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Outskirts of Sweet Apple Acres- Midday

It was an unusually quiet day on the farm. As if by divine intervention, Applejack and Big Mac had finished bucking apples early, and actually had some time to themselves. Big Mac had gone into town to socialize a bit, but Applejack was content to just rest by the barn. And for the past half-hour, it had been just rest and silence.

…That is until a Celestia-awful noise boomed through the air and shook the farmhouse. Applejack jerked out of her relaxed state and straightened her hat on her head. Apple Bloom leaned out of the window and asked her sister, "Hey sis! What was that?"

Applejack shrugged. "No idea, but Ah'm gonna find out."

"Ooh me too!" called Apple Bloom, bounding outside before being caught by Granny Smith.

"Now, now missy, let your sister do her job."

"But Granny!"

"No buts little lady."


Applejack trotted to the source of the noise as Apple Bloom was ushered back inside. After a minute's walk, she arrived at a rather large crater where, if she recalled properly, a large stone was set. It was a hindrance when they were seeding the farm, but nopony could move it. So they let it be and simply planted around it.

Applejack let out a slow whistle. "Wow…whatever could've broken this rock must've been heavy…"

She glanced around, but didn't seem to find anything out of the ordinary. She would normally be panicking about the fact that a massive object could potentially be hiding in the trees, but if her worst fear came to be, she could always ask Twilight to help her find whatever it was. As long as it didn't destroy anything important, it was fine with her.

She was about to leave before she heard some rustling. She pushed past some trees and began to hear voracious chewing.

"What in the world…"

She slowly snuck closer to the source as they continued eating, who were clearly disregarding any attempts at subtlety.

"Mmm….these apples are delicious!"

"I know, right! They're so juicy and fresh!"

"Maybe we could sell em' to da boss!"


Applejack's eyes widened as she saw the two blank-flanked earth ponies, one with purple hair and a tan coat, and the other with an apple-red mane and a maroon coat. That wasn't as surprising to her however as the talking cat and blue gelatinous blob with a tail they seemed to be associated with. She was so shocked that she almost missed their next statement.

"We ought ta' take some o' dese to go!" the cat said.

"Yeah!" the other two cheered, as the blue blob made another strange noise.

Applejack's eyes narrowed. Aliens or not, nopony steals from her farm! She leapt out from the bush as the surprised ponies and pets fell back in shock.

"Hey! What are you doing you thieving varmints! Stealing mah apples?"

The duo merely laughed as they stood next to each other.

"Stealing your apples? I like to think of it as…merely borrowing," the red-maned mare said.

"Borrowing for an unknown amount of time," the purple maned one stallion added.

"Oh yeah? Well you can go borrow some bits and pay me back!" Applejack retorted.

"Hahaha…you underestimate us little pony. Prepare for trouble!" the mare said.

"And make it double!" replied the stallion.

"To protect the world from devastation!"

"To unite all- OOF"

Whatever they were saying was immediately disrupted as an annoyed Applejack simply attempted to buck some sense into them. What she didn't expect however was the force of her kick to have knocked the entire group, save her, sky high and off into the distance.

She even swore she saw a small twinkle in the sky as she heard a tinny "Team Rocket's blasting off again!" followed by a "Wobuffet!"

She sighed as she walked back to the barn. Whatever they were…they weren't her problem now.

Whitetail Wood, Equestria

By some stroke of luck, Misty had managed to get to the puddle. But sudden changes like pony bodies make walking a little bit harder. So after a bit of faceplanting and dirt-eating, Misty was able to walk. Of course, Brock was able to do it immediately because he's Brock and can kind of do anything (…Except get a girlfriend, the poor bastard).

"OhmygoshI'?" shrieked Misty as she bounded around in panic, unable to contain her fear and nervousness. She glanced around and noticed Brock sitting calmly on his haunches, his eyes closed. Astonishingly, Misty could actually see his eyes when he opened them to give her a withering glare, something not many people in the world can claim. Maybe two or three at most.

"Hey! Brock? How are you so calm at a time like this?

"Simple answer? I'm not," said Brock. "In fact, I'm scared out of my mind. But logically, we don't really have a choice but to hope for the best and see what we can do about-" he motioned his hooves indicating himself and her "-this."

Misty angrily stomped her hooves. "But I can't go back to Cerulean City as a….as a….Ponyta! This goes against all my morals as a Water Pokémon trainer! I only train Water Pokémon, so if I was going to turn into a Pokémon, I'd be a Water-type!"

"But what about Togetic?" Brock asked.

"She didn't count!" Misty retorted. "She was special. She didn't have to be a Water-type."

"Well then, I don't think you need to worry about returning to Cerulean as a Ponyta."

"Why, pray tell?" Misty asked cynically.

"Because it's fairly obvious we're not Ponyta," Brock replied.


"But nothing! We may have the same body shape and type, but other than that, we have nearly nothing in common. Ponyta's mane's are flaming, while ours-" he indicated his mane with his hoof- "are not. Ponyta are much taller than we are now, and they're white. You happen to be white, but I'm obviously not, so there isn't really any possible way that we could be Ponyta," finished Brock.

"Yeah, but-"

"Are you really going to go against the word of a Pokémon Breeder who studied multiple Pokémon constantly and as such, knows the breeding habits, mating rituals, and birthing techniques of nearly every Pokémon in Kanto?" interrupted Brock.

Misty fumed. "Not every Pokémon."

"I said nearly."

"Well whatever." She thought for a minute. "If we aren't Ponyta, then…what exactly are we?"

Brock looked upwards at the blue sky. "That, Misty, is a very good question, one that I don't have the answer to."

His enhanced ears flicked as he heard distant voices approaching. "Maybe we can find out soon though…."

"Oh Spikey? Can you dig there please?"

"Sure thing Rarity!"

The little dragon dove into the ground and scraped away the dirt, revealing a cache of gemstones. He stared at them hungrily.

"Mmmmm…..you would taste so good…."

"Spike? Can you hoof those to me please?"

Reluctantly, he picked them up and handed them to Rarity, who inspected them closely.

"Hmm….ruby, that looks good. Emerald, good as well. Sapphire…"

She noticed Spike drooling slightly and his futile attempts to hide it.

"….not very good actually. Spike? Do you want this?" asked Rarity kindly.

"Wha- Yeah! Sure! I mean" -he coughed- "Yeah, whatever."

Rarity levitated the gem to him, which he took nonchalantly. As soon as she turned away, he immediately devoured it and moaned in pleasure.

"That tasted as awesome as I thought it would…"

Rarity's sharp call interrupted his food daydreams. "Spike! We have work to do!"

"Coming, Rarity!"

The dragon hustled on his little feet as fast as he could towards her. Catching up, he walked alongside the unicorn as they made their way into the nearby forest.

"Hey Rarity, why are we going into the forest anyways?" asked Spike curiously. Under normal circumstances, simply being around Rarity would blank his mind. But the strangeness of going into the forest when they usually don't piqued his interest. The duo usually only searched the forest outskirts, where it was safer, rather than the forest, since unknown things lurked inside. Or is that Everfree? Spike knew Everfree definitely had some baddies in there, but he hadn't been to Whitetail very often.

"Because dear, I can't seem to find anymore gems out here that are worth digging up. And besides," she added. "It won't be too far in. We'll be able to see the entrance to the forest from wherever we end up. Who knows what kinds of gems we'll find!"

"Well alright then…."

The two trekked into the forest, occasionally stopping at a flare of Rarity's horn and subsequent digging. It had been nearly an hour, but at last, they had unearthed a sizable amount of gems, far more than Rarity intended to use in her upcoming dresses.

They had just finished digging up the last bits, and placed them in a nearby bag along with the others. But to their dismay, Spike nor Rarity had the ability to carry the massive amount of weight. Yet Rarity was unwilling to leave the gems behind, a stance Spike secretly disliked, since it left less chance of him being able to eat any more jewels.

"We are finding a way to take these back to Ponyville or my name isn't Rarity!" the unicorn proclaimed.

"But Rarity," Spike interjected. "We can barely lift this off the ground-" he indicated the bulging bag- "much less drag it all the way home."

"Oh, it can't be that heavy!" Rarity said, enveloping the bag in a white aura and beckoning it to rise. The bag didn't budge an inch. Rarity frowned, then put more power into her horn, the light growing brighter as Rarity's face contorted in frustration as she tilted her head back.

Finally, Rarity gasped and the light dissipated, the bag stubbornly remaining in place. Rarity glared at it for a moment before recognizing that it was an inanimate object, and thus immune to glares.

"Ugh, now what are we to do?" Rarity moaned. "I can't just leave it here! Diamond dogs, or maybe other worse creatures, could take it!"

"Well maybe we could-"

"I'm sorry Spike, but you must give a lady a little time to think!" said Rarity sharply.


"Ah-ah-ah! No buts! I need quiet!"

Spike sighed. If anypony else had done that, he would've just kept going. But fair Rarity didn't deserve that, and so he sat in silence.

After a minute of Rarity's anxious pacing, she had come up with absolutely no decent ideas. Her nerves were beginning to fray, just as her beautifully sculpted mane began to as well. Spike swore he could hear an audible 'twang' every few seconds.

Rarity huffed and sat down, clearly frustrated. Spike cautiously approached the angry mare (Cautiously because Spike knew how angry mares could get angrier. He lived with one that goes insane after a checklist goes missing) and spoke.

"You know….we could just ask the ponies over there to help…"

Rarity glanced up surprised as she looked around. "But there's nopony here!"

She felt a light tap on her shoulder. "Um, hello?" said a male voice. She turned quickly as a male unicorn and white pegasus stared back.

Rarity swooned (And not in the romantic way, mind you!) and fell.

The other three simply looked at her curiously. Finally, the white pegasus spoke up.

"Um….was that couch always there?"

Sunlight crept through the corners of her vision. With an irritable sigh, the white unicorn pulled herself up.

She rubbed her hooves to her eyes, clearing her grainy vision. A brown blur seemed to be all she could see at the moment.

"Hello there!" the brown blur exclaimed.

"Aiee!" squealed Rarity as she leapt backwards.

The colt stepped forward with concern. "No, I'm not trying to do anything miss. My name is Brock," he said, extending a hoof out. Rarity looked apprehensively before returning it. She had a feeling of unease for some reason.

"Why do I feel nervous? They're just regular ponies, probably out for a walk," thought Rarity.

"-and this is my friend Misty," Brock finished, gesturing towards the orange-haired pegasus.

Rarity stopped and froze for a bit, her eyes seemingly looking at Misty. Misty began feeling rather uncomfortable from all the attention as she began to scoot behind Brock. Finally, Rarity burst out with excitement.

"My dear, you would be the perfect model for my new fall line!" she said in delight. "Your mane would work wonderfully with the colors!"

"Oh no, I'm not interested in modeling," Misty replied stoically.

Rarity gasped. "What? How can you not be! You seem to have the perfect physique for one, and a rather nice color set!"

Misty shrugged. "My sisters were more into that kind of stuff than I was. I'll pass."





The unicorn put on her biggest pout possible and looked at Misty. "Please?"

Brock chuckled as the unicorn tried in vain to convince Misty to model. He'd been with that girl too long to know when she has her mind set on something.


"Okay fine! Just please stop asking!"

Brock's jaw dropped. Maybe he didn't know Misty as well as he thought.

Misty smacked Brock lightly on the head to pull him back to reality, and posed a question. "Do you normally ask people you just met to model for you?"

"People?" Rarity almost asked, before remembering it was a phrase Ash had used quite often before he'd fixed it. "She must mean ponies."

"Well darling, you are an exception! I see no harm in asking."

"Fair enough, Miss…? I realized, you never told us your name!"

"Oh, I'm Rarity!" She gestured towards the purple dragon next to her. "And this is Spike."

"Well, nice to meet you both," said Brock as Misty nodded.

They all sat in silence for a minute before remembering the reason they even began speaking. Or at least Rarity's reason.

"Oh, could you two do me a huge favor?" Rarity asked.

"Depends…" Brock asked. "What kind?"

"Just some lifting. Spike and I couldn't lift the thing, so I needed some help."

"Oh, of course."

He and Misty trotted over to the bag. They both stared at it before realizing something crucial.

They had no idea what they were doing.

"So…how are we supposed to do this?" Misty asked, looking at the bag. "I mean, I know I have wings, but I can't really fly…"

"You can't fly?" gasped Rarity. "But why not?"

"Well I did just get them half an hou-" Misty began before Brock shushed her. He leaned towards her and whispered, "It might not be a good idea to tell her we're not really ponies or whatever they said."

Misty sagely agreed, and Brock continued. "Let's just say you can't fly because you were born to parents who didn't fly a lot and didn't think you needed to. I think this horn is for some Psychic use or something, so I'll just say there's a Dark inhibitor or something nearby."

Misty said her story, and although Brock knew it was almost as see-through as glass, Rarity bought it. Now the more pressing issue came up at hand. How were they going to move this bag?

"Maybe we could just drag it?" Misty suggested. Brock shrugged, but there didn't seem to be another option. Rarity seemed okay with it too, and Spike went out to find some ropes.

He came back in a few minutes with two long straps. "Hey, are these good? I found them in the clearing over there," he said, pointing a claw towards the direction Brock and Misty had emerged from. "They had Pokeballs on them through, so I threw them off."

Brock's and Misty's minds churned for a second before putting it together.




Thrown off.

"Oh Arceus, we forgot about the Pokémon!" Brock bellowed in panic, sprinting back through the bush. Misty leapt behind him in due haste as they began searching for their missing Pokémon.

"Did I hear them say Pokémon?" Spike asked. Rarity thought for a moment before agreeing. The two had definitely said Pokémon.

"Do you think they know Ash?" Spike thought out loud. Rarity responded, "Maybe. Let's just see if we can help them find their Pokémon."

His thoughts were jarred as soon as Brock grabbed his shoulders. "Where did you throw those Pokéballs?" Brock thought again. "Wait, if you know about Pokéballs, why would you throw them away in the first place?"

Spike couldn't form a coherent response under all the pressure, so Brock let out a small cry of anguish and called out for his Pokémon. He'd formed his team from his best members, and he didn't want to lose them that easily.

"Forretress! Sudowoodo! Crobat! NInetales! Marshtomp!" His face flushed of color as he remembered his last Pokémon. "Steelix! Don't crush the forest!" he yelled as he galloped off again, looking for the balls or the Pokémon.

Misty meanwhile was having far less trouble, having found two of her Pokéballs still shut.

"Let's see, we have Staryu and Starmie here…who are we missing?" She counted off mentally. "Corsola…Horsea…Politoed…and-"she sighed. "-Psyduck. Of course that idiot would manage to be the only one to let himself out and get lost."

After a long epic trek of twenty minutes, the two of them had found all of their Pokémon except Psyduck and Steelix. They had only found their two empty Pokeballs.

Rarity approached the two. "Shall we go look for them somewhere else?"

"Why are you helping us?" Misty asked. "After all, you did just meet us."

"Well, let's just say I have a soft spot for Pokémon."

"They exist here?" Misty exclaimed. "I mean, really?"

Rarity chuckled. "Dear, I know you're not from Equestria. In fact, we have another one of you already here with his own Pokémon."

"Another Trainer?" Misty wondered aloud. "Wonder who it could be?"

Meanwhile, Brock had dragged the bag to them. "You know, we offered to help with this anyways. Where does this go?"

"I'll bring you there," Rarity said, noticing Brock's harried looks. He wanted to find his way to town to search more, and this was a rather good way to do it.

The three set off to Ponyville, fully intent on finding Pokémon and dropping this Arceus-damned bag.

Spike wandered back into the clearing. "Where'd you guys go…?"

"YOU KNOW, I THOUGHT YOUR POKÉMON WERE GOING TO BE CUTE!" Rarity screamed as the ground thundered behind her.

"Well you know, jumping on a giant rock Pokémon isn't a good idea for anyone!" Brock yelled back, trying to placate his somehow Steelix-turned-Onix.

They were near a campsite on the edge of a town as Brock tried to show Onix that he was his Trainer.

"Onix! Remember when we battled Ash that very first day and utterly destroyed him? And then his subsequent victory later?"

Onix realized this little pony thing was his master, and lowered himself in apology. Brock laughed and patted his head. "Thanks buddy, I knew you'd figure it out."

After coaxing Rarity out of hiding, he introduced her to Onix, who's manners could easily rival Ash's. Onix actually lifted the small bag of gems up and carried them on his back, much to the relief of the trio.

"Now we only have to find Psy….Psy….Oh come on!"

She was staring in the distance towards the town and noticed multiple things floating in a light blue aura.

Rarity didn't see the problem, since it could be a number of unicorns, but Misty seemed to think it was her Pokémon.

She trotted into town and gazed around for the source. Ignoring the massive amounts of brightly colored ponies, she spotted her duck Pokémon, his eyes blue and arms raised.


"Psy?" the Pokémon said curiously before recognizing his trainer's voice. "Psyduck!" he cried out, waddling towards his master (mistress?). He leapt onto her back and hugged her neck. "Psy…"

Misty couldn't help but feel a pang of love towards him, and nuzzled him gently before returning him to his Pokeball where he belonged. Soon after, Brock and Rarity arrived, huffing from the bag which they had to carry since Onix rumbling into a town wasn't the smartest idea.

"Rarity….can I put this down?"

"Not yet…My boutique…is right there…" Rarity panted, dragging the bag with her magic as Brock pushed it from behind.

"Oh hey Misty, you find Psyduck?" Misty nodded and tapped her Pokéball, which she had strapped around her chest.

"That's cool…Now could you help us out here?"

Finally, they made it to Rarity's boutique (Where everything is chic, unique, and magnifique!) and flopped down onto the floor. It had been a hard day, being humans in the morning, turning into ponies, finding their Pokémon, and dragging a freakishly heavy bag.

It was sunset when they had arrived, and noticing her two helpers were tired, Rarity offered her guest bedroom for the two of them.

As she lay in bed, Misty stared out her window at the stars above. "Maybe somewhere, Ash is staring at the same ones…"

Oh, if only she knew.

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