Several weeks has went by and ever since that night I almost became supper for that stupid ginger fuck of a vampire, I've been on my toes. I try not to get myself into any trouble since Eric's blood runs through my veins. I shuddered as wrapped the last of the silverware before the rush hour started in Merlottes. Sam has been very helpful when I was swamped with people. I started picking up more shifts for Arlene. I need something to do to keep my mind off of things. Sookie has been distant lately, I never asked anyone why. I just been going to work and school. I miss Jax so much, no one understands what that damn mutt meant to me. I sighed and set aside the neatly wrapped utensils. Tara stood in front of me with a hand on her hip.

"Why you lookin' so sad ?"

I glanced at the black girl and tried to put on the fake mask. " I'm not…just a bit tired." I chuckled softly and shrugged.

Tara looks down and clears her throat. "You need to drank and have a good time"

I smiled and nodded. "You're right…I should."

"How about tonight you come by my house? Maryann is always throwing one." Tara suggested. I tilted my head in consideration.

"I might, but don't hold your breath, I do have to open tomorrow" I winked and hopped off the bar stool and welcomed the group of teenagers that just arrived. As I seated them and grabbed their drink orders, I walk over to Tara and told her the orders. As she was making them, I sighed and looked over at them. They were happy and laughing. Like the good days. I grab the tray once Tara placed the last cup on there and I head over there.

They needed a few minutes to get their order, so I returned over to Tara and sighed.

"I sure miss high school" I grabbed a lemon from over the bar and bit into it.

Tara scoffed. "Not me…fuck all that drama bullshit. Gave me nothing but a headache"

I puckered my lips and nodded in agreement.

"Hey…Ivory!" Sam called out from around the corner. I got up quickly and walked over to him

"Yeah, boss?"

"Your Aunt Tessi? Is on the phone." He pointed towards his office. I cocked my head in confusion. Why is my aunt calling me here? I didn't even know she knew I worked here. I bit my lip and nod.

"Oh ok, hey table 3 might be ready to order" I tossed him my pad and walked into the office and grabbed the phone that was off the hook.


"Ivory…?" My aunt's voice sounded tired, and a bit shaky.

"Yes, what's going on? Why are you calling my job, I have a cellphone ya know" I chuckled.

"I did, and I called for 3 hours…." Her voice went grim.

"Why…what happened?" I twirl the cord around my finger. Something isn't right about this phone call.

"Your…Parents…and Troy are dead, they were found this morning"

My throat went dry and I forgot how to talk for a moment. I swallowed hard and sat down slowly.



"I'm sorry, love…"

"What happened?" I struggled to ask and braced my self.

"I rather not say sweetie, just…get here as soon as you can. Do I need to send money for your flight here to Dallas?"

"What….happened, Tessi" I asked again but with a bit of force.

My aunt let out a shaky sigh and sniffed " They were murdered. You remember how they were going to Texas for vacation? Well….I'm not sure of what happed but apparently they were ripped in shreds by vampires or something. I don't know, all I know is I had to go fly down here and identify their bodies. It will be a while before we get to arrange anything, you know with the autopsies and such. I figured you stay wi-"

"Where were they exactly?" I interrupted.

"Um not too sure, the cops doesn't even know. They weren't near their hotel or anything. In the middle of the woods, there they laid"

I broke down and sobbed. My whole world has came to a end, and there was nothing that could change that. Unless I am dreaming all of this. When I felt someone take the phone from my hands, I laid my head on the desk and cried. I cried for hours. Until the diner was closed, Sam stayed with me in the office comforting me.

I haven't even told him what happened but he can sense that it was horrible and something that isn't going to come up in conversation.

I looked up and Sam was staring at me, standing against the wall.

"I'm sorry Sam…I'm leaving now. I have…have to go to Dallas…I have no idea how long." I stammered and wiped my face. "If I'm fired, I understand…"

Sam walked over to me and cupped my face. "Honey, don't worry, you will always have a spot here at my diner. I'm sorry for what ever happened, and I hope that you will find peace."

I hugged Sam tightly and sobbed again. He held me until I pulled away and gathered my things. The diner was emptied out, good thing, I didn't feel like explaining the tear streaked face. I get into my car and sat in there for a moment.

I tried not lose it again as I started it and backed out. The way home, I had the windows down, my hair down, my guard down. Everything at this point didn't matter. What mattered the most, was having to bury my family. The whole way home I thought of every reason I could think of not to fucking go. I can't deal with this shit. In anger I whipped the car into my driveway and almost ran into Sookie's yellow car. I sniffed and got out of the car and noticed she was on my porch.

"Sookie?" I called out, rushing up to her.

Sookie turned around and ran down the stairs. "Ivory….what's wrong?"

I walked up too her and held my stomach. "My…family is dead"

Sookie gasped and covered her mouth. No words were exchanged at first but once I sucked in a shaky breath, I told her everything my Aunt told me. Sookie grabs my hand and we both walk over to set on my steps.

After I talked, Sookie looks at me and patted my hand.

"I completely understand. My gran…Adele. She , too, was killed. My everything left me. But, I try and make it through as much as I can…" Sookie's voice quivered a bit. I looked at her, and no tears were visible but the pain was. I sniffed and let out a ragged breath and shoved my palms into my eyes.

"Sookie what the fuck am I supposed to do.."

Sookie wrapped an arm around my shoulder, I felt her shaky as well.


It was only 5 pm last time I checked when I laid down. I was in my room staring at the walls and didn't bother changing out of my uniform from work. Sookie was with me upstairs but I guess I dozed off and she left. I turned over and looked at my clock. 6:53pm. I turned back around and once I did, Eric laying on beside me with his hands clasped. I didn't jump for some reason, I was relieved. I didn't show it though.

"What the hell are you doing here I didn't invite you in."

"You want me here though…." Eric replied and looks down at me.

I nodded and wrapped an arm around his waist. Feeling his fingers stroke my hair was strange. He didn't seem to be the kind of person to do so. I cried against his side and felt him push my hair back, wiping my tears.

"Don't worry….I'm here, Ivory"


I gasped and woke myself up. I was outside, in my hammock. I don't remember what I did after Sookie and I talked. "You called?"

Eric was on the other side of me. I almost fell out of my hammock from jumping out of my skin.

"I wish you could make noise or something if you're going to do that" I mumbled. Eric sighed.

"I don't see the reason why you called me"

I blinked and a few tears fell from my eyes. I looked away and sighed. "I had a dream about you, I guess…I said it in my sleep."

"Why are you crying. You're always crying" Eric said in a irritable tone.

I grit my teeth and held my tongue. I thought about what to say and looked at him. "I guess when your whole family gets slaughtered, you tend to cry…."

Eric cleared his throat and probably feels like an ass but he loves to be that way anyways.

"How unfortunate, what happened?"

"Vampires…shredded my mother…my Dad…and my baby brother into pieces. Why the fuck? I don't know….they were good people. I deserve to get shredded into pieces more than they should. Eric just kill me now please. Please…so I can not have to deal with this. I have nothing else." I gazed at the sky and didn't bother looking up at him.

Eric stood there in silence and finally he moved. I didn't care anymore and lost interest but was surpised to be lifted up. I was stiff at one point and was about to resist but the look in his face made me relax. I wrapped my arms around his neck and buried my face into his neck.

"Please come in…" I whispered in his ear whenever he stopped at my front door. He grunted a thank you and walked up the stairs and into my bedroom.

He laid me down on my bed and stood there looking at me. I scooted over and patted the other side.

"I won't bite…unlike you" I said, failing on the pun but he smirked from the joke anyways.

He sat down and tried not to touch me. Like me, we were unsure of what to do.

"E-eric I know you may not care and may be even delighted to hear your fellow vampires did such a thing…but…for tonight. Can you just hold me…please" I choked out. I didn't even look at him to see his expression, but I felt his cold hands reach around me and pulled me against his chest.

I tried to ignore the fact that I can't hear his heart beat. It was weird but nice at the same time.

"My parents were slaughtered in front of me….I can relate somewhat." Eric finally spoke.

I sniffed and held him tighter. My eyes closed and I inhaled his scent.

"This is what I was dreaming about earlier…" I said once I felt his hand rub my back. I felt him look down at me.

"The first time or earlier?" He asked devishly.

I clicked my tounge. "Earlier…"

Eric nods and rests his chin on her head. "I can stay for a while…by the time the sun comes up you will be sleeping."

I looked up at him, our eyes met. As we stared at each other I didn't realize I stopped breathing.

"What" I said catching my breath. Eric didn't say anything but leaned into my face and kisses me. I pulled back a little then he grabs my face.

No words were said, but in my eyes I was telling him to kiss me more. He captures my mouth fully and I gave in and grabbed his face to. He gently laid me on my back and ran his hands up my side and into my long hair. I moaned into his mouth and pushed down my shorts a in a rush.

"Not too fast…" He whispers.

I bit my lip and felt a tear already fall down my cheek. He kissed the tear away and continued to rub up my body and leg. I was trembling very bad, mostly because I knew this was a fucked up time to be doing this but at the same time I needed it.

Eric's blue eyes looked all over me and he kisses me deeply once again, his tongue danced with mine. We both let out a sigh and he finally pulled my shorts and panties down.

"Is this a dream?" I found myself asking.


"Good" I kissed him on the lips and moved my kisses down his jaw.

Eric already had my lower body bare, I squeezed my legs shut and felt scared. He sensed it and kisses me softly and whispered something in another language.

"What…?" I asked and watched him slide down my body, kissing my trembling stomach, and pelvic bone.


I closed my eyes and felt every touch send chills up my back. His tongue was teasing my inner thighs, he was so close to my hot spot, I jumped once I felt him latch on my pussy. I moaned and covered my face.

He pulls my hands down and was watching me from between my legs.

"Watch me…"

I nodded and through my half closed lids, I watched him stare between my legs, and rub it. I lifted a leg up and let out a groan as he flicked his tongue across my clit. He continued licking me and didn't even bother to stop as I trembled and arched into his mouth. I never felt this sensation before and I didn't want him to stop. I moaned as Eric pulled away and snaked back up to my mouth and started kissing me. It was weird tasting myself on his tongue but it was so sexy. Eric slid my shirt over my head and I did the same to him. His muscles moved perfectly in motion as he took off his pants and such. I eyed him with lust and caprutred his lips again. He growled and pulls away from my lips and sucked on his middle fingers. He watches me as he stuck them inside me. My mouth opened but no words came out.

"You're tight…I knew I tasted virgin blood.." He huffed and pulled his fingers out, and licked them. I grabbed for his cock and felt how hard it was. He hesitated for a moment.

"Let me…" I pushed him on his back and traced my tounge down his stomach and to his cock. I only done this once so I was nervous about even starting this. I took all of him in my mouth and heard him groan and relax more. I kept the pace up as best I could, I look up and his eyes were on me. His lips was curled up into a snarl.

"So…innocent" he whispered and pulls me up and kisses me again. We rolled around kissing and groping. Finally, he had me on my back.

"Um…go..slow.." I stuttered, feeling him rub the head of his cock against me.

Eric nods and kisses my neck. I felt his throat as he swallowed. He has amazing control.

He wraps his arms around my neck, not tight, and kisses me very deeply. The pain was a come and go once he pushed inside. I winced and push him back a little, we stared at each other and as inhaled he thrusts inside again.

"My…" He moaned and stopped for a moment. "It's been a while with a virgin…"

I held on to his waist and kissed his biceps. "Keep going don't stop.."

He continued to thrust in and out, until I finally got used of it, it felt amazing. The cold sensation felt so good to me, so new. We started up a rhythm, not too slow but not too fast. I've never seen Eric's look so relaxed, he must've needed this too. He was speaking the language he did earlier in my ear and every time he thrust in, his voice got higher. I felt his mouth wandering over my neck so many times I turned my face exposing my neck more for him.

"Eric…bite me…"


I blinked. "Why…don't you want to taste me?"

Eric slowed down a little but didn't stop. "No…this is…nice. I don't want to lose control, I like this now" He whispered and kisses me deeply, to shut me up I guessed. Eric lifted himself up on one arm and the other arm he brought my leg up over the crook of his arm.

"Ohh yess" I gasped and grabbed at the end of my pillow. I turned my head and squeezed my eyes such.

I felt as if I was going to come undone.

"You like this?" He asked in gruff tone. I nodded numbly. He sensed my orgasm approaching and started to go deeper. The more he went inside the less I started to breathe. This whole sensation was over whelming. Eric chuckled and kissed my nose.

"Breathe, doll…"

"I'm…uhhgnn trying…I'm.." I panted as I felt myself constrict around him. Eric grabbed the head board and stopped thrusting for a second and pulls out and pushes back inside me a little bit rougher. I came hard, I never felt this good. My eyes rolls to the back of my head.

Eric moans into my mouth as he tried kissing me but he was shaking so much he kept kissing my chin.

"Fuck…" he snarled and I heard his fangs come out. I didn't even care, it was all too much.

I felt him come inside me and moaned even more. He pulls back to look at me. We stared at each other and waited until we got our composure back. I ran my hand through his hair and smirked.

"You took my virginity…"

Eric chuckles. "Yeah…I did, and this isn't even the start of what I can do.."

I bit my lip and lifted an eyebrow. "Will I get to try it out?"

Eric growls and kisses me hard and deep for an answer. The rest of the night we laid in bed and talked. He told me more about his past life, some of it was gruesome and sad. I traced my finger tips over his smooth chest.

"I'm confused…" I said and looked up at him. He glanced down at me.



He didn't say anything for a moment. I started mentally kicking self in the ass and wished I never opened my mouth.

"Don't get too comfortable…I don't love or anything like that." He finally said.

"So this was just…sex to you?"

"Yes." He closed his eyes and I pulled away from him, feeling colder than just sitting next to him. I felt dumb at this point, but it kept my mind off of things temporarily.

"Yeah" I stood up from the bed and walked over to my mirror. My hair was crazy, all over the place. So was my eyes. I looked so angry but I guess from all the events that's been going on it just stayed angry. I glanced at Eric looking at me from the bed. I didn't say anything but I turned around and leaned against the dresser.

"At least I'm not numb anymore"

My eyes flickered open instantly as I felt the sun beaming down on my face through the bay window. I squinted a bit and sat up. Sitting up, I bring my knees against my chest and sobbed. All I can think about is my family, in body bags in some random morgue. Alone. I let out dry choked cry and laid back down curling into a fetal position. Nothing will ever be the same. Nothing will be alright anymore. I laid there and let my mind race and go beyond. I didn't know what to do. I'm so lost I feel as if everything about my life was ripped away from me. I made myself roll out of the bed and shower. Once I got out I didn't bother brushing out my hair, but just throwing it up in a ponytail. I throw on a pair of jeans and a long tank top. I packed enough for at least a week but I can always grab something from home. I stopped folding my black slacks as I thought of home. I wondered if it'd even be safe going home. The chills came back but I just shook them off as I zip up the large black suitcase. I decided to call Tiffany and told her the news, we cried together on the phone for an hour and I brought myself out of the slump and hung up. I was given a ride to the airport by Hoyt. The whole ride there was awkward but I tried to make it less weird by asking him about his day and what he had plans for the week. He smiled as he went on about a girl and how much he likes her. I smiled and put on the mask, as if nothing was going on with me. He asked why I was leaving and I replied with going on a vacation. Once he dropped me off I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and took off.

I don't really remember the whole way there, I was too busy sleeping and trying not to cry my eyes out in front of everyone in the plane. All I knew I never felt such dread going to see family. I called my aunt once the plan landed and to my surprise she was already at the airport and told me where to go. I walked out of the dock and into the lobby of the airport. I walked right out of the front motion doors and seen her through the crowd.

"Ivory!" she cried and runs at me with outstretched arms. I already started sobbing once she held me, and we stood there crying like babies. I didn't care who was watching or seen, this was a personal moment and if no one has a life maybe they should fuck off. She eventually pulls away and wipes my face.

"I love you, muffin…" she whispered trying not to sob out loud.

I nodded . I couldn't talk to anymore. Tessi grabs my suitcase and we walk to her limo. Yeah the perks for having a rich aunt. Today I didn't feel to excited being in a limo. It was silent on the way to the hotel she resided at. She already set me up a suite. Once we arrived I didn't bother going to lunch or anything with her, and went straight into my room and laid in the bed. I thought about Eric and what he was up to. I could call him, but I don't know how it is in Dallas with vampires. I tucked a pillow under my chin and squeezed my eyes shut trying to think of the memories with my family. Troy's smiling face. He turned 16 last month. My parents were always in love, I never heard them argue or seen them mad at each other. I gave in with my emotions and cried some more. My heads been pounding for 2 days officially. I couldn't stop the crying. What else is there for me to do? Get my vengeance? Unlike Eric, I couldn't even start to do that. I tossed and turned in my bed until I couldn't take it anymore. I ended up wandering around the hotel. Wandering is all I did for days.

"Mrs. Jillens…"

My daydreaming broke off as the corner examiner came back into his office. Me and my Aunt came to see if we were able to bring back my families remains for the funeral. Tessie sat up straight and nods. The short squatty older man sat at his desk and stared at us gravely for a moment.

"You will be able to take the remains back with you…." He said and shuffled through papers. I closed my eyes and felt two warm tears slide down. My aunt grabbed my folded hands and squeezed.

"Ok…" I mumbled. "Could they be…put together right for a viewing at least?" My voiced shook as I asked.

"Your parent's …not too sure. I can recommended the best funeral home for you in L.A…as for your brother, He was fine waist up…I'm sure they can fix him up presentably." The doctor said.

"Also here is their belongings they had with them…" He added and pulls up two bags. I grabbed them and held them away from me. It reeked of blood and God knows what else.

I can feel Tessie hold back a sob. I stood up, straightening out my shirt. The doctor stood up as well and shook hands with me. We left the hospital and held on to each other. We both knew this was going to be a

rough ordeal.

Once we arrived to L.A that late night, I walked into my house for the first time alone. My aunt had to go to her house and get things together for the next couple of days. I let out a sigh and placed their belongings down against the wall and walked throughout the house.

I still feel them here. I probably always will.

I made myself some tea and changed into my favorite fuzzy red robe and grabbed their bags. I went ahead and threw away their clothes. I don't need to be reminded of that anymore. At the bottom of the last bag, I felt a box. I pulled it out slowly and it was a ring box. I open it and instantly I started crying.

It was a promise ring from Troy to his girlfriend Shae.

"Will never stop loving you" engraved inside.

"So sorry for your lost, Ivory…"

"Oh baby girl I'm so sorry! If you need ANYTHING let us know"

"You are a strong woman, Ivory…"

"Your parents are so proud of you"

My head was spinning all day, it was too much to handle. Beside me laid my mother and fathers casket. My brother was aligned beside them. My Aunt was somewhere either crying or talking to old family members. I didn't bother to look for her. I just stood at the front of the room getting hugged and talked to. I really wasn't listening. The whole time I was waiting for all of them to pop out and make this all a sick, loving joke. Instead, it's real. I walked away from my mother and fathers smiling pictures, that laid upon their coffins. Troy face looked so different. His small frame body looked helpless in that box. My shaking hands rested on his cheek, and I stroked them slowly. Trying to soak in what I can get before I bury him. My baby brother.

"Damn, Troy, I didn't even get to take you to a titty bar" I said softly to myself with a half smile. I kissed his forehead and ran my hand through his shaggy long hair. I turned around and was overwhelmed. The funeral home was packed, and so many crying teenagers, mostly. I sighed as I watched Troy's girlfriend, Shae, walked in. Her eyes met with mines first, and she didn't even bother to look down at him , she ran out. I winced and asked my Uncle to stand with my family before I ran after Shae.

I ran out of the door and whipped around in search for her. The sun was out, beautifully setting this Monday morning. I brush my bangs from my eyes and walked around the back of the funeral and found Shae crying against the building. Her small frame shook violently as she screamed and punched the brick wall.

"Shae…hunny…" I whispered and instantly pulled her against me.

"WHY!" She sobs into my neck. My eyes started to burn but I refrain from the tears, I won't allow her to see me break down, I already did my crying.

"Shhh shhh…" I crooned and rub her back.

"W-we….are…supposed to be…ONE. Not this. I…love him so much why" She hiccups and I pulled her back holding on to her face.

"Shae…you guys are one. Baby he is in your heart. Being there, he will NEVER die, unless you decide to let him go." I said, pushing her blonde hair from her wet face.

"I will never let…Troy go, Ivory. I couldn't" She whispered.

"He never will either…here…" I pulled out my brothers promise ring box and handed it to her. Shae's eyes went from me to the box. "What is it?" her voice quivered.

"Open it.."

Shae grabs the box and took a shaky inhale and opened it. Her eyes went from angry to peaceful. Her lips curled up and it seemed like she was relieved.

"Troy…" she sighed as she took the ring out and slips It on her ring finger.

I watched her stare at the diamond ring with awe and I felt myself crying. This moment, is beautiful. I watched her fall In love with my brother all over again as she opened this. Will I find that? Who knows.

I walked inside my house again, probably the last time. It was night time, I just left the passover. I insisted to stay home alone, although My Aunt was trying to force me to stay with her. I'm sure my Aunt is taking over the house ordeal and such. I sighed and decided to not change out of my black dress and went towards the bar that was in the dining room. I ran my hand over the top of the cool wood and looked under on the shelve. Crown Royal. My dads favorite brandy. I grab the bottle and unscrewed the cap fast and threw back a good swig. The heat rushing down my throat made my head spin a little but I didn't care. I belch and chuckled to myself.

I took another long swig, deciding in my head that this is my motive for the night. I walk into the living room, holding onto the bottle and stood there. I listened to the silence and let out a long sigh. I go for another drink and suddenly I felt someone behind me. I turn around there stood my family. My tall lean father holding onto my mother. Troy lazily lifts head from the love couch and throws me a smile. I didn't say anything, but I just stared back at them. Is this real. I walk closer to my parents and they looked down at me with pride. I went to touch them but my hand went through my dads chest. I jumped a little and looked over at Troy. His face went grim and he sat up clasping his hands together.


He nods and gave me one of his last famous wink. He disappeared.

I took a swig of the crown royal as I watched him fade away and swung my eyes over to see that my parents faded away too.

My world has officially crashed.

I dropped the crown royal and fell to my knees and screamed. A sound I never heard come out of my throat. I crawled away from the broken glass and puddle of liquor, and sobbed into the carpet.

Clutching to my chest, I rolled on my back and listened to the rain pound on the roof. The wind brushing against the house, making it creak. I raise my self upright and look around. Emptiness.

With all I had, I dragged myself up off the floor and opened the door.

There stood Eric Northman, drenched in rain and blood.

"Eric" I whispered, and ran into the beating rain. His moved towards me as I ran, he got to me before I could say anything and pulled me into his chest.

I sobbed into his chest and held onto his wet jacket. I felt his hands run through my semi wet hair and inhale my scent.

We both pulled away slowly and stared into each others eyes. I felt like he was reading me and knew what was running in my mind. I had a sense that he lost someone as well.

Instantly our lips crashes into one another, it was a slow, wet kiss. Our hands roamed over each others bodies. I couldn't tell if I was crying or if it was the rain running down my face. All I know is that here in his arms is where I want to stay forever.

Eric carried me inside once I whispered to stay with me in his ear. He laid be down on my long black couch, and grabbed the blanket that was laid over the back rest. I scooted over more inside the couch to give him room and we laid in each others arms.

No words were spoken.