A Family of My Own

Written By: Lovefremione

Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoat Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

A/N: Cannon up to and through most of OTP; Sirius didn't fall through the veil; I just have a problem with killing gorgeous men. During HPB, the Malfoy's are found out as spies, and Dumbledore didn't die, instead the final battle was fought at the end of Harry's 6th year, and obviously they won. As posted originally on HPFandom, and my Yahoo Group.

Chapter One:

"And you're sure about this Potter? Because there's no going back after you take the potion." Severus raised one dark eyebrow at the boy –man- sitting across from him.

"Absolutely Professor," Harry replied cheekily.

"There are other options Potter." Severus Snape, Professor of Potions at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry sighed. "You have plenty of time for a family Harry. You're only 23 years old, and you're on the fast track to become Head Auror."

Harry smiled bitterly at his old Professor. "I don't have any interest in becoming Head Auror; I don't even want to be an Auror any longer. I did it because it was expected, and because after what Fudge did to that department, I really didn't trust anyone else to make sure that everything was done according to protocol. We've caught all the stray Death Eaters finally. Well not all of them, but the rest of the big ones. And every single one got a veritaserum trial." Harry snorted in disbelief. "You would think after all the bad press Fudge got with what he did to Siri he would have learned his lesson."

Severus rolled his eyes and continued to study the man that was calmly sipping tea across from him. "I don't know... the mutt is usually guilty of something." Harry laughed a bright clear free laugh, a laugh that warmed Severus' heart.

"This is truly what I want Sev, more than anything. I've completed the list that I wrote when I was 17; well all but the last two, you know, the one I wrote right after the final battle?" Harry pulled a battered piece of parchment out of the pocket of his worn jeans and handed it to Severus.

Siri and the Greasy Bat together

Remy and Charlie together

an Auror

the LeStrange's

my Education; Degree in Advanced Charms and Spell Crafting

Godrics Hollow

in Love... in Love

a Family of My Own

"Harry, number 7 is crossed out, and then rewritten."

Harry looked down at his feet. "Roger didn't really work out. Turns out he wanted sex with the boy-who-lived. Not a life with Harry."

Severus reached forward and hugged the emerald eyed man quickly. "And number 8? That is what you want?"

"All I've ever wanted." Harry replied completely honest, his eyes shining brightly.

"And your friends, have you told them what you're doing? The last I heard, you hadn't even come out of the closet to them."

Harry grimaced. "After 'Mione freaked out about you and Siri…She was raised differently. A lot of muggles are opposed to same sex pairings, and she…"

"Miss Granger is a bigot. If she cannot handle the mutt and me together, how do you think she will react to you being pregnant?"

"I'm hoping because she's my friend and she knows how much I want a family that she won't care."

"And that is why you've kept all of your relationships hidden from her, going so far as to only date muggles until Roger, and why you've gone out on at least ten blind dates with the various witches that she has set you up with?"

"I get it," Harry snapped. He ran his fingers through his hair and sighed. "I'll probably lose her, but in the end it'll be her loss. I'm not going into this half cocked like its some random Gryffindorish scheme. I have a home, I have you and Siri and Remy to help support me emotionally as well as the Weasley's, I have more money than I could spend in several lifetimes, hell I even have a trust fund set up for my nonexistent child." Harry turned and looked directly into Sev's onyx eyes, "This is what I want. A child, my child, I'm ready for this Sev."

"You realize because you are doing this alone, that since there is no other parent, you will be giving up a portion of your magic?"

"I have magic to spare Sev. Even giving up a portion of my magic, though I don't view it as giving something up at all, I'll still be stronger than your average wizard. I'm not 'giving' anything up at all; I'm gaining my heart's desire." Harry's brilliant emerald eyes swirled with open and honest emotions making Severus catch his breath.

"The child will be a combination of your DNA and a 'manufactured' strand of DNA to be designed by your magic. The potion will essentially give your magic free reign in designing the 'other parent'. This molded strand comes directly from your core and will forever be a part of your child."

Harry nodded dutifully while Severus continued to study him. "That's what will make my child even more special Sev."

"This is why you are taking over Filius' class, correct?"

"Yup. Since Binns has decided to 'move on', Filius will be taking over History of Magic leaving the Charms post open for me. That's what I went to school for. Being an Auror was strictly business; being a professor is what I've wanted since the forming of the DA in fifth year. I've thought this through and if I take the potion during the last week of September, then conception will occur anytime during the first three weeks of October, which means I'll be due right around the end of the school year. That leaves the summer for paternity leave, and Albus said if I wanted a little bit longer he would arrange for a substitute for the first couple of months of the fall term."

"You have certainly thought this through."

Harry got up from his chair and moved to kneel in front of Severus catching his eyes and grasping his hands. "I've thought and thought about this dad, this is what I want more than anything, and I'm ready for it."

During the last two years at Hogwarts, after Harry had almost lost Sirius to the veil at the end of his fifth year, he and Severus had become close out of necessity. At the beginning of his seventh year when he found out that his greasy potions professor and his godfather were harboring feelings for each other, he got together with Remus and forced them to confess. Six years later, Harry had three fathers.

Severus blinked back the moisture gathering in his eyes. It had been a shock the first time Harry had called him dad. It was just after he and the mutt had finally gotten together, and on their first date they had been called to St. Mungo's. Harry had had a date that night as well, and things had gotten out of hand. Harry had gotten together with a muggle, and they all thought that things had been working out quite well with Alan, until that night.

Harry was quite excited for his date, Alan was taking him dancing. There had been the usual bumping and grinding on the dance floor, where Harry had asked Alan to back off a little, he wasn't ready to take their relationship to that level yet. Alan hadn't appreciated that, so when Harry had left for the loo, he had slipped a little something extra in Harry's drink.

It wasn't until Alan had Harry back in his flat and the raven haired man stripped naked that Harry had come around enough to realize something was wrong. When Alan had persisted, Harry really started to fight back despite the drugs in his system. They fought until Harry went limp, and Alan thinking he had won, deposited Harry back on the bed. Alan retired to his washroom to clean the blood from his face and hands, and while he was occupied, Harry activated the emergency portkey that he wore as a pendant, and ended up in the Hogwarts infirmary. Harry had fully succumbed to the drugs in his system by then, and Poppy not being familiar with muggle date rape drugs had taken Harry to St. Mungo's when she couldn't get him to respond. When a frantic Remus had run into the restaurant where Severus and Sirius were having their date screaming that Harry was in St. Mungo's, Severus' heart had leaped into his throat.

All three men had spent the next two days at Harry's bedside only leaving for short walks and to use the loo, but always making sure that at least one of them was with Harry at all times. Harry's Healer, who happened to be a muggle born, had been the first to hypothesize the use of a date rape drug, and thought that Harry was having a severe reaction to one of the ingredients on top of his injuries from the beating. A blood test did indeed indicate the presence of drugs, and he ordered a potions regime to flush the toxins from Harry's system.

Severus, Sirius, and Remus all held their breath until Harry started to come around. Severus had been the only one in the room when Harry had first opened his eyes, and when Harry had thrown himself into the potions master's arms and cried. Severus for the first time since Lily had died, cried as well. He spent the next fifteen minutes cradling the eighteen year old to his chest and rocking him, whispering in his ear and carding his fingers through Harry's long hair. Harry had begged his 'Dad' not to let go, so Severus hung on to the trembling teen even tighter.

That was the scene that Sirius and Remus walked in on. Harry had fallen back asleep while safely ensconced in Severus' arms, so Sirius help Sev snuggle Harry back under the covers and they all three resumed their vigil. When Harry woke for the second time, all three were there, and Sirius and Remus did the same as Severus did the first time he woke. They held him and let him know that he was safe and that they loved him. From then on Harry had had three fathers. He didn't always call them dad, but to Severus, who had never thought to ever have the love of a child other than his godson, each and every time Harry called him 'dad' was a moment he treasured.

"Fine," Severus could never tell Harry 'no' when he looked at him with those big green eyes, "but I insist on being called Grandpa!"

With a whoop of joy Harry launched himself into Sev's arms, "Thank you Dad, you have no idea how much this means to me. My child is going to be so lucky to have you and Siri and Remy as grandparents."

Severus hugged the exuberant ex-Gryffindor back, and smiled. Severus Snape, resident snarky git, was going to be a Grandpa.