"So basically Hollows are evil spirits that consume other spirits and it's you're your job to stop them?" Dante summarized as Rukia nodded.

"That's right" turning to Danny she asked "Do you have any questions?"

"Yeah…why are they bunnies?" he asked staring at the crudely drawn example on Rukia's note pad.

"I'm surprised you could tell what those scribbles where" Ichigo commented before said note pad smacked him in the face.

"Any way an Arrancar is a Hollow that has removed its mask and gained soul reaper powers" Rukia continued.

"However" the white haired boy stated "Removing the mask from any old Hollow won't produce an effective Arrancar. Aizen will no doubt be using Hollows of Menos level or above"

At this Ichigo gave him a confused look "Menos or above? There are Hollows stronger then Menos?"

"In a manner of speaking. There are actually three classes of Menos. The one that you fought was a Gillian, a foot soldier and the weakest class of Menos"

Ichigo's reaction was unsettling "That…was just a foot soldier?" he repeated uncertainly

"Correct. The next class The Adjuchas are more problematic. They may be smaller and fewer in number than Gillians but are far more intelligent and powerful. Finally we have the most powerful class of Menos, the Vasto Lordes. Human sized and very few exist however a Vasto Lorde is more powerful than a captain class soul reaper"

The surprise and fear on Ichigo's face was clear at this point and while Dante's expression remained the same Danny could feel a chill run through him.

"From the looks of it captains must be pretty powerful, if they can't match up…" he though nervously.

"If Aizen has just ten Vasto Lordes under his command then soul society is doomed" the kid finished grimly.

The grim mood was shattered when a small stuffed doll opened the wardrobe behind Dante.

"Oi Ichigo what's up with all this noise? How do you expect me to sleep when…." It trailed off as it laid eyes on the orange haired beauty sitting on the bed.

"A goddess!" it cried leaping forward only to be met with said woman's fist to its' face.

"Kon" Rukia sighed "You haven't changed a bit"

Dante could only raise an eyebrow at the scene "This job's getting weirder by the minute" he muttered.

"Ignoring him" Ichigo began secretly relived that the tension was gone "We should probably introduce ourselves properly" turning to face the two foreigners he jabbed a thumb at himself "I'm Ichigo Kurosaki, substitute soul reaper"

Rukia remained silent as she had introduced herself previously.

The red haired man went next "Renji Abarai Vice captain of squad 6"

The Bald man with the wooden sword "Ikkaku Madarame squad 11 3rd seat"

The man with what appeared to be feather attachments on his right eye "Yumichika Ayasegawa squad 11 5th seat"

The woman went next "Rangiku Matsumoto vice captain of squad 10 nice to meet you" she added with a flirtatious wink at Dante who replied with an approving grin.

The kid let out a sigh of annoyance "Squad 10 Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya"

"Wait" Danny began "You're a captain? But you…." catching the murderous glare that Toshiro aimed at him Danny wisely let it drop.

"Well uh…I'm Danny Phantom and, well I don't' actually have a title or anything, but I protect my town from invading ghosts"

At this Renji looked surprised "You fight Hollows?"

"Uh no just dangerous spirits like the Fright Knight and the Ghost King"

"The what and the who?" Renji asked with a confused expression

"Never mind kid I'm sure that's a big deal back home" Dante said with Danny scowling in reply "Names Dante owner and founder of Devil May Cry demon hunting agency, and before you ask no I don't mean these Hollow things"

Toshiro's eyes narrowed "Demons? Ghost King? Soul Society has never heard of these before. I'll have to try and get more information"

"So when are you guy's going back to Soul Society?" Ichigo asked

"Oh we're not we're staying here as an advance team" Renji replied studying Kon

"So where are you guys saying?" Ichigo asked already getting a bad feeling about this

Matsumoto suddenly perked up "Oh we'll all stay here!"

"What? No!" Ichigo snapped

She pouted before attempting to unbutton her shirt sending Ichigo and Danny into a panic. Dante adding a wolf whistle didn't help matters.

After everyone had calmed down the group made their way outside.

"For the time being I'll stay at Orihime's" Matsumoto stated

"Have you asked her?" Ichigo asked as Danny watched the stuffed animal (Kon was it) started to shake.

"No but that girl can't say no once someone asks her a favour" she replied causing Ichigo to sweatdrop

At this point Kon leapt forward "What an amazing forbidden garden!"

Danny having had enough for one day fired a weak ecto blast from his finger striking to doll between the eyes and sending him tumbling back down to Earth.

As he became aware of the group watching him he could only rub the back of his neck nervously.

Moving on Matsumoto turned to her captain "Hey captain you should stay with us" she announced happily.

Ignoring her he approached Danny "I'm under orders to keep an eye on you and your friend so I'll be staying with you"

Danny could already tell he wasn't going to convince him otherwise and reluctantly agreed.

"Why do I get the feeling this isn't going to be the worst thing to happen to me today?"

Night had fallen upon the town when the Garganta opened above the empty streets.

Six figures stepped out as it closed up behind them. The first figure with wild blue hair gave a disdainful look at the town.

"Search the town, find anyone with a scrap of Reiatsu" he commanded

As the group finished their scan another figure with a pony tail and the remnants of a mask covering his left eye turned to face him.

"There are several high Reiatsu levels within this town contrary to Ulquiorra's report" he stated.

At this the blue haired man gave a murderous look.

"Kill them all"

With that the group scattered across the sky