Lenny swam as fast as he could towards the Whale Wash. We dodged whales and headed for the entrance.

"There!" I shouted.

We saw Oscar frantically swimming for the machine controls with Lino not far behind him.

"Lenny hurry!" I said.

"I'm going as fast as I can!" He replied.

"What in the world is that crazy fish up to?" Sykes asked.

"Either he's trying to get himself killed, or he wants more fame!" I said.

"Of course."

We reached the entrance and me and Sykes climbed off of Lenny. We looked to see Lino being surrounded by bubbles and Oscar ready to pull the emergency switch.

"Pop leave him alone!" Lenny shouted to his dad.

I didn't have time to swim off and was swept away by bubbles. I scrambled to get out and heard the emergency crab claws slam shut on something.

"Alright Lino! Games over!" I heard Oscar shout.

Then the next thing I know, I flew out of the bubbles but I find myself inside one. I tried and tried but it wouldn't pop. I looked around to see Lenny trapped and Oscar headed toward the other end of the Whale Wash with Lino right behind him. And ya know what the worst part was; he was doing this all in front of the press and the whole city! No wonder he led us to the Whale Wash!

Then Oscar swam back toward the front, Lino still behind him. Then he swam the some of the equipment and Lino got stuck. He stumbled to the controls and frantically began pulling levers. When he stopped, both Lenny and Lino were trapped. And Lino looked rather exhausted from chasing a fish around. Then I looked back at the fish that caused all this. He looked a little scared but then sighed in relief.

Then I see Katie Current start to swim toward him. But I began to float down back.

"Ok! Somebody needs to get me out of the bubble. Today!" I said.

The bubble suddenly popped and I landed in Oscar's fins. And to my surprise I was actually glad to see him.

"Angie…" He started.

"The Sharkslayer has done it again! This time luring two sharks into his death trap of hygiene!"

She shoved me away from Oscar and was lost in the crowd. I heard him yell Angie but I ignored him. Hadn't he already caused enough trouble? What more did he want? I sadly swam off towards home. Everybody was chanting Sharkslayer. That's what Oscar wanted.

"Stop! I am not a real Sharkslayer!" I heard Oscar yell.

I turned around in shock.

"I lied."

He actually admitted it! I couldn't believe it!"

"And I'm not a real financial adviser!" Crazy Joe yelled.

Ok, that was awkward and random.

"Ok." Oscar cleared his throat. "It was an anchor that killed Frankie. I didn't have anything to do with it and neither did Lenny."

I started to slowly swim back towards them as I listened to what they were saying.

"Well then if that was true why did you run away?" Lino asked Lenny.

"Because you always wanted me to be like Frankie. I'll never be the shark you want me to be." Lenny replied as he lowered his head. I felt really sorry for him. Looks like Oscar did too.

"What is your problem? So your son likes kelp. So his best friends a fish. So he likes to dress like a dolphin. So what?"

Oscar swam back towards Lenny.

"Everybody loves him just the way he is." Oscar said rubbing him on the head.

"Why can't you?"

Lino began to soften up.

"Don't make the same mistake that I did. I didn't know what I had, until I lost it."

I swam closer to Oscar. I still couldn't believe everything he had just said.

Lino looked heartbroken.

"Will you get me outta this? So I can hug my kid and tell him I'm sorry."

"Pop." Was all that Lenny could say.

Oscar pressed the button that released them.

"Come here you."

Lenny happily approached his father and they both hugged. It was so touching.

"I love you Son. No matter what you eat. Or how you dress." Lino told him.

Oscar looked as they hugged. I watched as well, but I was very proud of Oscar.



I happily approached him but stopped a few feet in front of him. He swam down towards me with a smile on his face. I guess he was happy that I came back.

"Angie, I wish I knew now what I knew then. I mean, I wish you knew what I knew, ah I mean before this." He shuttered.

"You're blowing it man!" Crazy Joe shouted.

"Mind your business a'right! Its emotional and its pressure!" He yelled back.

"What I'm trying to say is, everything I wanted was right there in front of me, the whole time."

"Well what about, being a somebody?" I asked.

"I'm nobody without you." He said.

I smiled at him, and it would have been romantic if Crazy Joe hadn't interrupted with his two puppets who were kissing. Oscar giggled nervously.

"Not helping."

"Oh come here ya big dumb, dummy head!" I jumped at him and kissed him.

I enjoyed the kiss, even though it was in front of the whole reef.

"Uh, Ang?"


"I'm ah…I need to ask Lino a favor."


They were still hugging, but hopefully whatever Oscar wanted to ask was worth it.

"So uh Lino, uh Don. We cool right? I mean like the reef is safe? Walk the streets without ahh you know?"

Lino looked a little surprised but hopefully he understood.

"Yeah. We're cool."

"Oscar? Excuse me. Oscar? You've lost everything you lied so hard to achieve. Tell me what's next for you?" Katie asked.

I had a pretty good feeling what he was gonna do.

End of Story: How was it? Better than the other one? I don't mind if it is. I like both stories.