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I present to you my first multi-chaptered work of fanfiction, a MLP:FiM/Pokémon crossover I dub "Chaos Descending!"

Pallet Town, Kanto

The boy slumbered in bed, dreams of his life and goals flashing in his mind. A small smile appeared on his face as he slept. This tranquility was immediately disrupted by the entrance of a being who ceased his slumber.

"Urgh…..Mom…five more minutes…" mumbled Ash Ketchum, pulling his blankets over his head.

This was Ash Ketchum. A seventeen-year old black-haired boy, standing at 5'8, and an amazing Pokémon trainer. In Pallet Town, he was their pride and joy (along with Gary annoyingly), but not only because of his battling and abilities. He was kind, caring, cheerful….what many people wanted to see in a person, but never really did. An optimist, before even conceding that there was a negative side, he'd search long and hard for the good in a person or situation. However, as many of Ash's companions (females mostly) can tell you….he's as blind as a Zubat to affection and crushes.

In Ash's trails, paths were forged by his resolve, but he left many hearts behind unknowingly crushed or disappointed as well. Each of his female companions had had a crush on him at some point in time, but Ash had been…focused on other things he deemed 'more important' like Pokémon training and mastery. But just because some of their affections weren't returned didn't mean they hated the boy; in fact, they still adored him, just less so. Except for Misty of course, pining her days away in Cerulean. She'd eventually run into someone named Richie, who acted almost exactly like Ash. (But that's another story for another time.)

His Pokémon all loved him as well in the way that a student can idolize and adore a mentor and teacher. In some cases like Pikachu's, it's almost like they're brothers, only separated by the thin plane of species differentiation.

Anyways….let's see how Ash is doing!

He rubbed his eyes and looked at who had awoken him "What? Oh, it's just you Pikachu," Ash yawned, deeming Pikachu as a non-hostile threat.

Pikachu responded to that by sending thunderbolts at the sleeping boy, resulting in him screaming and writhing in pain. Just because his Pokémon loved him didn't mean they didn't get to have any fun, did it?

Pikachu nodded with a satisfied smirk at his handiwork, and ran off, leaving Ash blackened and smoking. Ash sighed, and went to his closet, wincing slightly as he peeled off his burnt pajamas and skimmed his closet. His mother had taken the liberty of organizing his closet while he was gone, and she'd set it up so that each outfit she'd given to him on a journey was kept together. There were his Hoenn clothes, a blue hoodie, jeans, his black gloves, backpack, and hat….Sinnoh, with his black and yellow jacket and hat…..and of course, his favorites from Kanto and Johto, a blue and white jacket, black T-shirt, his green gloves, and his hat. Oh, that hat. It was an awesome hat as Ash thought about it, with red and white, as well as the symbol on the front…those million postcards to the Pokémon League Expo were totally worth it. He looked over them, and decided on the Kanto outfit. Pulling it on, he was surprised to see how nice it felt.

"Huh, Mom must have made me new ones just like the old ones….except the hat. I really hope she didn't touch the hat…That hat's been on so many journeys. Those were the days, huh?" Ash fondly reminisced. He had loved the adventures he had with those two. Sure, he got to travel again with new friends, and sure, he got to see Brock often, but those days…it was just amazing. The thrill he felt as he rushed into the unknown world as a new-coming Pokémon Trainer, with only his wits, Pokémon, and his two best friends beside him. He supposed he dressed the way he did because he missed that feeling. Going to Hoenn and Sinnoh had been fun, and he had had some new experiences with unknown Pokémon, but to him? It would never match the same level of joy and excitement he had felt in the very beginning, charging into the void…

"What I would give just to feel the rush again…to go on another new adventure, without any guidance or help.." Ash sighed silently as he walked out of his room to the kitchen. "Fat chance that'll ever happen."

"Hey honey, breakfast is in the kitchen! I've made all your favorites, my little Kanto champion!" said Delia Ketchum, Ash's plump kind-faced mother from the kitchen as she cooked.

"Hmm…Kanto Champion. I could get used to that..." thought Ash happily.

Flashback- One week prior

Determined to redeem himself from his losses in Sinnoh, Ash had decided to re-challenge the Pokémon League in Kanto. He and his team challenged every single gym, and dominated them once again. Applying for the competition was easy as well, as he handed his Pokedex to Nurse Joy and was registered.

He made it past the first contenders with ease with his Pokémon obliterating the competition. Cruising past the first and second rounds, he began to run into trouble in the first round of the semi-finals, where he ran into none other than Paul; his despised enemy from Sinnoh. He and Paul threw attacks back and forth, yet neither had a clear advantage over the other. It eventually came down to each trainer's last Pokémon: for Paul, his Electivire, and for Ash, Pikachu. The two electric powerhouses squared off, neither giving an inch to the other. But, inch by inch, Pikachu wore down the bigger Pokémon and with a mighty Iron Tail sealing the deal, he stopped Paul's run cold. Pumped by the victory over one of his biggest rivals, Ash soared through the rest of the semi-finals. When it came down to him and his adversary in the final round, he walked into the field an opponent, and came out the Champion of the Kanto league. He was riding high on his excitement and enthusiasm, and it was infectious; anyone who had talked with Ash in the past week had been just as excited as he was. Even Gary.

End Flashback- Present day

"Wait, what am I doing here thinking about the tournament? There's food!" wondered Ash as he ran towards the kitchen and proceeded to pile a plate high with waffles, pancakes, bacon, and more.

Meanwhile, Pikachu wandered in after hearing Ash's expression of joy and grabbed a nearby bottle of ketchup, opened it, and began to drink it from the bottle. As trainer and Pokémon ate, Delia called to Ash-

"Don't forget to feed your other Pokémon Ash!"

"What? Oh yeah, I forgot…..sorry Mom!" shouted Ash back, his voice muffled by food.

"Sigh…honestly, I love the boy, but sometimes….." murmured Delia to herself as she began to eat her breakfast as well.

Ash picked up his plate and walked to his backyard. "Come on out guys!" he yelled, throwing his Pokéballs into the air.

And in a flash of bright light, out popped his team: Charizard, Wartortle, Torterra, Staraptor, Tyranitar, and of course, Pikachu. The team he had fought side by side with through the tournament, and beat the best Kanto had to offer with.

"Wow…a championship team…I still can't believe it," thought Ash, as his mind began to wander again, this time to his rediscovery of each one.


Charizard was found when he went to the Charcific Valley, a few months prior to his Championship attempt, and got Charizard from Liza, where he'd, according to her, become massively powerful, but had fallen into a slump. That is, until Ash came for him. He had significantly brightened up, and was excited to see his old trainer, so much so that he greeted him in the customary way by scorching him with flames.

Needless to say, Charizard spent some time in his ball for a while.

His Squirtle was found while Ash was returning home from Sinnoh and had run into a house on fire, with a group of Squirtle and a Wartortle ferociously attacking it. He had sent out Buizel, and together they had put the fire out. Then the Wartortle, with a pair of awesomely cool sunglasses, jumped out at Ash yelling. After a few moments of noncommittal grunting and confusion on his part, Ash realized this was his Wartortle (and former Squirtle), and asked him if he wanted to come along. Naturally, Wartortle said yes, and he'd followed him back home to Pallet Town, where he'd been accepted into the team immediately.

After returning from Sinnoh, Ash had thought long and hard about his catches there. He felt that he didn't want to leave anyone out from his run at the Championship, and decided to bring Torterra and Staraptor along for the ride. Of all his Pokémon there, he'd felt closest to the two.

Tyranitar's story was by far the longest. He was found while looking for Gary after Professor Oak sent Ash to give Gary a package. While searching Mt. Silver for Gary (Gary was studying Misdreavuses, and thus found this an excellent place to observe them), Ash had accidentally run into a large, and quite angry Onix. The Onix decided that Ash looked very similar to a chew toy, and rumbled after him, as Ash sprinted away while apologizing profusely and promising tasty rocks and to help him find a lady Onix. This evidently did not work as the Onix pursued Ash into a large cave.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" screamed Ash in terror as he crouched behind some rocks in a futile attempt to shield himself from the Onix. The Onix bellowed and smashed the rocks to rubble with Iron Tail, and his tail glowed white for the final blow that would squish Ash into a smear on the cave floor.

Ash braced himself and prepared for the end and squeezed his eyes shut…

When all of a sudden, a loud roar was heard from the back of the cave, followed by a blinding orange ray of light blasting the Onix to the cave walls, where it slumped to the ground unconscious.

"Oh Arceus, what was that, what was that, what was-?"

For it was none other than a Tyranitar, staring at Ash with a quizzical expression on its face. But something about this Tyranitar seemed….familiar to Ash.

"Huh…hey! Would you happen to have a Larvitar child Tyranitar?" asked Ash obliviously.

The Tyranitar facepalmed, and pointed to Ash, then himself.

"Oh! Do you want to come along and help me find him? I bet with the two of us, we can find that Larvitar no problem!"

"Tyranitar, what are you….why are you using Harden so much?" asked a befuddled Ash. "Huh, my old Larvitar used to use Harden a lot too….weird. Wait! I bet you're my old Larvitar!" said Ash, excited with his discovery. Tyranitar pointed at himself once again. "Oops, I meant 'Tyranitar'," responded Ash sheepishly. "Well Larvi- I mean Tyranitar, do you wanna come along with me and take on the Kanto League?" asked Ash. Tyranitar eagerly responded with a resounding "TYRANITAR!" and they then both set off.

End Flashback

The Pokémon assembled quickly in battle formation, but after realizing there was no battle to be had, but only delicious food, they just as quickly assembled to their food stations. Delia chuckled at her son's Pokémon's behavior. "Like trainer like Pokémon…"

After the team had eaten their fill (Ash and Charizard had gotten into an eating competition, and had to be forced from the table by their teammates, protesting all the way), Ash immediately set pairs for each Pokémon to spar with.

"Ok, so Charizard and Tyranitar, Wartortle and Staraptor, and Pikachu and Torterra. Charizard, I want you to practice your agility by dodging whatever Tyranitar throws at you. Tyranitar, don't hesitate to throw anything. Wartortle and Staraptor, you two practice speed and accuracy. Staraptor, you're going to fly and attack Wartortle, while he tries to knock you out with some long-ranged firepow-..er..water-power I suppose. And Pikachu and Torterra, you two can just practice endurance. Okay everybody, let's go!" yelled Ash, clapping his hands.

As the respective Pokémon stared each other down and began their sparring, Ash got down and began doing push-ups. After all, what kind of trainer would he be if he didn't train along with his Pokémon? He didn't like saying it out loud, but he knew he was pretty fit and muscular. He had done about 30 when he felt his Pokedex vibrate. Glancing at it, he saw it was a call from Professor Oak. He flipped it open and said-

"Hey Professor, how are you?"

"I'm fine Ash, but not to be rude, but I really need you to get up here to my lab immediately!" said Professor Oak, sounding rushed.

"Okay Professor, but what's wrong?" asked Ash perplexedly.

"No time, no time, just hurry! And bring your Pokémon with you, just in case!"

"Just in case of wha-"

But Oak had already hung up. Frustrated, Ash turned shut his Pokédex and yelled "Guys, we gotta pack it up, Professor Oak wants us to talk with- What happened?"

Charizard was sitting on the shoulders of an enraged Tyranitar, who would reach up to try to pull him off, only to have Charizard fly up and drag him backwards until he fell over, laughing all the while. Then the whole process would begin again with Tyranitar's temper steadily growing. Wartortle and Staraptor were leaning against each other, one with numerous small cuts and the other dripping wet, And Pikachu was snoozing on Torterra's back, while Torterra basked in the sun, both at peace.

Ash's eye began twitching.

The Pokémon saw this and hastened to their trainer. Well, Wartortle and Staraptor did. Tyranitar took the advantage of Charizard being distracted by their trainer to reach up and pull him off, then ground his face into the ground and made him eat dirt. Pikachu was still sleepy and was slow to react, and Torterra moved with the speed of a continental divide. So Ash manually returned them with the exception of Pikachu and Tyranitar, to whom he gave a stern lecture. After Tyranitar gave him an annoyed look, he promised to give a lecture to Charizard too, and returned him.

"Sigh….okay then, let's see what the professor wants from us," said Ash, placing Pikachu on his shoulder and heading out the door.

A few minutes later

Ash sprinted over to the lab, wanting to find out what was so urgent that required training to be ceased. Stopping at the front door, he knocked on it and waited. After a minute passed without answer, Ash yelled-

"Professor Oak? Professor? It's me, Ash!"

"Oh, do come in, I have to show you something!" said the professor, almost giddy with excitement. Ash looked surprised; he had only seen the professor that excited when he talked about his excursions with Legendary Pokémon.

Professor Oak was the resident professor of Pallet Town, and the main professor of Kanto, like how Rowan is Sinnoh's professor, and Birch with Hoenn. An average gray-haired old man, he'd been through 60 years of his life, devoting most of it to his love of learning about Pokémon and obtaining knowledge. He was a well-respected professor, and was often consulted by other scientists as well as fellow professors. Oddly enough though, he was a famous poet, which Ash found quite odd, since his poetry didn't rhyme a lot. And wasn't that the whole point of poetry?

"Come here Ash!" said the professor, and Ash realized that he had zoned out, and hurried to the professor's side.

"What's up Professor Oak?"

"I think I may have just found another type of Legendary Pokémon!" squealed Professor Oak excitedly, showing Ash a picture of the "Legendary". "It doesn't seem to match up with any history or mythological books I've read so far! Well, except this one, but the title's been faded quite badly."

Putting aside his disturbance about the professor squealing, Ash looked at the picture. It seemed to be similar in shape to a Ponyta, but midnight blue and with…was that armor? Along with a horn and wings too, this shaped up to be a strange Pokémon (if it even was one) indeed. Nevertheless, Ash congratulated him. "That's great professor! What's it called?"

"I'm not sure yet, but I think it goes along the lines of 'Nightmare' from what I've gleaned from the little information I've gotten from this book," sighed Oak. "I found this book in my basement behind all my equipment for studying Bug-type anatomy! It's disappointing that it's not a complete copy though."

"Well, you've discovered a new Pokémon! That alone is an awesome accomplishment. Too bad you don't know much about it…huh, what's this say?" asked Ash, who had been flicking through the book, and pointed at a page.

"Where?" said a perplexed Oak, peering over his shoulder, "It seems to be blank there. Or quite faded, it's difficult to tell in my old age.."

"No, Professor, there's definitely something there." said Ash insistently.

"Okay then, I'll go get my reading glasses, and we'll look at it," said Oak as he left the room.

"He can't see it? It's right in front of him! Old man must be going blind," thought Ash as he read the lines. "Hmm….I should write it down for him! Let's see..." He groped for a piece of paper and pencil, and began to read the lines, writing them down as he spoke.

"Thirteen heroes, two worlds apart,

Will save the world from eternal dark.

To defeat the evil which roams the land,

With power as immeasurable as grains of sand.

Two shall rise above the rest,

In power and spirit they will unite.

But with that power shall come a test,

As one they must overcome the fight.

But together, the thirteen must work well,

Lest they be destroyed, casting both worlds into hell.

The heroes are the last hope, or it may be too late,

To save Kanto or Equestria, sealing everyone's fate.

At the moment he finished writing the line and stuck the paper into his pocket, the book began shuddering violently, and fell from Ash's hands. "What the-" gasped Ash, as the book fell onto the floor, pages flapping wildly.

Ash was then enveloped in a bright light, flashing from the book and burning his eyes. In pain, he tried to look away, but saw darkness at the corners of his vision.

"I'm not feeling too good…." Ash thought woozily. "Ouch….."

He gave in to the succumbing pain, and fell unconscious to the floor with a soft thump.