A/N: I've been addicted to PJO lately, so I just had to write this. It's similar to my other story, Who Would Win in a Duel?, but it's not duels, it's just 'Who is your Favorite?'. Out of the choices, of course. I'll let Hera/Juno explain how it works. : )


Fyi, this takes place in between The Last Olympian and The Lost Hero.

Percy Jackson was happily kissing his girlfriend, Annabeth Chase, when suddenly, he was jerked out of his world.

"What the-"

Before Percy could cuss as bad as Arion, Jason Grace appeared, which disappointed him as he had been eating dinner.

"Who are you and why am I here?" Jason drew his sword as he asked this.

"I could ask you the same thing! I just appeared here after… er…"

"Answer my question!"

"Alright, don't be so pushy! I'm Percy Jackson, and I don't know why you're here!"

"…Oh. Well, I'm Jason Grace, and-"


"Yeah, so?"

"Like Thalia Grace?"

"My sister died years ago!"

"What? No she didn't!"

Jason looked at Percy like he was an enemy- trying to hurt him.

"If she died, then how is she one of my best friends?"

"You must have come from the Underworld, or else you've been asleep many years and you thought she was alive…"

"No, I was definitely kissing my girlfriend before I suddenly appeared here, and you appeared a second later!"

"Too much information. I just want to know why in Rome's name we are here!"


"Yeah. Aren't you a demigod?"

"Yeah, a son of Poseidon… Rome fell centuries ago."

"Yeah, but I'm a son of Jupiter, so I think I know that Camp Jupiter, the Twelfth Legion, whatever you wish to call it, still exists!"

"There can't be a Roman camp! I'm from a Greek camp, Camp Half-Blood!"

"The Greeks died out years ago! Well, Octavian doesn't think so, but he's nuts…"



A beautiful woman wearing a simple white dress appeared in the room with them.

"Lady Juno," Jason said, bowing.

"Jason Grace, and Percy Jackson… I'm sure you are wondering why I've brought you here."

"You brought us here? No wonder… er, never mind."

"Wise choice, Percy Jackson. I did bring you here, with the simple intention to bring the Greeks and the Romans together. I fear there will be a long, hard battle coming up soon. Yes, Greeks and Romans are still around."

"So, you expect this… Greek… and I to sit and this room and do a game show?"

"You will film every other day, and once a day is completed, you may go back to camp."

"Okay… what do we do?" Percy could handle this Roman if he still got to see Annabeth, Grover, and all his other friends.

"You must simply banter or chat among yourselves for a few minutes, then ask who the audience's favorite is, between two demigods, mortals, gods, or creatures. You must also choose one yourself. Each of you."

"Sounds easy enough."

"Yes, indeed. Now, get to it!"

"Alright, Lady Juno."

"Technically, Jason, I'm Hera right now."

"Oh, excuse me…"

Hera vanished.

"So… um… Jason, what's it like being Roman?"

"Perfectly normal, fun, and difficult."

"Sounds like being a Greek demigod."

"Greeks are supposed to be the enemy."

"Romans are supposed to be dead."

"But you don't seem that bad…"

"And you don't seem to be dead."

"And you seem to be Greek."

"Yeah, well, Greeks are pretty awesome."

"Perhaps, but no one beats Romans."

"Oh, really? You'd be surprised, Grace."

"Speaking of which… is Thalia really alive?"

"Yeah, and she's Greek. But she turned into a tree, then came back as a human, and joined the Hunters of Artemis."


"You can just Iris-message her."

"I can what her?"

"Oh, you don't have Iris-message? Well… I'll see if I can ask Thalia to Iris-message you, it should show up."


"So, I bet my friends are worried sick… I mean, I disappeared in the middle of a kiss…"

"Yeah, I was eating dinner."

"Dinner? At this time of night?"

"I'm from California."

"Oh, okay… Where do you think we are now?"

"I have no idea, but there's no windows or doors in this room, just a bunch of war statues and maps. Oh, and that old prophecy."


"Yeah, the Prophecy of Seven. 'Seven half-bloods shall answer the call. To storm or fire the world must fall. An oath to keep with a final breath, and foes bear arms to the doors of death.'"

"How do you know Rachel's prophecy?"

"It's centuries old!"

"Rachel just gave it last month!"

"She might have recited it, but the Romans have known it since… way before my time."

"We'll have to talk more on this another time. I need to get going."

"Same here. So… er… who's your favorite, Reyna, or…"


"Alright, why aren't we disappearing…?"

"Camp Half-Blood!"

Percy disappeared.

"Why didn't I think of that…? Camp Jupiter!"

A/N: Yeah, so part of the reason I wrote this is because I finished the Son of Neptune… it was AWESOME. I am so glad the imminent prospect of death for Percy, Frank, and Hazel ended up not happening… Well, I knew Percy would live, but the others I was worried about!

I don't know if Jason knew about Thalia before TLH, but I'll just say he did.

Also, the underlined names are the choices, so readers, you can say, in a review, who your favorite of the two is! :) Mine is Bianca.