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Big brown eyes blinked up at Asari as he changed his son's diaper.

"How is my big boy doing today?" he cooed, and Takeshi giggled, waving his tiny fists around. Finishing up, the Japanese man gently brought the infant's feet through the legs of his jumpsuit, and pulled his arms through the sleeves. When Takeshi was fully clothed, his father gathered him into his arms, and headed up to his bedroom to put him down for his afternoon nap, all the while to talking to him in a baby voice.

"Is Takeshi feeling tired yet?" cooed Asari.

Said boy giggled slightly, tapping his father on the face and shaking his head enthusiastically. Despite his denial, though, Asari could see that his eyelids were starting to droop.

"Why don't we put Takeshi to sleep, hm? And when Takeshi wakes up, he and papa can have yummy food!"

Rubbing his eyes with a small fist, the eight month old shook his head, this time vocalizing his disagreement, and when Asari tried to put him down in his crib, he started crying.

With a sigh, the rain guardian moved his son over to his own bed, lying him down on top of the covers, staring up at the ceiling. Sitting down beside him, Asari placed a light kiss on one of Takeshi's little fists and he turned to rifle through his drawer, looking for something.

It wasn't long before he found what he was looking for, and was pleasantly surprised to see that it was still in pretty good shape, even though he hadn't used it since his son had come to the mansion.

Closing his eyes, Asari raised his flute to his lips, his fingers automatically adjusting it so as to get the best sound. Letting himself relax, the Japanese man started playing a calm melody that he knew would put his son to sleep before long.

As he played, the rain guardian felt most of his tension drain away, as it always did when he was playing his flute. He couldn't remember having felt this calm since his son had arrived almost half a year ago.


"I'm so sorry, Ugetsu," said Gisella, her face streaked with tears.

Asari just stared at her, not knowing what to say. But even in his state of shock, he noticed that her knuckles were white with how tightly she was clenching her fists, but her hold on the baby in her arms remained gentle, and there was a certain protectiveness about her stance.

When her (now ex) boyfriend didn't respond, Gisella closed her eyes, clutching her beautiful son close to her chest. Placing one last, desperate kiss on her son's, on Takeshi's, forehead, Gisella handed him over to his father, who absentmindedly took him into his arms.

Looking down at the two-month-old infant in his arms, Asari was able to pull himself out of his thoughts just long enough to smile in complete wonder and adoration. This beautiful baby in his arms was his son; he, Ugetsu Asari, had a son!

For just a moment, he forgot about everything else, just letting his happiness overwhelm him, and in that moment, Gisella turned and walked away, shaking with tears that refused to stop falling.

Suddenly noticing her leaving, Asari looked up, calling, "Gisella!"

But she kept walking, not once looking back until she was out of sight, and Asari was forced to turn back inside, for the infant in his arms had started crying.

End Flashback

When the melody dwindled toward its end, Asari lowered the flute from his lips, and looked down at Takeshi, who had, sometime during his performance, edged over to put his head in his lap and was now sleeping peacefully. His face was the very picture of innocence, and Asari couldn't help but smile.

How much had Asari given up for that innocence not to disappear?

He no longer went partying with his friends every week. He hadn't been on a date for who knows how long. He hadn't tasted a drop of alcohol for the longest time. He couldn't play his flute whenever he liked anymore. He barely had any time to himself. He had had to grow up faster than most youths his age did. He wasn't a carefree adolescent anymore; he was a parent.

And yet, he could never bring himself to resent it. In such a short amount of time, Takeshi had already become his precious little boy, and he was growing so fast; he couldn't afford to miss a moment of it.

"Oy! Sword freak! Giotto and I are heading off to the meeting! We'll be stopping by the movies afterward! Do you want to come? Knuckle will watch over the kids!"

…Okay, so maybe a few hours wouldn't hurt.

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