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It was a normal morning in Mobious. Sonic was being chased by Amy as usual, but not going at type speed. He went faster than her of course, but slow that way she could come close to catching him. Sonic found it amusing how she would always chase him. Not in a teasing jerk kind of way, but in a friendly this-is –our-thing kind of way.

Amy also enjoyed chasing Sonic. Sure she wished she could catch him, but she really just enjoyed the thrill of going after something she knew she could never catch. It was like an endless game of tag that would never get old. Amy noticed that Sonic was staring to slow down, she was confused at first, but then she noticed a chili dog stand near be.

Of Course, she thought. Amy ran over to Sonic, He smiled at her glad that she had decided to join him.

"Hey what's up, Ames? Sonic finally greeted her. This was how it always was. Sonic would bump into Amy, and then they would immediately start off their game before any words were even spoken. Amy didn't mind though she considered it as a special greeting. She hated when Sonic would take a break because then he would say hello ending their special communication.

"Hi Sonic, thanks for playing with me." She said in a childish way. That's was one thing Sonic really liked about Amy. She never really changed. Sure she had gotten a little mature, but she was 18 years old still acting like a fan-girl, but Sonic was fine with that since he hadn't really changed either. Yes, Sonic the Hedgehog who was now 20 years old still acted like his cocky and carefree self. He was still the hero with Eggman still around, but since no one has seen the evil scientist in a while no one bothered to notice Sonic as the hero, which he was fine with. It gave him more time to just hang around.

"No problem, Ames."

"Sonic, can I ask you something?" Sonic groaned he knew what was coming. Amy always asked the same question, and always got the same answer. It annoyed Sonic actually. Amy was his friend of course, but she didn't get that he could never give her the answer that she wanted. This was one thing that he didn't like about her that and her short temper along with her hammer.

"Ugh…Amy, why do you always try to ask me that ques—" Sonic was cut off when he saw the look in Amy's eyes.

"Please Sonic, will you marry me?" Amy pleaded. She didn't care if Sonic never even asked her on a date. The time they spent together playing tag was enough for her. She felt like Sonic was her boyfriend when he gave her time of a day. She loved every second of it. Amy prayed every night that one day Sonic would say yes, and would passionately kiss her. She was hoping that today was that day.

"Amy, I'm sorry but No. I will not marry you, and you know my reason why." Sonic actually did finally tell her his reasons for not going out with her or marry her. He told her that he couldn't have a relationship with Eggman still around. She said she understood, but yet she still asked this question every day.

"Yes, I know Sonic, but no one has seen Eggman in months. I even ran into Bokkun yesterday, and he said Eggman hasn't been heard from. I mean come on. God knows Bokkun would never lie to me." He nodded. He also saw Bokkun yesterday, and he told Sonic the same thing and he also knew that no one with common sense would lie to Amy. Except Sonic he lied to her almost every day, but it was usually the same lie so it didn't count. He took Amy's hand and set it on his cheek. He did this often for no reason, but it still shocked Amy.

"Amy, I'm sorry, but I just don't care about you in that way." This was the lie he told Amy every day.

Sonic saw tears in her eyes for a moment, but she blinked them away like she always did. Sonic was about to say something, but his wrist communicator (along with Amy's) buzzed. They both looked at their wrist and noticed that it was Tails.

"Hey, what's up little bro." Sonic said.

"Hey Tails." Amy said.

"Sonic? Amy? Good you're together. Sonic I need you to run Amy to the Master Emerald's shrine now. Knuckles said it's an emergency. Even Shadow is here." They both nodded their heads to what Tails had said. Sonic grinned at Amy, and she frowned. As much as she loved Sonic she hated running with him. It was like being on a terrifying roller-coaster that only stopped when he wanted to. Sonic knew it scared her too, so he used it to his advantage like when he was threating her in a friendly way.

Sonic dashed over to Amy, and scoped her up into his arms bridal style. She shrieked at the sudden motion, but calmed down when she finally shut her eyes.

"Ha, having fun Ames?" Sonic chuckled. She would have glared at him if she was brave enough to open her eyes. Sonic came to a sudden stop right under Angel's Island. He groaned. He hated how the island floated because then he could never just run to see knuckles. He had to call Knuckles find out where the island was currently above, run there, then have Knuckles come down to carry Sonic up there. So Sonic never could give Knuckles a surprise visit like he could his other friends. Tails sent down a levitation device to come and get Sonic and Amy.

"Sonic what do you think this 'emergency' is?" Amy asked.

Sonic shrugged. "I don't know, but it probably has something to do with the Chaos Emeralds since Shadow is here. I just hope it isn't Eggman things were just starting to get peaceful around here." And I was about to tell you how I feel Sonic thought.

They walked onto the island, and found their friends next to shrine. Knuckles was standing next to the Master Emerald with Rouge by his side staring at the gem in a trance. Tails was tweaking this tiny machine while Cream was picking flowers, and Shadow was leaning against one of the shrine's pillars his eyes closed and everything. Sonic waved to all his friends with a smile, but that smile disappeared when he saw the Emerald starting to pulse like crazy snapping Rouge out of her trance.

"Whoa, what's going on?" Amy asked walking up the shrine stairs with Sonic.

"I don't know. It's been like this all morning." Knuckles said. "I called Tails first but he didn't know, so I called Shadow." He quickly glared at Shadow, and then turned back to Amy and Sonic. "He didn't know either. So I called everyone here, because I think it has something to do with chaos control like the one that sent us to Chris's planet way back."

Sonic nodded. He remembered how that had happened long ago. It was a simple mission really save Cream, get the emeralds, and get out. But sadly that plan didn't turn out so great a huge explosion caused the emeralds to use chaos control sending them to a totally different planet. Sonic –even though he liked Chris's planet- did not want something like that to happen again. He did not want to be taken from his home again. He liked his home planet where the chili dog stand owners gave him a discount for being a loyal customer. That wasn't the only thing worrying him though.

"So does that mean there is going to be another explosion like before, we will go back to Chris's planet?" Amy asked. Amy loved Earth it was amazing she just couldn't get enough of it plus she missed her friends like Ella, and Chris and his friends. The only thing she didn't like about it was when she had left. Chris had tried to keep Sonic from coming back, she knew it probably wouldn't happen again since Chris was older now, but it still worried her. Even though Chris didn't try to take Sonic with him back home after they had fought the Metorex.

Knuckles shrugged. He honestly didn't know what would happen. "But we should stay together for now, that way if there is another explosion we can all get sent there like last time, but no Eggman this time." They all agreed, so everyone was going to spend the rest of their day on Angel's island.

After about 2 minutes of being on the island Sonic yelled in fury.

"AGH! I can't stand it here there is nothing to do. I can't run unless I got in a complete circle or without falling off this damn island. More importantly where are the chili dog stands! I'm starving!" He complained.

"Sonic do you want me to go into Knuckles house and make you some chili dogs?" Amy asked trying to calm the blue hedgehog down. Sonic nodded like a small child that had tripped and fell, so they wanted some ice cream. Amy giggled at Sonic then went inside Knuckles place to make the food.

Sonic watched Amy walk away and couldn't help but to smile at the thought of her making his favorite food. When Sonic looked away from her he noticed Shadow, Knuckles, and Tails staring at him.

"What?" He asked.

"Are you and Amy like together?" Tails asked. Sonic felt his face begin to heat up. He also could see his muzzle turning a shade of pink from the corner of his eye. He slapped his heads on his cheek making it look like there was a bug or something.

"N-No of course not. We are just friends."

Knuckles just laughed at Sonic. Tails smiled and walked away. Shadow shook his head with eyes his closed in a shameless way. Sonic decided to ignore them and find something to do while he wait for his chili dogs.

Amy was stirring the chili when she heard someone walked into the room. Amy thought it was Sonic so she decided to swing a little bit of the chili at him. She lifted the spoon from the pot, and blew on it so the chili wouldn't be hot, and then she quickly turned around swinging the spoon causing chili to land square on the forehead of… Cream?

Amy blinked at her younger friend three times when she finally realized what she had just done. Cream thought Amy did it on purpose so she burst into tears.

"Cream? I'm so sorry I thought you were Sonic being impatient. I didn't know it was you please forgive me." Amy pleaded whipping the food off of Cream's head. Amy just shook her head at her younger friend. Cream was 15 now and still acted like a child. Sometimes it was cute, but at times like this it was kind of annoying.

"Amy? Why are you picking on precious Cream?" Someone said behind Amy. Amy turned around and noticed her oldest friend Rouge. She was just leaning against the door way watching the two.

"I'm not picking on her. I thought she was Sonic." Amy protested.

"Speaking of the cocky blue hero. I have to ask you something about you and him."

"Okay go ahead." Amy said. She finally got the chili out of Cream's fur which caused her to smile and hug Amy. Amy hugged her back.

"Are you and Sonic a couple?" Rouge asked.

The question was so shocking that Amy jumped about 2 feet in the air. She turned to Rouge glaring at her as red as Knuckles, but she wasn't angry she was just embarrassed.

"No! Why would you think that? You know Sonic only cares about me like a friend." Amy said. Rouge just shook her head and laugh. Even Cream giggled.

"I agree with Miss Rouge, Amy. You and Mister Sonic do seem to be a lot closer lately. It does seem like you two are a couple." Amy frowned at that. She asked Sonic every day to marry her, but he always said he didn't love her so she figured he wouldn't want to go out with her either. She hated the fact that it looked like they were together when they weren't anywhere close.

"Well you're both wrong Sonic and I-" Amy was cut off by the island shaking. Amy turned off the stove real quick then rushed out the door with Rouge and Cream. All three of them ran to the shrine and found their friends watching the Master Emerald levitate over them glowing. Knuckles was trying to get it down, but was having no luck what so ever. Tails was trying to help Knuckles along with Shadow and Sonic, but still no luck.

Rouge and Amy rushed over, but by the time they got there it was already too late. There was a huge explosion of light that came from the emerald. It blinded everyone on the island. Amy screamed and when Sonic heard it he rushed to her side before it was too late. He pulled her into a strong hug and shouted something no one could hear. The light disappeared and every one open there eyes. They were shocked to see that they were still on Angel's island. They figured that they were still home and that everything was fine. So everyone went to go do their own thing while Knuckles stayed and guarded the Master Emerald.

Little did the Sonic Team know was that they were not home, and everything was not fine.

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