Leaning up from Merlin's lips Morgan giggled; her hand coming up to stifle the uncommon sound as an afterthought. Merlin just smiled at her, marveling at the sight of what he had once thought the cruelest woman in the world giggling.

"Really did die this time, didn't I?" Merlin chuckled, watching Morgan smile at his joke as his bicep twitched solidly.

"Food! We should get food!" Morgan gasped, changing the subject rapidly as her thoughts were jumbled.

"Not a good idea." Merlin teased, placing his hands on Morgan's hips to sit up. "It just comes back up." He chuckled, Morgan wiggling in his lap as she continued to smile.

"Worth it!" Morgan giggled, though she made no effort to move as her shoulders shook on their own. Merlin watched Morgan's spastic movements a moment before he swiftly stood up, taking Morgan with him. Morgan let out a small squeak with the motion as she secured her legs around his waist so as not to fall. She threw her arms around Merlin's neck quickly as he shook a little on his feet.

"You're heavy." He laughed, his hands finding the underside of her bottom to keep her steadied as he walked a few steps toward the side of the bed.

"Am not!" Morgan chuckled back, hitting his shoulder even as the movement unsettled their balance and Merlin fell backward onto the bed causing both to start laughing until they cried. Neither took in the blood dried and drying around them. Morgan sat up, Merlin's hands not moving which caused her to laugh.

"Why Merlin!" She teased, feeling as if there wasn't a thing wrong in the world. She was alive, nothing else really mattered, was there anything else she wondered a moment before Merlin flipped them over to be lying on top of her.

"Is it always like this?" Morgan giggled, every fiber of her being alive with sensation, dulling any pain she could have.

"Too many thoughts." Merlin mumbled, turning his head a moment before snapping it back to look at her. "Yes." Morgan smiled at his insane way of answering her a moment before she shoved him, causing his clouded eyes to become focused on her again. She giggled when he shoved back after a moment, inciting a wrestling match. Morgan was very interested to learn that Merlin appeared to be ticklish around his ribs on both sides. However, she was no match for Merlin's sheer mass and she wound up gasping for air in the same position she had been in at the start. However, Morgan found all the energy she'd had once she woke up was depleting quickly as she begun to twitch less as well.

"Sleepy." She yawned, absently running her fingers over Merlin's scar. Merlin it seemed was almost asleep himself as most of his weight had landed on Morgan after a minute.

"Ummmm…" He acknowledged, inhaling deeply from the hollow of her throat. Despite being far from what she would consider comfortable in any other situation Morgan giggled again. Closing her eyes, a smile still tugging on her lips, Morgan closed her eyes as well. Her body still twitched, but her mind drifted quickly into oblivion after only a moment.

"Owww…" Morgan groaned as she opened her eyes, aware that something heavy was currently on top of her with annoyance. Blinking the sleep from her eyes, Morgan attempted to move the fog from her brain. She couldn't remember where she was or anything from the last twenty four hours it seemed except the pain in her shoulder from where a man's head was laying. Darting her eyes to take in her position she shoved the body above her with a sharp ache rooting itself in several places.

"Don't do that." Merlin groaned, startling Morgan's gaze up to his face. A fire ball of mixed emotions made its way into her stomach before she realized they were both clothed to her both relief and disappointment.

"Well sleep on someone else then." Morgan hissed back, arching her back to work out several kinks that made themselves known when she attempted to move.

"I do not wish to be awake yet. Goodbye." He half way joked with her and Morgan looked at the back of his head questioningly before she fell back beside him in pain.

"Shit." She cursed under her breath as her leg screamed in pain, and her chest felt as if it would explode as well.

"Exactly." Merlin scoffed back.

"Shut up." Morgan growled back, not at all comfortable being incapacitated in Merlin's presence like that.

"Fabulous retort Morgan, but if you don't mind I was having a rather nice dream." Merlin's lips twitched upward even though he remained still, face turned from her on his stomach, feet dangling off the side of the bed.

"You look disgusting." Morgan threw at him after several long moments of uncomfortable silence.

"I'm sure the sentiment is universal here." Merlin taunted her right back. Morgan resisted the urge to first look for a shiny surface and her reflection, and then to look at him once again. Several long minutes past as Morgan surrendered her attitude in favor of blessed stillness. As she lie their she soon became to piece together what had happened since she had been brought to this room. Several more minutes after that, she dreaded exactly what Merlin remembered as her lips began to tingle. However, instead of asking the question that truly bothered her the most, Morgan asked the least embarrassing.

"Did I giggle yesterday?" Morgan felt a smile tug at her lips as Merlin finally moved to look at her as his chest heaved in laughter. Despite her humiliation Morgan gave Merlin her best superior face, only adding to the man's laughing. Morgan resisted the urge to hit him, as well as the one to laugh along with him. Instead she just set her mind to standing on her own feet.

(Since I'm not sure where to go with this, though I want to continue the story, I'm stalling with this chapter. Sorry it isn't more, but I'm still brain storming. But I operate on the theory that some is better than none-Icecrystal)