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Prompt #15: Jai - He could see the writing on the wall, but he just kept pushing it.

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Safely behind the glass walls of Tech Ops, Stu, Greg, and Barber watched with vested interest as Jai Wilcox entered the DPD and headed straight for Annie Walker. The blonde didn't even look up as he leaned his hip against her desk, flashing that charm smile of his.

"Watch her shoot him down," Stu said.

"Watch him ignore all signals," Barber replied.

Quiet Greg just watched the outcome. Sure enough, Annie's lips moved to deliver what could only be described as a cool yet polite brush-off. As predicted, Jai plowed right on through like a rhino through tinfoil. They continued talking, and the tech boys could see Annie's annoyance growing to a slow boil.

Barber cackled. "She's gonna blast him."

"Still won't deter him," Stu retorted.

"Rome's second burning couldn't stop Jai," Greg said.

They watched as Annie finally spoke, apparently outlining why she wasn't falling in worship at his feet. Jai's smile faintly dimmed, but once Annie paused for breath, he spoke again with renewed vigor.

Greg shook his head. "Denial's not just a river in Egypt, my friends."

"I wonder if he's just being a dick on purpose because he can't live down the rejection," Barber said.

"He's gotta know by now," Stu said.

His friends looked over at him. "About what?" they asked in unison.

"You don't know?" Stu asked, feigning innocence.

Greg leaned closer. "You know something. Spill it."

The dark-haired analyst only smiled mysteriously. His eyes glanced back at the tableau of Jai and Annie unfolding in the bullpen. "Unbelieveable. And you guys work for the CIA."

"Obviously you have a source," said Barber. "C'mon man, let us in on it."

Stu grinned again. "Just watch. I'm sure you'll find out eventually."

"Who'll find out what eventually?" asked Auggie as he entered the office where his subordinates were slacking off. His grin showed that he wasn't annoyed by the lack of work being done.

"Hey boss," the three techs chorused.

"Hey yourself. So what's got you guys gossiping like girls at a sleepover?"

Stu, a wide grin on his face, purposely made his voice nonchalant. "Just watching Jai try to pick up another victim."

Auggie raised an eyebrow. "Really. Who's the unlucky girl?"

"It's Annie Walker."

Faster than a bat fleeing hell, Auggie's smile dropped from his face. "Would you excuse me for a second?" he asked, switching his laser cane back on as he headed out of Tech Ops.

Barber and Greg stared after their boss as realization sank in. "No way," Greg breathed.

"Way," Stu confirmed.

"Since when?" Barber demanded, watching Auggie stalk over to put himself between Annie and Jai.

"Does it matter?"

Greg shook his head. "Not really." The three watched as, following Jai's disbelief-ridden words, Auggie leaned down and gave Annie a long, slow kiss that had the blonde blushing furiously and the rest of the DPD whistling. "It's about time."

"I'm surprised Jai hadn't figured it out," Barber remarked.

"Who said he didn't already?" With the show over, Stu turned around to start decrypting his assignment. "Denial's not just a river in Egypt, my friends."

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