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Hi, I'm Ashlen Clover Massey, but everyone calls me Clover, I like it because I always find four-leaf-clovers.

My best friend is Meggie, she and I are great friends. I write books, and she always reads them

"Hey! Clover, wake up. You little friend is here to pick you up."My brother yelled in my ear. I dragged myself out of bed, grabbed my bag and ran to Mo's big van outside. "Hi, Megs."I said, "Hi, Mo."

"Hey, Cloves, what do you think I should read?" She showed me the book, I smiled as I saw they were the books I wrote. "This one." I pointed to the one with a horse in it. "'Kay."She opened it and started reading.

I turned to the window and thought about what I should write next. I pulled out my note book and wrote:

There was a girl who loved adventures, her name was Madison, she didn't go on real, outdoor adventures, but the adventures in books-

That was as far as I got before the van jerked forward, Mo cursed under his breath and started driving again. After a few minutes Mo pulled into his yard. He got out of the car and went inside.

I pulled Meggie out of the van and led her into her room.

I took out my notebook and started writing again, I wrote:

She didn't know that her next adventure would be a real adventure, one that's not in a book…

My first chap is a little short, sorry, I'll make the next one longer. Thankyou for those of you that took your time to read this first chapter. Please review/fav/alert.