From Paris, With Love by DD Agent

This was written for the Thespian Challenge at NFA. I had great fun writing it, delving into the possibilities of Jenny and Gibbs working together and how that would affect poor Tony. The fic is split up into three acts, two intermissions and a before and after performance piece. I will post it over three days. Really hope you enjoy it! :D

Ticket Office

"You were watching me."

Jenny turned around from her customary position by her large window to smile at Jethro, standing in his traditional position by her desk. She moved her hands over her stomach, trying not to feel self conscious around him. But she couldn't help it - their game of chess had left her queen open to an attack from his king. Jenny looked down to the floor before meeting his eyes.

"I was watching Carson. He's quite a kid."

Jethro chuckled and sat on the edge of her desk. "Yeah, he is. Makes you wonder…"

She bit her lip before stepping forward. It wasn't checkmate just yet; the game between them wasn't over until she said it was. Although the king was always the deciding factor, the queen was the most powerful piece of the game. And his words had provided a new strategy for her to finish it.

"Makes you wonder what, Jethro?" Saythedamnwords,Jethro,stopactinglikeyouhadn'twonderedallnightwhatredheadedblueeyedchildrenwouldbelike.

But he took the checkmate. "Nothing. Goodnight, Jenny."

Jenny nodded, and rested her hands on the back of her neck. There seemed to be something on his mind, but he wasn't being vocal about it. When had he ever voluntarily shared, though? Jethro was one of the most silent men she had ever encountered, apart from in bed. Thinking about him like that made her blush, and as she twisted her head back to the door she realised he had moved closer to her. Was this the surrendering move?

"Why now?" She licked her top lip, trying to work out her answer to his abrupt question. But she wasn't quick enough for Jethro. "Is it because Hollis is gone? Because here I was thinking that once she'd leave you'd go back to looking at me like I'm just another one of your agents."

She shook her head. "That's not fair."

"Don't lie, Jen, I know your body too well not to recognise it when you do." She shivered under his scrutiny. "As soon as I got together with Hollis you were so jealous. Getting in little jibes, trying to pretend you weren't but everyone and Palmercould see that you were. Your whole first year as Director you never looked at me in that way. You never wanted me back, and now…why?"

Jenny bowed her head, not sure that she could give the answer he needed. But she only had one she could give him. She met his blue eyes, and she could see that his lip was quivering. He was ready to surrender to her, to knock his king from his fingers. But as they reached for hers, Jenny couldn't make her mouth say the words needed for the game to be a draw.

So he left, and she sat and cried alone.

You are the only thing I have left.