Chapter 12

Normal POV

Amy chased after Bokkun and Maurice chased after Beatrice. Luckily, for the two robots, Amy and Maurice were very tired and very sleepy. They didn't have enough energy to keep up with the annoying robots. They of course kept trying. They were the ones with room key out of the room they were locked in. If Amy and Maurice could get a hold of it then they could escape without Sonic and Rush coming to their rescue. Maybe then they could actually start being a bit more useful. Everyone would know they didn't need to be rescued.

"Get back here, you little devils!" Amy cried out. She was exhausted.

"No way! You're going to hit me with that hammer!" Bokkun shouted.

Maurice then appeared behind Bokkun, slamming his hammer into the robot's back. Beatrice screamed. She was obviously not use to combat. She just wanted to go to her room and cry. Amy noticed the girl starting to cry and decided to talk to her instead of attack her.

"Hey Beatrice, are you okay?" Amy asked in a calm voice.

"No! I just want to go somewhere else!"

"Do you want some ice cream? If Sonic and I get out we'll take you to get some. Just you, Bokkun can stay here if you want"

"Really?" Beatrice said in a now calmed tone.

"Sure" Amy smiled.

Beatrice smiled right back at Amy and gave her the room key. Amy thanked the robot girl with a loving hug.

"Too bad you're not from my universe, we could be friends." Amy said. Beatrice shyly smiled at the thought of having a real friend.

"SONIC!" Amy called to Maurice. Maurice turned and saw that she had the key. They were ready to go. Maurice walked over to Amy. She impressed him even more every chance she got. HE would have never thought of comforting Beatrice. He figured that was the difference between the two. Amy was a girl so she knew how comfort a crying girl.

"Beatrice! Where are you going?!" Bokkun shouted as the two hedgehogs walked away with the girl robot, Beatrice now holding Amy's hand.

"Somewhere far away from you!" Beatrice shouted as they walked out the door. SLAM! The door shut behind them leaving Bokkun all alone.

With Sonic and Rush

Sonic was sitting on a rock, his head resting in his hand, rather annoyed. He had stopped 20 minutes ago and allowed Rush to go on ahead. He was starting to think that she had no idea where the base was and that they were a bit lost. Sonic had tried to contact Tails, but he had no connection with all this forest surrounding him.

"Hey Sonic!" Rush appeared in front of him.

"Hey…" He said not making any eye contact with her.

"What's up with you?"

"Let me think. It's been over and hour since Amy was kidnapped, and we haven't gotten any closer to finding her!" Sonic shouted, now glaring at Rush.

"Hey, don't shout. I'm annoyed too because my Sonic was kidnapped along with 'your precious Amy'." Rush said.

"You said you knew where the base was."

"Well it's not here. We should check in the sky."

"I SAID THAT EARLIER!" Sonic stood up. He was now clinching his fist. He never ever even thought about hitting a girl, but Rush was pushing his limit.

"Whoa, chill it there hot head." Rush said sticking her tongue at Sonic.

"You know what Amy, fuck you. You're obviously not taking this seriously, so I'll just look for them myself. I don't even know why they consider you a hero here." Sonic said in a fit of anger.

Rush looked at Sonic in shock. She didn't understand why he was so angry. She always played around liked this when she was on a rescue mission to save Maurice.

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