I've changed the ending of the movie so that Matt and Molly are granted one wish by Jonah for helping him, instead of 'God working in mysterious ways', - for the sake of the story. Molly has bitter feelings towards her mother, never Matt.

"You've set us free." Jonah whispered, holding me again. "Do you know what you want?" he asked. I nodded, staring at my hand, the hand that, in the waking world, held my twins hand.

I thought of the time when Matt and I went to the beach, with Wendy and her family. We'd gotten a sun burn in the same spot, exactly the same. We had sat there, poking each other. Every time he'd touched my burn, he felt it, and every time I touched his burn, I felt it. That was the day we truly understood our bond as twins.

I thought of the time when all Matt and I wanted was to be different from each other. We were so tired of being the same. But, Mom and Dad would always let slip the things we would subconsciously do alike. My determination of being different from my brother led to the lake incident. It led to me losing my voice.

I thought of the time when my sign tutor/translator had attacked Matt, and I hit her with a skillet, giving her a concussion. That was the day Matt and I gave up on trying to be different. The day we knew there was no way we couldn't be the same.

I thought of the time when Matt was diagnosed with Cancer. Of the joke I'd signed to him. "*Doctor says to patient: I have bad news…you have Cancer. You also have Alzheimer's. Patient says: Oh, man. At least I don't have Cancer.*" It had made him laugh when he'd felt that all hope was lost for him.

I thought of the time when I had first told Matt about how Mom didn't love me as much as him. "Me and you are twins, so we're automatically equal, no matter how hard we try to be different. We're equal in everything, Molly, and that includes how much Mom loves us." he'd said.

I thought of the time when we stood together in the fire. Not afraid to die for those souls.

"I want my brother to live…without Cancer." I said.

Jonah smiled, "I was afraid you were gonna ask for me to be alive."

"You wouldn't be happy about that?" I asked, knowing the answer already. I always knew.

"I've been awake for far too long now, it's time for me to rest." he said, even though he knew that I knew. "You'll see me when you journey is over, Molly." he whispered. Jonah laid his lips on mine, and then I was yanked out of the dream-like place violently.


"You helped us. You set us free." Jonah said. I looked at him, wondering what he was doing here.

"Shouldn't you be running through endless fields of wild flowers?" I asked.

"Not yet." he smiled. "You get something for all the trouble of setting us free." he said, his hands in his pockets.

"Did Molly get something?" I asked.

"Of course she did." he grinned. "It's your turn to get what you want. So what is it?"

"Did Molly ask for you to be alive again?" I asked.

"That isn't what you're requesting is it? Because that would seem like a waste of a wish."

"No, just a question, I know what I want." I said quickly.

Jonah thought for a moment. "No, she didn't ask for me to be alive. She knew that I wanted to finally rest, after all this time of waiting." he smiled, rubbing his neck.

"What did she ask for?" I questioned.

"You'll find out soon enough." he winked.

"Do you love my sister?"

His eyes widened at the question, he seemed taken back by it. But then, he smiled. "I do. But she can't love a ghost. We'll see each other again, when it's time." he nodded. "Now, make your wish."

"I want Molly to have her voice back." I said, looking him straight in the eyes.

"I was hoping that was what it'd be." Jonah laughed. "Thank you." he whispered. And then I was yanked out of the dream-like place violently.

I coughed, sucking in precious air. "Oh, God, he's okay. He's okay." Mom sobbed beside me. I stared at Reverend Popescu, who was looking to his right, as if someone was there. It must have been Jonah, but I couldn't see him. I felt Molly's hand, still warm in mine.

"Matt?" it was so soft, and so long since I'd heard it. I looked beside me to see she was lying beside me. She looked around her, and than to me.

"Oh, my God." Mom whispered, staring at her. "You-But how?" she asked.

Molly and I smiled at each other knowingly. She wished for me to be alive and well, while I wished for her voice back. I saw a tear run down her cheek, and knew she was crying for a few different reasons. 1-I was alive and well, she'd gotten her wish. 2-She had her voice back. 3-She was sad that she wouldn't see Jonah again. 4- she was happy he and all the other spirits were finally at rest.

"*Strange places.*" she signed.

I could only laugh. "You get your voice back and you go ahead and sign anyway." I rolled my eyes, hugging her to me.