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Amity Park was to the rest of America just another small town filled with average people with nothing of any significance, at least that what the Government approved material said.

In reality as of about one year ago the city has become one of, if not the, largest ghost hotspots in America. Since then the town has been constantly assaulted by a variety of ghosts.

However each and every ghost threat has been beaten back and neutralised by another spectre. While the authorities and resident ghost experts see him as another menace working for his own benefit the general public opinion is that he is here to defend them from the supernatural threats.

Indeed many look up to him as Amity Park's ghostly protector the (in)famous Danny Phantom. Ironically Phantom is half ghost and is in fact the son of Amity Park's "top" ghost experts/hunters Maddie and Jack Fenton. To this day they have failed to make the connection between the two.

The Fentons live in a large multi-story building with a dish shaped control centre attached to the roof. The building also possesses a basement which forms the main lab for their ghostly studies.

The lab hosts an array of ghost hunting weaponry, containment and tracking devices. Perhaps the most important feature is the large bulkhead like door built into the back wall. The door is in fact a machine designed to view a world unseen, the Ghost Zone , another dimension housing thousands of ghosts.

Currently the lab is occupied by none other than Maddie Fenton, wearing her trademark blue jumpsuit, analysing sampled of ghost DNA, or ectoplasm, at a small computer to the right of the portal.

Maddie sighed and rubbed the bridge of her nose, she'd been working for several hours analysing these samples for an experiment she honestly couldn't recall anymore. Running a hand through her chin length red hair she closed the file slowly got out of the chair.

As she leant forward to turn of the machine a small text box featuring a sealed envelope flashed in the centre of the screen. Raising her eyebrows in curiosity she clicked the flashing icon. A small letter appeared as she sunk back into the seat.

It read; "Maddie it's me Professor Chion Ito we met at the annual ghost hunter's convention a few weeks back remember? Anyway I followed your advice and actually got my ghost detector up and running again and a few days ago I began to pick up some strange readings. The levels of paranormal energy are the highest I've ever seen and that includes Amity Park. I may be out of my depth here so I am asking you to meet me in my home town of Karakura. I'm sending you the readings please reply and let me know, I'll organise your passage here. Please reply as soon as possible."

Maddie watched as another icon appeared on the screen, the readings no doubt, and opened the file, as she read the report her eyes widened in surprise.

"This…this is impossible" she murmured "This level of ecto activity is off the charts"

Pausing as she mulled over the information. She couldn't take Jack with her, someone needed to stay behind and keep an eye on the situation here and , as much as she hated to admit it, she couldn't send Jack to investigate especially in a foreign country. Then again it could just be a glitch, after all these readings were impossible…weren't they?

Eventually she decided that she would go and leave Jack behind, with her daughter Jazz to keep an eye on him of course. She wondered whether Danny would like to come, he'd been so bored since the holidays started with his friends away, perhaps a trip would do him some good.

With her mind made up she sent back her reply and left to begin packing and inform Danny.

Across the country there was a plain looking shop. Above the double doors was a neon sign that read "Devil May Cry". Currently a middle aged man in a brown over coat was staring making his way up the steps towards the building.

Pushing opened the doors the man was greeted with a large open room. To his left there was a staircase to the second floor. The ground floor was decorated with a pool table, and old looking jukebox and a desk near the back wall. The wall itself was covered with a collection of straggly shaped skulls and weapons that sent a shiver of fear down the man's spine.

But the man's eyes were soon drawn back to the desk where a young man with platinum hair and a red coat was lazily resting his feet up on the desk. The man removed his coat and hung it over his left arm before approaching the desk.

"I assume you are the Mr Dante I was informed about" he said as the young man gave a noncommittal shrug.

"Do I owe you money?" he asked closing his eyes whilst yawning.

"No" the man replied as the young man removed his feet from the desk and sat up straight.

"In that case yes I am" Dante replied "What do you want?"

The man removed a small envelope from his coat and handed it to Dante.

"My name is Professor Shunsuke Hidaka I work with my college Professor Chion Ito in researching paranormal phenomenon"

"Let me guess you created something that got out of hand" Dante said as he opened the envelope.

"Far from it, we only study the supernatural. No it's something I've found. I believe that Karakura Town may be under threat from…demons"

Dante raised an eyebrow as he listened to him and looked through the envelopes contents. The package contained several static covered photographs of bizarre looking creatures with white faces.

"Where did you get these?" Dante questioned

"They were taken by one of our recording devices as you can see they aren't very clear, the machine could barely make them out and they appear to be invisible to the general public"

"So how can you see them?" Dante asked discarding the photos onto the desk.

"I must admit I cannot see them clearly without the aid of our equipment. I don't know what they are but they feel…wrong, like they shouldn't be. That is why I've come to you I've heard you're good at dealing with…unusual circumstances" Shunsuke explained gathering the photographs up.

Dante seemed to consider this for a moment before getting to his feet and turning to the wall behind him.

"I'll take the job" he said simply as he removed a pair of black and silver pistols from the wall followed by a large two handed sword with a skull built into the guard.

Shunsuke let out a relieved sigh as he slid his coat back on.

"Thank you I'll arrange transportation back to Japan, when will you be ready to leave?"

Dante slid the sword onto his back and turned back to the professor.

"Let's go to work" Smirking, Dante twirled his pistols around his fingers before jamming them into their holsters.