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Chapter 1: The Freshman


September 2008 (flashback)

Lucy Quinn Fabray walked into the halls of her new school, William McKinley High School. She was fully transformed, and now going by Quinn. Her plan was to become popular and she knew that becoming a cheerleader would help accomplish it. Tryouts were this afternoon and she was bound and determined to make it.

As she was walking to her locker, the most beautiful sound she had ever heard pulled her from her plans of world domination. She followed the music, which led her to a large auditorium. She stood just inside the door and watched as a beautiful and petite brunette was singing a song that she had never heard before. It was breathtaking, and sent shivers down her spine. She needed to know this girl.

It took her all day, but she learned the mysterious singer's name. It was Rachel Berry. However, she also learned from some really bitchy Latina that Rachel was an untouchable. If she valued her impending popularity, she needed to stay away from the girl. So she tried to. It was hard, however, since they shared several classes. But she never spoke a word to the pretty brunette.

Instead, she went on Rachel's myspace and watched her sing. One day, when she was listening to Rachel sing, "My heart will go on," she was caught red-handed by Santana Lopez (the bitchy Latina, who was now a teammate on the Cheerios with her, and by default had become her friend). She really should have known better than to browse Rachel's page at school, but she couldn't help it. So to cover up her mistake, she began typing 'Why don't you crawl back to wherever you came from, it's bad enough I'm forced to look at you in school.'

Santana howled with laughter, as s new game took shape. Now, Quinn could surf Rachel's page at school without worrying; so long as she added a nasty comment at the end of it. At least it was anonymous. Shortly after this incident, some stupid jocks decided it'd be fun to slushy the losers and Quinn realized that she just made Rachel a number one target. She was okay with it though, it wasn't like she ever talked to the girl.

Toward the end of freshman year, Rachel and Quinn were partnered in their Biology class. Now Biology was a funny thing, she suddenly felt warm every time she was near Rachel. And now that they were forced to talk, she learned that Rachel was a really nice person. The old Quinn, or Lucy, would have loved to be friends with a girl like Rachel but as it was, friendship with the brunette just wasn't in the cards. It was after an…interesting day in her Biology class that Quinn drew her first pornographic picture of Rachel on a stall in girl's bathroom.

June 2018 (Now)

As Quinn played back her high school years in her mind, she realized that maybe she always had a thing for Rachel Berry. Rachel Berry her fiancée. God, she loved the sound of that. She was going to marry Rachel. She probably had the dopiest grin on her face right now.

Wait, what's going on? Why was she thinking about freshman year? Oh right, Beth asked them when they realized they liked each other. She had zoned out for so long she missed Rachel's answer, and as she looked around the table she saw very amused faces staring back at her. She was celebrating Rachel's debut on Broadway with Shelby, Beth, Jeremiah and Michael Berry, her mom, Puck and Kurt. She and Rachel had just announced their engagement and received congratulatory hugs and a specially perverted innuendo from Puck. She was never happier, but she still had a question to answer.

She cleared her throat. "When did I realize I liked Rachel?" She repeated to give herself more time, and then she looked over at Rachel who smiled reassuringly. "I let myself admit that I liked her the day we sang 'A Place For Me' in glee. But if I'm being honest, it was quite a while before that when she stole my heart." Quinn finished with a smile, no longer focused on anyone else around the table only her beautiful fiancée.

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Marry Me by Train

The Freshman by Verve Pipe

My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion