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Prompt #31: Straddle - That was a defining moment for them both.

Words: 550

I hear two pops that sound like gunfire. I can't stop to think.

Nadia's in trouble.

I've got to move fast, but my way is blocked by Auggie.

It's a simple plan. Sling leg over Auggie's lap, slide across, lift other leg, then bolt from the van to save the day. It's the fastest way out. I can't stop to think about it.

His hands land on my hips, halting me mid-slide. "Annie, think this through."

"If she's in danger, I'm not just gonna sit here," I say forcefully.

His hands fly up to cup my face, stopping me again. "Annie, no."

"Auggie - " I can't think about it. If I do, I'll forget what I'm doing.

But then he pulls my face closer to his, and his lips crash against mine...And I can't think anymore. God, he's such a good kisser. I thought the rumors were grossly exaggerated, but I was wrong. So, so pleasantly wrong.

My lips move over his instinctively as I settle in his lap. I'm so dizzy that I need to keep my hands fisted in his shirt to stay upright. I feel his hands slide back into my hair as he deepens the kiss, and I moan against his mouth. The rest of the world fades away and it's just Auggie and me, kissing hard and fast in the back of the surveillance van.

Somewhere in my mind I remember the stakeout. Nadia. The gunfire.

But I don't stop to think about it. If I stop to think, I might lose my nerve and never get this chance back.

So I keep kissing Auggie as his hands slide down to my neck and undo every button he finds, my fingers tugging at his shirt impatiently. Our lips meld closer and faster and harder as he holds me close...

Holy shit!

I jackknife straight up in bed, cheeks flushed and gasping for breath, as my dream suddenly goes from PG to R without stopping. What was...was that a...oh god, I didn't just imagine that, did I? I shake my head and blush redder than a tomato.

Ever since Danielle had been nice enough to point out my crush on Auggie, I've been having these very, very inappropriate dreams about certain situations I've been through with my best friend. Situations that, like the dream I'd just had, quickly devolved into fantasies that I'd never thought myself capable of imagining. Certainly not with Auggie.

But hey, can you blame me? I'm a healthy, straight, hot-blooded woman with needs. He's six feet of walking, talking, geeky eye candy that I've had the good fortune to call my friend for almost three years.

So dreaming of Auggie and I doing some hot and heavy breathing is crossing all sorts of wrong lines. No matter how overactive my imagination is at creating those types of situations...Ugh, I have to stop before I start daydreaming about it as well.

I glance at my clock and see that I've woken up an hour earlier than usual. Perfect. I'll just grab a shower before heading into Langely.

A nice, long, ice-cold shower.

I'm back! With some awkward Annie moments to enjoy!


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