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Summary: Carey and Fi got married a year and a half ago. Now...Fi is rushed to surgery to save her and the twins she about to give birth to. Will she and the babies survive? Or will Carey lose them all?


I stood there unable to believe it, she had been rushed to surgery to save her and the twin our son. I sit here with her family and mine, as we wait for news. Hours later the doctor comes into the waiting room and looks grim. I have a feeling I know what he is going to say...

"Is there anyone here for Fiona Phillips?" The doctor asked. "We are." I said as my parents, my brother Clu, Fi's mom, her brother Jack and Annie all stood up.

"Fiona did start to have some internal bleeding, but we were able to stop it. She is now in recovery and should be moved to her room by tomorrow morning..." The doctor began. "What about the other baby?" I asked. "I'm sorry to say your daughter did not survive." The doctor told us. "My daughter is dead and Fi is in recovery?" I asked "Yes." The doctor said and I dropped into the nearest chair. "What happened?" I asked. "Placental abruption. It is..." THe doctor explained what happened, while I just sat there.

My daughter was dead and Fi was still in recovery. What would I tell her about our daughter?

"When can I see my son?" I asked. "Follow me." The doctor said and I followed him down the hall.


I stood there there with Annie and our eleven month old daughter, Colleen. My mom sat crying and I wrapped an arm around her, to let her know I was there. Knowing my mom's worst fear would be to lose Fi.

"It's going to be all right." I told my mom. "Wh...what if she dies?" My mom asked. "Fi is strong and the doctor she's going to make it." I told my mom and prayed I was right.