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Written for the One day challenge on HPFC

2nd May 1972

"How did you even-"

"I don't know," Remus snapped at her, throwing Potter and Pettigrew a dirty look. Lily shook her head and helped Remus mop up the now-ruined Soothing Solution, his lip curling in a wry grimace as a splotch of viscous purple goop started eating through the sleeve of his already worn robe.

With a sigh, he said "Honestly, they might not have done anything. I am quite capable of causing Potions catastrophes on my own."

Lily bit back a comment about the immature trio of Gryffindor boys that Remus for some unknown reason chose to defend, even when they caused him trouble. After all, while Potter and Black were the troublemakers, the ringleaders, the only one of them that was half-decent at Potions was Pettigrew, and he wasn't quite as nasty. Though if Potter had put him up to it…

Professor Slughorn had decided to make them work with someone other than their usual partner for the lesson, which had dissolved into various levels of disaster across the dungeon as people used to their own routine after eight months butted heads with their new workmate. In the back corner Sev, her usual partner was chatting casually to Celeste Nielsen, a half-blood Slytherin girl who occasionally studied with them in the library. With her best friend in Gryffindor, Mary, in the Hospital Wing with a bad dose of flu, Lily had quickly grabbed the only one of the Gryffindor boys she could stand. Alice and Jenny, the other Gryffindor girls had also paired up, leaving one of the three remaining Gryffindor boys stuck working with a Slytherin.

And it was not going well, Lily decided, as she watched Black and snobbish Claudia Oberon glaring at one another through the cloud of brown smoke rising from their cauldron. Her and Remus's potion had, of course, been brewing fine. While Remus was more likely to sprout wings and fly than successfully brew anything more complicated than a boil cure, she had felt safe to leave him watching the simmering cauldron with strict instructions to call her as soon as it began lightening from orange to yellow, while she hunted down some more ginger root.

They must have done something, she decided, glaring at Potter who was busy pulling faces at Black across the room while Pettigrew did all their work. Suddenly turning, he caught her eye and winked.

"Looks like even the great Evans can't prevent Lupin from melting the cauldron. Maybe next time you and I should work together?"

Lily turned her back on him with a huff. By her watch, they still had about half the lesson, and Professor Slughorn was settling an argument between Avery and Ulwent. With a longsuffering sigh she passed Remus the aloe vera leaves to slice while she scoured the cauldron and started again.

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