allowed come visit him like his parents where, though she and his parents pleaded with the law enforcers there, it never worked. They brought him pictures of her, and little notes she'd written in crayon with drawings, all the time. It broke his heart.

He broke more things every time he received a new note, "Please come home Blainey, I miss you." It would say, with dried tear stains.

'Julia.' He said, mentally scolding himself for his voice cracking. She just squeezed around his neck tighter as he carried her up the stairs and to her bedroom, past the Nanny that was looking after her.

After carefully locating her room, he entered for the first time in months, laying them both down on the bed where she snuggled into his chest.

'I missed you.' She said sadly. 'Are you staying now?' She asked, gripping his shirt tighter.

Blaine smiled sadly and brushed hair from her eyes. 'I missed you too baby girl. And I'm not going to leave you again any time soon, I promise.'

She sighed contently and leaned in a little more. Blaine was glad he showered so he didn't smell like sex- as he often did nowadays.

Taking a closer look at his little sister, he noticed how much thiner her frame was, her room was utter chaos instead of how tidy she used to keep it- toys thrown every where, dents in the wall, angry scribbles on the wall... huge black prominent bags under her eyes, as if she hadn't slept in months.

Blaine's heart broke at the sight. Not only had he disappointed his parents, he'd turned his sisters world upside down and now... now she seemed completely different. She was way too thin for her own good.

After awhile, Blaine noticed her breathing evening out and he tried to stand up, but in an instant Julia opened her eyes, filled to the brim with tears as she gripped him.

'Don't go!' She begged, her voice wavering.

Blaine closed his eyes, taking a deep breath before nodding and laying back down, bringing her back onto his chest.

'I won't.' He soothed with his eyes closed. 'I promise.' He brushed her hair back more as she snuggled into his jacket, breathing deeply, a small smile playing on her lips, her heavy eyes falling shut as she snored almost, completely unnoticeable.

He let the first set of tears drop in over a year.

After spending the night watching his sister sleep peacefully- and after numerous failed attempts to leave when she whined, she finally let him up the next morning as he helped her change clothes, not bothering to change his own as he put her on his hip and carried him downstairs where he was met with the smell of his Mom cooking breakfast.

His Mother greeted him kindly and thankfully peeled Julia off of him so he could at least go shower and get reacquainted with his room. His father had left to go finish some business stuff and would be joining them for dinner; however, he'd left Blaine all his new school supplies, time table and manual on his bed.

Joy, Blaine thought.

Just because he never bet anyone up before Jaxon, doesn't mean he wasn't always a rebellious teenager. He still had a very bad attitude towards most people, and often got in trouble for mouthing off.

Just because he was free from Reform School doesn't mean he was suddenly going to turn into the perfect, well mannered child.

When Monday morning came around, he'd picked up Wes and David on the way, Nick and Jeff following in Jeff's car behind.

Okay, they where extremely expensive cars and where obviously going to stand out like sore thumbs; but why not? As soon as the rumors started flying, which they would never confirm or deny, it wouldn't matter. Their idea was to be as feared as possible without having to actually hurt anyone in the process.

And so, when they walked through the doors of McKinley, clothed in jeans, t-shirts and leather jackets, people where instantly backing away at the steely look in their eyes. Blaine had already shot several guys dark looks for sneering at Nick and Jeff as they where walking down the hall, hands held firmly together.

Wes and David where on his left, Nick and Jeff on his right with himself following just behind. Blaine was always the leader- it was just how it happened. He was quiet but very, very smart and capable. He analyzed people without using his words, it was easier to know who was a threat then who wasn't. Even after only being in this school ten minutes as they made their way towards the principles office, Blaine had already picked out and spotted many football guys, sneering as Jeff and Nick. He instantly knew this football team would be in for a shock.

But then, he saw him.

'Puckerman you prick!' He yelled down the hallway, startling everyone, looking at him with wide-eyes as he smirked.

Puck looked angry and did a double take when he saw Blaine before his face cracked a grin. 'Mini man Anderson, you ass!' He called, slamming his locker shut to walk down to him, fist pumping him and nodding politely to his friends.

'I didn't know you went here!' Blaine stated.

Puck laughed. 'You actually got out of that Reform school finally?'

Blaine nodded as they started walking. 'I haven't seen you since Juvie.'

The taller boy laughed again and slapped Blaine on the back. 'Who you got for homeroom?' he asked.

'A guy called Shuester.' Wes answered with a shrug, glaring at another football player.

'Oh awesome.' Puck grinned. 'You're in homeroom with me, come and I'll get you acquainted. Welcome to hell.' He shot a doubtful look at Nick and Jeff. 'If you two are.. gay and all with each other, which I'm okay with!' He added in quickly at the icy glares Wes and David where shooting him, 'I was just gonna say be careful.'

'They'll be fine.' Blaine said definitely. 'So, where to?'

Just as they rounded the corner, they got ushered into a choir room, which Blaine thought was odd for a homeroom but said nothing. The whole room went silent as they walked in, saying nothing, just sitting down on empty chairs.

'Welcome to McKinley, boys.' Mr Shuester greeted. They just grunted their hellos as Mr Schue talked about the upcoming pep rally.

When the final bell chimed, in walked Kurt Hummel talking animatedly with Mercedes and Tina about their weekend outfits for next weekend, when Kurt stopped dead in his tracks.

'You look like you've seen a ghost Hummel.' Puck jeered.

Kurt opened and closed his mouth numerous times, trying to be coherent, but nothing was happening.

The five-bad boys where slightly startled when a petite brunette came over, looking very pissed off and serious.

'Hi, I'm Rachel Berry and I do not appreciate you being in my school.'

Everyone gasped, including Mr Schue. Blaine raised an eyebrow, crossing his arms over his chest.

'Delinquents like you should not be allowed attend public school, is all I'm saying. Having Puck here is bad enough, but now six of you? And two of you being gay and in a relationship with each other?' She gestured to the blonde haired and black haired boys.

'Hey!' Wes snapped. 'Just because your a girl doesn't mean I don't have a problem shutting your mouth for you.' He warned. Finn stood up protectively, glaring at Wes.

Rachel raised a hand to silence him. 'I have two gay dads, I'm not a homophobe, but McKinley is not the place for this because of Neanderthals.' She crossed her arms over her chest, looking accomplished.

'You done yet Mary Poppins?' Blaine asked coolly as he stood up. Rachel nodded, squirming a little under the in tense gaze. Mr Schue said nothing, surprisingly, but he never did.

'I don't appreciate your loud and obnoxious comments first thing in the morning, as to be honest your voice is kind of annoying.' Rachel gaped at him. 'Honestly, don't dish out what you can't take.'

And with that he and his four friends marched out of the room in search of their lockers. Blaine didn't even acknowledge Kurt, in fact, the only person who did was Nick who gave him a polite nod.

'And you, Miss Talk-a-lot has just been told in a polite, yet sexy way to shut that trap of yours.' Santana said, standing up with a hand on her hip. 'I'm so gonna be tapping that.'

'Enough,' Mr Schue finally announced, snapping everyone from their daydreams. 'Get to class.'

With a mutter and loud banging of chairs, everyone cleared out, Kurt still shocked.

'You okay man?' Finn asked, noticing how white yet.. annoyed Kurt looked.

'Fine.' He spat, pulling his arm from his girl-friends grip and storming out of the room.

As lunch time approached, Kurt huffed as Karofsky threw him against another locker. With a disgruntled sigh as the hallways cleared out, people leaving for lunch, he made his way towards his locker to see the curly haired delinquent staring at the sign up board.

'Looking for a club to destroy?' Kurt asked coldly as he joined him.

Blaine merely looked at Kurt side ways and turned back to the board, watching as Kurt pulled out a pen and started scribbling.

'Why are you writing Brittany S Pierce on the bake-sale sign up?' Blaine had to ask.

Kurt rolled his eyes. 'My friend can't write her own name and asked me to. Why are you here?' He demanded. 'I warned you what'd happen.'

Blaine said nothing, instead took out his own pen to sign him, Wes and David up for something. Kurt leaned in and took a closer look.

Football tryouts.

'Are you mad?' Kurt asked. 'They'll kill you once they find out you're gay.'

Blaine laughed, his usual smirk coming into place as he looked Kurt up and down, frowning as he noticed a ugly blue bruise forming on Kurt's arm.

Kurt knew what he was looking at and self consciously pulled at the sleeve of his shirt.

'Don't worry babe.' Blaine said smoothly, reaching out to touch the forming bruise that Kurt flinched away from. Blaine frowned slightly. 'I'll have this school at my feet by Friday. No pun intended.'

With one saucy wink and a cheeky kiss on the cheek, Blaine sauntered down the hallway with his hands in his pockets, leaving Kurt standing there dumbly, blushing hard.

Kurt finally snapped out of his daze, walking back down the hallway to his locker when Azimio and two other guys came up, throwing a green slushie in Kurt's face.

Wiping his now stinging red eyes out, he sighed.

The day this small minded world changed its way of thinking, would be a miracle.

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