A/N: So. Snakeyninja requested another epilogue with them and the kids. It's short but I here it is. I promise this really is the end! :)

Maybe I'm Amazed

5 years later…

Beth, now 18, just graduated from High School and before she heads off to college at North Carolina for a soccer scholarship, she spent the evening with Quinn and Rachel and their kids.

As the five of them sat around a bon fire, Richard (9) went inside to grab Quinn's telescope. He came back outside excitedly, setting up the telescope and Beth went by him to look through it.

Quinn's holding a very tired 7 year old in her lap. As Kahlan curled closer to her, she smiled at Rachel who watched the others fiddle with the telescope. "Beth, did you ever hear the story about the stars Mommy bought?" Richie asked hopefully.

Beth looked up at Rachel with a grin. "Only every time I asked for a bedtime story."

"Hey, you kept asking for that story and you know it!" Rachel pouted.

"I know. I just thought you'd have gotten sick of telling it by now." Beth smirked at her with a raised eyebrow.

"You look far too much like Quinn when you do that." Rachel stated.

"So, I've heard."

"I wanna hear the story again, Beth you tell us." Kahlan yawned.

"Ya. Beth. Since you have heard it so many times!" Quinn mocked.

"I'd actually love to tell the story; it'd save me from having to watch you two ogle each other the whole time." The blonde told with a smirk directed toward her biological mother. She loved her family, she loved her life. As excited as she was about following her own dreams and heading off to college, she sure was going to miss this.

"Wait. I have to find the stars first." Richie announced as he studied the sky determinedly. He inherited Quinn's love for the stars (the real ones in the sky, not the metaphorical ones Rachel was obsessed with).

Suddenly at the thought of hearing her favorite story, Kahlan no longer felt so tired. She rubbed her eyes, and sat up straight. Quinn smiled to herself. The idea that her children were so enthralled with hers and Rachel's "epic romance" (as Beth had always called it) pleased her to no end. Of course they had to leave out the sordid details, but the story always had the kids enraptured.

"There they are! Mom, when are you going to get the rest of us stars so that we can stay in the sky with you?" Richie asked Rachel as soon as he located the stars he was looking for.

Everyone turned their attention to Rachel. "Well, I um…"

Quinn smiled at Rachel's discomfort. She placed a comforting hand on her wife's forearm. As she did so, she felt herself come alive with emotion. After all these years, she still loved Rachel so completely it continued to amaze her.

"How about we get you each a star for your graduation, when you're Beth's age?" Rachel clarified before continuing. "If you still want one then."

Richard nodded emphatically, and Kahlan clapped her hands excitedly. Rachel turned her attention to Beth. "So, what do you say graduate? Want a star?"

Beth's face glowed with Rachel's question. Sure it was cheesy and she was probably too old for it, but the idea of having her own star and being part of this family forever…it overrode any embarrassment she should have had.

"I'd love one." She said with a smile that radiated across her features. Quinn smiled at the sight, she was so happy with how close Rachel and Beth were. It she were being honest, she was jealous sometimes too. She and Beth were close, but they had…history. Beth and Rachel just were.

"Ok, now please tell the story Beth!" Kahlan interrupted the moment. "I want to hear how mom and mommy fell in love."

Beth shook her head at the small girl, man she reminded her of Rachel sometimes. At least the stories Quinn and the Berry's had told her about Rachel, that is. "Once upon a time…"

15 years later

Kahlan, who was now 22, was standing in her wedding dress. She was alone in the dressing room taking in her appearance and excited about what was to come. As she took several slow, deep breaths trying to calm her nerves, there was a soft knock on the door.

"Can we come in?" Quinn asked as she stuck her head through a small opening of the door.

"Of course, Mom." Kahlan replied as she rolled her eyes playfully. Like she'd ever deny them anything.

"Wow, honey. You're beautiful!" Rachel gushed as she hugged her daughter.

"Thank you." Kahlan smiled bashfully.

"Absolutely stunning, sweetheart." Quinn said as she hugged her daughter too. "But there is something missing."

"Oh my god. What'd I forget!"

"No, sweetie. It's nothing you forgot." Quinn said with a small smile. She held out a pair of diamond earrings. "My mom gave these to me on my wedding day. They were her mother's and she told me that I could give them to my daughter on her wedding day."

"What about Beth?"

"Beth, Rachel and I all decided that they should be yours."

Kahlan broke down in tears. "They are beautiful, and I love them. I love you!"

Rachel's eyes welled up also, as she looked on. Her two favorite girls in the whole world were happy right now, and there is nothing she wouldn't give to keep them that way.

She was pulled from her thoughts when two separate arms pulled her toward them. "Get over here." Quinn said through the tears. The three embraced a long time before finally pulling away.

"You have to promise to save them and give them to your own daughter one day." Quinn added.

"I will." Kahlan smiled at the thought. Now get out of here so I can fix my make-up.

Just before Rachel and Quinn reached the door, Kahlan's voice stopped them. "I always wanted what you two had. That love story that was so amazing I could tell my kids about it and they'd be amazed. I think I got my epic love story. I wanted to say thank you for showing me how amazing love can be and not to settle for anything less than perfect."

With that Rachel and Quinn walked out of the room, tears falling down their cheeks as their hands laced together. They had never been so proud in their lives.

THE END (for real this time!)

Maybe I'm Amazed by Jem