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Chapter One: Mating Season

Ichigo groaned as he opened his eyes to the sideways buildings of his inner world, groggily trying to remember how he got there. He blinked a few times to clear the fog in his mind and finally remembered, 'That's right, I'm here to defeat my hollow.' he blushed slightly, 'But can I do it?'

He shook his head, blush starting to deepen, 'Damn it, why the hell do I always blush when I think of him.'

Taking a deep breath, he relaxed himself and looked around not seeing the hollow nearby. "Great now I have to find the bastard." he groaned, cheeks becoming redder.

He began wandering, seeking out the hollow's reiatsu, soon tracing it inside a nearby building. He blinked, scanning for an entrance, finding one in the form of a smashed window. He silently made his way to the opening and slipped in finding the hollow laying back on a soft-looking bed large enough for at least four people, eyes covered by his arm. "There you are!" the shinigami snapped, a new blush forming.

The albino sat up, eyes locked onto the teen before the hollow quickly covered his eyes groaning in frustration. "Damn it King, what the hell are ya doing here?" the hollow snarled, shaking his head.


"It's matin' season fer hollows you dumbass!" he shouted, "Hollows have ta mate wit the first shinigami or hollow they see!"

"They do?" Ichigo asked dumbly, blushing harder.

"Yes, and what did I just do when ya got my attention?"

"Look at me…" at this point the teen's face was beet red, "Shit! There's no way I'm gonna let you mate with me!"

"If ya don't I'll just keep tryin' ta seduce ya until ya agree." this was purred, the hollow now getting off the bed. The albino slinked closer, fingers brushing a blushing cheek, before he leaned in close to the orange head's face.

"Wh-what?" now the teen was aware of a strange scent in the air. It reminded him of the zoo when he saw the jaguars while they were in heat. He knew it was from the hollow, but why was he just now smelling it.

"Damn it Shinji, how the hell could you forget it's mating season for hollows?" Hiyori shouted, chasing Shinji with her zanpakuto drawn.

"I told you we never had to worry about it before so it slipped my mind!" the blond shouted back, 'Well actually it's because I noticed that the idiot had a crush on his own inner hollow, and refuses to admit it to even himself.'

"Berry-tan really doesn't have any luck does he?" Mashiro sighed, shaking her head.

"Seems like it." Rose huffed, giving the unconscious body a pitying look.

"Well, Kurosaki's literally fucked." Lisa shrugged, reading her magazine.

"Why are you so calm about this Lisa, Kurosaki could be raped by his own inner hollow and you're just reading." Love growled.

"Hollow's instinctually want their chosen mate to be willing. His hollow will just try and seduce him until Kurosaki agrees to mating." the black haired female visored explained, "So he will not be raped."

Ichigo was back up against the wall, the hollow closing in on him. Pale hands ran up his arms to his shoulders, rubbing at the tense muscles, loosening them and causing the orange head to nearly groan in pleasure. "Come on King, why do ya resist?" the albino purred, "If ya just agree ta being my mate, I'd take care of ya."

"N-no." the orange head whimpered, truthfully wanting to agree.

"Yer lonely Ichigo." gold eyes boring into brown, "I could take that loneliness away. I'd never leave ya."

The teen's eyes showed just how much he wanted to accept, pink lips parted, as he took a deep breath to answer the hollow.

End of Chapter