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Hera's POV.

I sighed, I was bored.

There was nothing to do!

Apollo was being irritating as ever, singing at the top of his lungs.

Aphrodite was messing up people's love lives.

Zeus was muttering to himself.

Athena was drawing a battle plan, for who knows what.

Artemis was cursing men.

Demeter was complaining about evil, daughter stealing brothers.

Ares was sharpening knives, grinning widely.

Hestia was meditating by the fire.

Hephaestus, actually. I didn't actually know where he was, and I didn't care anyway.

Hermes was smiling, and grinning like a fool. I bet that in a few years, another one of his idiotic clones would have arrived at the camp.

Dionysius was complaining about not having wine.

Poseidon was in his underground palace.

Hades and Persephone were in Hell, literally.

And the minor gods were doing, who knows what.

In other words, it was a normal day.

I glanced at Zeus. He seemed deep in thought "I'm going to the mortal world," I said as he snapped back into reality.

His jaw dropped and so did the jaws of many other gods.

They all stared at me as though I was some circus clown.

I glared at them, before turning to my husband, "Can I go?" I asked impatiently.

He broke out of his trance and spluttered, "Wh – Why do you want to go?"

I rolled my eyes. "To see the beautiful flowers of course."

He stared at me, his jaw dropped even further.

"Of course not, I'm bored for gods sake!" I snapped.

Zeus stared at me strangely, "Alright then..Have fun? I think.."

I muttered under my breath, and went in the elevator.

When I went outside, into the real world, I raised an eyebrow.

I was not impressed.

I walked into a nearby park, to watch the families unite together.

I sat on a bench, and grinned. My long brown hair was put up in a ponytail, and it shimmered every time I would move. My cobalt eyes sparkled with excitement as it felt nice to see the other mothers and their children bond together.

My children and I have not bonded in quite a few years.

As I sat down, I nodded approvingly at the mothers talking and laughing, occasionally glancing at their children who were playing together.

A small tug on my hand brought me back into reality.

As I looked down, I gasped, placing a well-manicured hand onto my pink sweatshirt. I saw a little boy around 5 years old. He was adorable, of course, with his long brown hair and big green eyes. He had a large bruise on the side of his face. His lower lip was trembling, "Can you help me?"

My heart went out to the little boy, so I nodded.

He smiled painfully as he pointed to a woman under a tree. The woman was standing against a tree. She was a strange woman, and her eyes were cold.

I could almost feel, the "Hey, I'm a child abuser," alarms go off of her, thanks to my godly powers.

She scanned the fields, stopping at the little boy. Her eyes narrowed as she marched over to where I was.

She smiled a repulsively fake smile at me, and I blanched. She grinned predatorily at the boy, and the boy closed his eyes, obviously distressed.

"Come, Johnny. Let's go."

I turned my head, to look at Johnny once again. The boy was trembling. Right then, I had made my decision.

I stared at her angrily, "No. Johnny will stay with me. You're such a bitch."

The woman's eyes flashed dangerously, before staring at the boy, trying to decide whether to be happy, or to let Johnny be happy.

She finally decided on the former, before slapping the boy, yelling, "Fine. Johnny. GO WITH HER. I don't want you anymore," stomping off, leaving the park in a huff.

I was furious as hell. I vowed to make that bitch of a lady to suffer in the Fields of Punishment, over and over again. I needed to do something. Now.

I wasn't going to stand watching mothers not know how to care for a family, and eventually abandon their children to the first stranger that offers.

What better place to do it then Camp Half-Blood?" I smiled as I thought of my new-found idea.

And I was going to get it.

No matter what

Johnny's eyes were filled with tears as he grabbed onto my legs, crying his little eyes out.

"Johnny," I said, tentatively, "Would you like to come with me."

I prayed for a yes as I really wanted him to come.

Johnny grinned at me, showing a flicker of his lost, childhood innocence, "Thanks mom," he said shyly.

I closed my eyes in happiness. I had never heard a baby call me "mum," before, except for Ares and Hephaestus, but those didn't count as it was a couple thousand years ago.

I picked up the little boy and he fell asleep into the crook of my neck. I smiled at him, before making my way home. I prayed that Zeus would let me have him.


Zeus's POV

I sat onto my throne, wondering what Hera wanted in the mortal world.

A ding broke me out of my thoughts, and the other gods stared at the elevator, waiting for Hera to come.

My wife seemed radiant than ever. Her arms were preoccupied, holding a small child.

I was about to ask her why there was a child in her arms, when she gave me a stern look, and placed a slender finger on her cherry lips. She pointed to the sleeping child, and I compiled.

She summoned one of her servants, and ordered them to take the child to a room, and put him to sleep. The servant picked up the child, in obvious confusion, and left, leaving me with my wife, and 11 other, confused gods.

Hera stared at everyone, me in particular and took a deep breath, her eyes flashing angrily "When I was in the mortal world, I saw a mother abusing her child. I took the child away from her, and she gave him, gladly." Hera's eyes gleamed when she said the rest of her thought, "I want Camp Half-blood to partake in an "Life Skills," class like the ones in mortal high schools, where they receive a fake child to take care of, however I want to have the campers get jobs and such, so it would be like the real world."

When she was finished, I knew I was in deep shit.

Everyone was quiet, until they all started to discuss the idea. I could hear Poseidon and Athena arguing, and the other gods and goddesses were debating between themselves.

I rubbed my temples when I said in a raised tone, "QUIET!"

Poseidon smirked at me.

I ignored him before facing the rest of the gods, "I agree with this proposal. It seems like a good idea, and I like it."

Athena nodded, her blonde hair flying behind her, "The children aren't doing anything but training, and there are no threats, so I think that it would be a good idea."

Several of the gods nodded their heads in agreement.

"Who agrees?" I asked.

Many, almost all of the gods and goddesses raised their hand.

I nodded at Hera and she beamed.

Hecate was grinning amicably, "I think that I could create fake babies using the DNA of the campers, to create babies…"

Aphrodite chipped in, "And I could arrange all of the couples…" Her eyes gleamed at the thought of drama and more couples tragic love stories.

Hephaestus nodded, "I could create the workspaces and houses and all."

Athena added, "I could create the job's items."

The brown haired messenger muttered, "I'll go tell Chiron."

"Meeting adjourned," I said, and all of the gods left.

I could hear Hera saying, " Camp will never be the same again," and I shuddered.

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