It's been a long time since we made that announcement about two weeks. We had every intention of honoring it, but it just wasn't to be. To be honest, it wasn't some real life tidal wave (though there've been many of those), we just lost the passion for the story we were telling. Even with all the really great ideas we had lined up and ready - we couldn't write them with any sincerity because our interest in the Gears 'verse, while still true and present, wasn't as active and rabid as it once was. Even now, we're only beginning to rekindle the excitement about it all – and not because of the newly released game that neither of us bought (yet).

We could've kept writing and probably would've been finished, but the last half of the story would've been the biggest cup of hot garbage juice you readers had ever had to choke down. We didn't want that. We didn't want to sacrifice the quality and integrity of our painstakingly planned story just to keep churning out chapters. We didn't want to do that to you guys, and we didn't want to do that to ourselves – it wouldn't be fair.

However, we've started planning again, blowing up each other's cell phones with "I dreamed that this happened and Baird did this and Delta did that and wouldn't that be cool for BtS?!" Thinking about the story brings smiles to our faces, now, instead of grimaces or rolled eyes. We've even got a writing date planned.

So, BtS isn't dead, at least, not for us. We understand if the last broken promise and the elapsed time might have sent some or all of you to greener, more fruitful pastures. We really do. We're writing for ourselves. We are writing to prove a point about our non-fanfiction related writing future. If you guys are down for the ride, then hop on – we'd love to have you.

No promises about when, except to say soon.