Teach them a lesson.


That name can cause the fires from hell to stir up. Also, it can also stir up a migrane of a certain Brit and German.

On a lovely Halloween of October in the World Academy,

Italy was out to find Germany to help him with his homework. If he didn't get his homework done before the evening, he was not allowed to go trick or treating.

"Hey, Italy!"

America ran towards the Italian waving his arms up in the air.

"Ve? Oh, hello Mr. America!" Italy smiled.

"Psssh, Don't call me that, it makes me feel like I'm an old geezer! Anyway, did you hear about the movie coming out tonight?"

"Umm..." Italy thought for a moment, "No, I don't know. All I know a horror movie is coming out tonight-"

"EXACTLY!" America exclaimed, "And everyone is bitching out on me and won't go tonight at midnight! So I really need someone to go with me! It's a two people go for one ticket, and I don't want to be alone freaking myself out!"

America wouldn't get freaked out at the movie, but if it has ghosts in it. He might piss.

Italy felt very sorry for America. But he had plans tonight, and he couldn't stay out passed 10:30 P.M. Since Germany is letting him stay at his house, Germany makes some rules for him.

"Sorry, I hope you find someone." Italy frowned.

America grabbed him. "What? You won't go with me?"

"Ve-ve? I have school tomorrow, and-and-midnight is super duper late! and-"

"It's a holiday!" America grinned, "Staying passed your bedtime is always fine!"

"That's true..." Italy thought.

Maybe he can go...But he could not tell Germany! Germany would tell him no, and would make sure he would not sneak out.


"THANK'S MAN! THIS IS EPIC, WHOOO!" America ran away from him cheering like the idiot he was.

"What have I done?" Italy whimpered, but then again, he didn't have anyone to go with him.

"I-I-" Canada all of a sudden appeared. "I would've gone with him." Canada sniffled.

"Who are you?" Kumajirou asked.

"I'm...Forever alone." Canada sulked.

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