Annie and Auggie: Fifty Things

By: DemonClowSorceress

For the monumental reaching of the tenth installment, I present...Fifty Things about that adorable CIA pair, Annie and Auggie!

Disclaimer: I don't own Covert Affairs or any of the characters. A shame, since Auggie is so hot.

#1 - Greeting

Their morning exchanges were always light and playful.

#2 - Perfume

His first whiff of Jo Malone grapefruit should've been his first clue - he'd grow to like this girl.

#3 - Whisper

Her world could be exploding around her, and the sound of his voice in her ear always managed to center her.

#4 - Laugh

It sounded musical, and it always made him smile.

#5 - Shell

She took the bracelet out of its box and, with some reservation, put it in his palm.

#6 - Fleeting

Sometimes, when he's still half-asleep, he thinks he can see again.

#7 - Sugarplum

"Really? Nothing else came to mind?"

#8 - Heels

Her footsteps are unmistakable.

#9 - Driving

"I can't see the speedometer, but I have this feeling we're going very very fast."

#10 - Cujo

"Here, booze," he said, handing her a beer. "Woof."

#11 - Patrón

When work especially sucked, they skipped beers and went for the hard liquor.

#12 - Homeless

When she showed up on his doorstep, he immediately pulled her inside.

#13 - Allen's

It quickly became a good place for them to hang.

#14 - Aunt

"Where's Aunt Annie?"

#15 - Jai

He could see the writing on the wall, but he just kept pushing it.

#16 - Uncle

"Where's Uncle Auggie?"

#17 - Winter

Snow made everything too quiet. Auggie hated it.

#18 - Hearn

She was there when the fallout threatened to crush him.

#19 - Mingus

People can connect over music. They proved it on their first day.

#20 - Frantic

"I'm not losing you, Annie Walker! Not today, and not ever!"

#21 - Arm

Being his guide had its benefits. But mostly she liked how she felt standing beside him.

#22 - Mercer

He was there when his capture made her heart shatter all over again.

#23 - Couple

Annie used to envy people who'd found their "soulmate."

#24 - Lost

Joan used to think Auggie would never truly be all there. But when Annie showed up, it was like seeing the prodigal son return.

#25 - Imagination

After three years, he tried to picture her with the little details he's heard of and picked up on.

#26 - Juvenile

They bickered like kids with crushes, but when push came to shove, they grew up fast.

#27 - Techs

Stu, Greg, and Barber could all tell that something was brewing with Auggie.

#28 - Visible

"The blind guy leading the damsel out of the dark tunnels," Auggie joked as he took Annie's hand. "You want to say it or should I?"

#29 - Tussle

They both learn something while sparring in the CIA gym.

#30 - Bruise

She hid her injuries from everyone else, but the blind guy had to go and blow her cover.

#31 - Straddle

That was a defining moment for them both.

#32 - Overload

"Auggie!" Annie shouted, seeing her best friend drop to the ground and clutch his head.

#33 - Distracting

For her, it was her eyes. For him, it was his hands.

#34 - Digits

Time to see if this really does work, Annie thought, flipping open the stolen satellite phone and punching in the number she knew by heart.

#35 - Antacid

She upped his heart attack quota by a good dozen every month since arriving at Langely.

#36 - Seperation

The seventh-floor bigwigs had no idea what they'd done.

#37 - Breakdown

It wasn't often that she could help him, and Annie would be damned if she let him push her away.

#38 - Headphones

And people really believed he was actually working.

#39 - Sixth

Swear to God that man was psychic sometimes.

#40 - Line

He hadn't found one he couldn't cross for her. Until now.

#41 - Workout

Watching him go up against the punching bag, Annie fervently hoped he never changed his routine.

#42 - Braille

He took her finger and dragged it across the paper. "It takes practice, believe me."

#43 - Glass

He looked in her general direction with uncanny accuracy. "What d'you mean, my walls are see-through?"

#44 - Snitch

"You totally told on me, didn't you."

#45 - Hero

He sometimes had to remind her of the good she did.

#46 - Bed

A girl could get used to waking up with silk sheets and a sexy geek.

#47 - World

There were some beautiful things out there, but nothing beat what was waiting at home.

#48 - Covert

They were - until the need to be no longer existed.

#49 - Languages

"Would it be too corny to say you have a talented tongue?"

#50 - Complete

Agent and handler, best friends, and after some time in denial, the only ones who could ever hope to fill the void in their hearts.

Holy cheese in sticks, it's the tenth one. I can't believe it!

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