catbeck, for mad, (chasingafterstarlight) who's gotten me obbessed with victorious. ;)
i even threw in some jandre at the end for you.

She's got that red velvet hair and an easy going smile and a laugh that makes everyone around her want to laugh with her. She's happy and innocent and, let's be honest, you're intrigued. She's the complete opposite of Jade and you love that.

She's a super-nova, glitzy and gorgeous.

She's got this star-quality about her that makes you just want to stop and stare, and, really, no one can blame you. Because, everyone's got that special something about them that draws attention to them - and, with Cat, it's her innocence, her happy-go-lucky naivety.

She's kind of fearless, unafraid and life hasn't scarred her yet.

She's got this florescent heart and a smile a mile wide and she's just so bubbly and happy and there's just something about her that draws you to her.

She's Cat, and, if we're still being honest here, you're kind of in love with her. But, shh, don't tell Jade that - not that she'd really listen, as she's a bit busy with Andre at the moment.