AUTHOR'S NOTE: I hope this story isn't to confusing. I will be going back and doing flashbacks. Please don't hate it.


I finally pulled into our driveway and get Rick out of the car, while Fi went to unlock the door. Once we were all inside...

"I'm going to go lay down, I've got a headache." Fi tells me and walks toward our room.

I want to follow her, but something holds me back and I am unsure what to do. Finally I go lay Rick in his crib and go to see if Fi is okay, but before I can open the door...

I hear her sobbing harder then she had earlier.

"Fi?" I asked as I opened the door and walked in, but she continued to sob.

I sit down beside her and pull her into my arms. She then began to sob into my shoulder, I wish I knew a way to cheer her up. Nothing comes to mind and I just hold her, wondering how long this will go on.

"Fi, it's going to be okay." I tell her, she wraps her arms around me and continues to sob. " you kn...know?" Fi ask me. "Because everything usaully turns out all right." I told her. "Wh...why did our dau...daughter to d...die?" Fi said. "I wish I knew." I told her. "Wh...what di...did I wrong?" Fi asked and I pulled away from her.

I put a finger under her chin and made her look at me.

"You did nothing wrong, this is NOT your fault." I told her and she just looked at me. "But she di...died." Fi said. "That happens sometimes, Fi. There was nothing you or the doctors could do. The doctors did everything they could to save her." I told her. "But I cou..." Fi began. "No, there was nothing you could do. You just have to know she is safe and she is with your dad." I told her. "I...I forgot about that." Fi told me. "I know we all grieve in different ways, but we still have our son and he needs both of us." I told her. "Where is he?" Fi asked looking around. "He's in his crib. I laid him down, just before I came to check on you." I told her.

Shaking slightly Fi slowly got up and I followed her as she went into the room next to ours. Rick was sleeping in his crib, Fi reached down and gently stroked his cheek.

"Why did he live and Helen die?" Fi asked. "I don't know and we may never know." I told her. "I'm glad he lived, at least we have him." Fi said as she hiccuped and stopped crying.

We stood there for a minute watching our son sleep and then headed back to our room. Fi changed and climbed into bed, I laid down next to her.