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Chapter 6


"Man you really need to get over this chick." Quill said with a shake of his head.

It only made matters worse when I saw Embry nod his head in agreement.

"I mean why are you even still trying? If she really cared for you and returned your feelings, I think she would have dumped Dickwards ass a few centuries ago." Quill added.

I dug my face into my trembling hands and let out something between a sign and growl. They didn't know Bella like I did. I know for a fact that Bella loves me. Yeah, I may sound a bit cocky but I really believed that she does. I think the only reason she hadn't dumped Edward yet is because she's confused. Confused because Edward and her have been in a relationship for a long time, she believes that she still loves him and that this phase where she's doubting her feeling for him will pass.

"Jake?" I heard Em call out.

I didn't answer him though. Embry and Quill were my best friends but I seriously didn't need their criticism at the moment.

"Ja-" Em called again.

But I was already gone. I ran into the woods and phased. At the moment, I really didn't care if it was my last pair of shorts that shredded to pieces. I ignored all the extra voices in my head and just focused on the run. The run and nothing else. All thoughts of Cullen's, Bella, and everything else, where absent. Maybe Bella came up every now and then but I forced it to leave just as quickly as it came.


After I ran my patrol I arrived home just before dinner. Sue was busy preparing the food while Charlie and my dad were busy drinking beer and watching a game.

"Hey dad, Charlie" I greeted with a nod.

I walked over to Sue and passed her a smile.

"Hey Sue, how are you?"

As her back was turned I took a bread roll and quickly went up the stairs and into my room. I collapsed on my bed as I took a bite of the warm roll. Delicious as usual and within a second it was gone, lost somewhere inside my stomach. I closed my eyes and I soon found myself falling asleep. I was mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted.

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