Chapter Eleven; A Family of My Own:

Harry sighed and kicked his feet idly. He'd been waiting in the Great Hall for his fathers and Charlie for a half an hour already, and if they didn't come down soon they would be late. The Malfoy's had invited them for Christmas, and Harry couldn't be more excited. They would be spending the week through Christmas day at Malfoy Manor, then head over to the Burrow for Boxing Day.

Ron had mentioned that he had an announcement to make, and he would like to have the whole family there, so Harry needed to make sure and bring Draco. The blonde had been more than happy to accept then proceeded to joke that he was either getting a new patient or that they would be attending a wedding in the near future; other than their own that is. Harry had blushed a bright red and smiled sappily. He blamed the pregnancy hormones for turning into such a sap. Of course then Sirius had had to bring up his hidden stash of romance novels and movies causing the great defeater of Voldemort to almost expire from embarrassment. Draco had leaned over and kissed him tenderly. "Is there anything else you're hiding in that closet love?"

Harry sniggered and shook his head at the memory. Draco had gotten slapped upside the head for that one, and had spent the rest of the evening trying to convince Harry to forgive him. In the end Harry hadn't been able to let the man leave without a goodbye kiss, and all had been forgiven.

The green eyed man's inner musings were interrupted when the doors to the Great Hall banged open and Sirius struggled through while trying to carry two large trunks."Umm dad?"

"What's up cub?"

"You do know that we're going to be gone for only four days, right?" Harry smiled amusedly.

Sirius rolled his eyes, "Tell that to your dad, the man insists that he needs his entire potions lab."

"So…" Harry tried to smother his snigger, "why didn't you shrink the trunks? Or at the very least put a feather light charm on them? Would you like me to take care of that for you? I am the Charms Professor after all."

"Bloody ha ha," Sirius grumbled.

Harry covered the small bulge of his abdomen and glared at his father. "I'll thank you not to swear in front of my son Father."

Sirius turned and goggled, "It's not like he can hear."

Harry narrowed his eyes, "Your point is?"

"Right," Sirius knew by now when to back down from a fight, Harry was nothing if not Severus son… Severus' pregnant son. "I will not swear in front of my grandson, I promise."

Harry leapt up and threw himself into Sirius' arms. "Good Daddy!"

Sirius rolled his eyes and hugged Harry back. He smiled softly when he felt the small bulge of his grandson pressing into his stomach.

Harry leaned back and grinned up. "What?"

Sirius moved a hand around to cover the small baby bump. "That's my grandson."

Tears pooling in the back of his eyes and a huge grin on his face, Harry nodded. "It sure is." He reached down to cover his dads hand with his own. "Six-ish more months and we'll actually be able to hold him."

Sirius smiled and sat down on the nearest bench and pulled Harry onto his knees. "It seems more real when you're able to feel the evidence as well as see it. You know what I mean?"

"I think it was the heart beat for me," Harry nodded. "I knew Janus was in there, but hearing his heart beat? That was the most amazing thing I have ever heard."

Severus who had been standing in the doorway cleared his throat. "I think it was the pictures. Seeing his little features developing and those tiny little arms and legs; the most beautiful thing I have ever seen." He moved to sit by his husband leaning into his shoulder and reached out to tuck a lock of hair behind Harry's ear. "But I think being able to fill Janus up with chocolate and every other candy available then sending him home to his daddy's will probably beat all!"

"I'll take care of the chocolate, you can handle everything else." Remus grinned from where he stood leaning back into Charlie's broad chest. "What are you all waiting for? Let's go!"

Harry giggled standing up. The five men trooped up to Albus' office and floo connection to say goodbye and assure the man that they would see him on Boxing Day at the Weasley's, then flooed out.

Harry stumbled out of the fireplace last and fell directly into strong arms and a broad chest. He looked up and grinned cheekily, "My hero!"

Draco returned the grin and leaned down far enough to capture Harry's pink lips with his own. "Always love," he said pulling back breathlessly. He helped Harry upright and kissed him again.

Harry looked around the room. "So Healer Malfoy, where is everyone?"

"Dibley is showing Remus and Charlie to their room, Severus is showing Sirius to theirs, and I will show you to yours. Then we'll meet in the dining room for dinner. Sound good?"

"Lead on my platinum prince."

The platinum prince rolled his eyes and wrapped his arm around Harry's waist and led him from the room.

Harry stopped short in the in bed chamber that Draco lead him to and looked around. There were pictures and knickknacks scattered around, and a fluffy silver bathrobe draped over a chair. "I think dear heart that you may have shown me into a room where someone already resides." Harry turned with a small smirk on his lips.

Draco stammered for a moment before finding his composure. "I thought that you might not object to staying with me."

Harry tilted his head to the side thoughtfully. "Do you hog the blankets?" he asked seriously.

Draco grinned, "No."

"Then I think we will be just fine," Harry grinned and flopped back onto the giant bed.

The blonde followed him up onto the bed straddling his hips being careful of the small bump that housed their son. He placed his hands on either side of Harry's head and leaned down. "I'm glad you agree." He closed the small space that was left between them to sweetly kiss Harry.

Harry sighed happily against Draco's lips and brought his arms up to wrap around Draco's neck and urge him closer. The blonde following the directive of his boyfriend, brought his weight down as much as he dared, covering Harry's lithe body with his own. The two young men groaned at the contact, Harry bending his knees, cradling Draco's larger body against his center. It felt like coming home.

"Umm, Dragon," Harry breathed heavily pulling away to trail small kisses against a lightly stubbled jaw.

Draco tilted his head to the side and watched Harry with bright silver eyes. Harry was beautiful; slightly longish raven hued hair spread out like a halo on the bed, brilliant emerald eyes, and sculpted aristocratic features combined with a cupids bow mouth.

Harry left one last lingering kiss on the end of Draco's chin and dropped his head back against the bed, and looked up meeting silver eyes. "I love your eyes," He said suddenly. "They're silver, swirling pools of mercury that reflect your emotions. I can practically hear you talk through your eyes."

Draco grinned. "I quite like yours as well."

Harry let out a little laugh. "Romantic one aren't you?"

"I can't give you all my good stuff in one go."

Emerald eyes sparkled with laughter. "Since I can hear your eyes, I guess I can live with that." Harry reached up and brought Draco's face down closer to his own and kissed the tip of his elegant nose. "I suppose we need to make an appearance for dinner?"

"Yes, I guess we should. Wouldn't want mother thinking something funny was going on. She might make me leave my door open."

Harry giggled and pushed up on his elbows quite unintentionally rubbing their groins together. He groaned and his eyes rolled back into his head. "Oh my…"

Draco softly rubbed back savoring the heat and Harry's soft breathy moans. He slid his arms around Harry's back, lifting him further off the bed, before twisting to land on his back, the emerald eyed man straddling his hips. They ground together, shivering at the friction. Draco gripped Harry's hips, helping him move.

Harry's was sitting straight up, back arched, and head thrown back. His hands covered Draco's over his hips, clenching at the long fingers. He gasped, rocking forwards and backwards, content in knowing that his platinum prince wouldn't let him fall, well not physically. Harry hunched forward, opening his eyes, searching for the familiar silver orbs. The heated mercury spoke volumes, he wasn't kidding when he said he could hear Draco's eyes speak. They told him how he loved to see Harry like this, how he wanted more. They whispered 'I love you'.

"Umm, Dragon… love you too." Harry whispered as he swept his hands up Draco's arms to clutch at his broad shoulders.

Draco obeyed the urging hands, sitting up and bringing Harry in close to his chest. He felt long legs move to wrap around his waist as Harry's weight settled more firmly against his thighs. Draco cradled the smaller body as it moved against him, Harry's small bump setting nestled against his own hard abdomen. Draco traced his hands up the elegant curve of his lovers back, tangling his hands in messy raven hair. Cupping the back of Harry's head, he tilted it down, aligning their lips, kissing him.

With tongue and teeth and breathy moans, they shared their passion. When Harry began to move faster, Draco urged him on, one hand moving to cup Harry's pert backside. Then Harry went rigid against him and threw his head back trusting Draco to keep him safe as he exploded in a millennia old act of completion. Hearing Harry's passionate sobs and hearing him call his name, Draco let go as well.

Harry slumped against Draco's heaving chest and sighed contentedly. His eyes drifted closed as he tucked his head into the crook of Draco's neck, kissing the soft skin. "Can we do that again? I-I've never…"

Draco leaned back, bringing up a hand to tilt Harry's chin up. "We can do that, or whatever else you want, whenever you want love."

Harry smiled shyly, then leant his head down to reclaim its place buried in Draco's neck. "I… Draco?"

"What love?"

"I think we need to talk after dinner."

Draco reflexively tightened his arms around the body pressed into him. "Is something wrong Harry?"

The pregnant man sighed, then moved out of Draco's embrace so he could see him properly. "I'm not sure?" he said, questions threading through his voice. "I don't think so, but it's something that we haven't discussed."

Draco frowned tilting his head to the side, "Is it something with Janus?"

"Oh no," Harry said green eyes opened wide. "There isn't anything wrong with Janus, I promise."

"Than what is it Harry?"

Harry pursed his lips and looked down. "It's just something that I need to talk with you about. It's nothing bad. Just something dad mentioned that I should probably let you know."

Draco sat on the bed frowning worriedly at his lover.

Harry looked up noticing Draco's silence and crinkled his eye brow at the expression on the blondes face. "Draco," Harry whispered. He reached forward to cup Draco's face, tracing high cheekbones with his fingertips. He leaned forward to kiss his lover, lips lingering in a silent plea to not worry. "It isn't bad."

Draco returned the kiss, moving his arms to pull Harry in close. "Alright Harry, I won't worry."

A soft smile and another kiss, then Harry bounced up from the bed. He waved his hand and Draco felt the cleaning charm tingle through his pants, a light giggle from Harry making him grin. "Wouldn't want your mum to catch us!" Emerald eyes sparkled in mirth.

Draco laughed and moved off the bed to catch Harry up in his arms again. "Come on love, it's time to feed Janus."


Two hours later, Draco carried a happy and full Harry Potter up to his bed. He settled the pregnant man down on the soft comforter and bent to remove his shoes.

"I can undress myself you know," Harry's amused voice spoke from above the kneeling blonde. "I can walk too."

Draco grinned up, "But I like to carry you, and I have to admit, I have a very intense desire to undress you."

Harry blushed heavily and carefully nudged Draco away from his feet. "Come sit next to me," he patted the bed next to him.

Draco obliged taking a seat, and grabbing one of Harry's hands brought it up, chastely kissing his palm.

"I wanted to tell you something."

Draco instantly tensed, the worried look from early returning.

Harry sighed and turned to lean into Draco's broad chest. "You have to promise not to laugh Draco."

"Excuse me," Draco blinked. Here he was worried about some… well something dire, and Harry asks him not to laugh.

Harry pressed his cheek against a strong shoulder, his hair moving to cover his face. "I love you very much Draco. I have for a very long time. I consider Janus to be our son, not just mine."

"Where are you going with this love?"


"What? Harry I didn't understand a word of that."

Harry took a deep breath, and pressed his eyes closed. "I've never had sex… before; never."

Draco sat silently just staring down at the raven head of hair pressed into his shoulder. "You've… never?"

Harry shook his head. "I was waiting… for you Draco. I've never wanted anyone else."

"Oh Harry," Draco smiled softly one arm wrapping around Harry's burgeoning waist, the other hand moving to tilt Harry's head up. "You waited for me?" Harry was blushing heavily, eyes closed, mouth slightly open, and Draco just couldn't stop himself. He leaned down, pressing his lips to Harry's, softly caressing, moving, possessing.

Harry responded immediately, leaning up into the kiss, opening his mouth and welcoming Draco's tongue. Their kissed lasted for an eternity, and they separated breathing heavily. "I love you Draco."

Draco smiled happily. "I love you too Harry." He gently picked Harry up, and moved him, resting him back against the pillows. He moved up the bed as well, pressing himself tightly against Harry's side. "Will you let me make love to you my love?"