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"Welcome to the very last episode- for real this time- of Who is your Favorite! I'm your temporary host... Piper McLean! Don't ask me why, but Annabeth said she wanted me to host this. So here I am."

"Can we start now?" Reyna asked impatiently.


Dear, Percy

I said earlier that Annabeth is one of my favorite characters, but she is only number three, you are number one and Tyson is number two because he has the best battle cry ever I mean what beats yelling 'PEANUT BUTTER' right before battle and also what is you battle cry. And you are my favorite because 1. You are awesome 2. You have awesome powers 3. You are loyal are kind 5. You are hilarious 6. You were able to get Annabeth and from what I can tell is that she is hot.


Percy walked up to the stage before Piper could tell him to.

"Well, glad you like me! Uh... yeah... peanut butter is an excellent battle cry! Only if you love peanut butter, though. I change mine depending on the situation. Last time, it was 'panda pillow-pet', but before that it was 'for Olympus'."

"Panda pillow-pet?" Octavian sneered.

"Yes, I had a nightmare the night before the battle that you killed my panda pillow-pet!"


"And those are some pretty good reasons to like me, I'd say!"

"Don't get an ego, now." Piper smirked.

"Fine. And thanks for... writing that letter, I guess."

"Next letter..."

Dear everyone,


No seriously, remember me? I sent one of the first letters. Oh, and Annabeth, have you read the Serpent's Shadow (Kane Chronicles) synopsis yet? To Annabeth and Percy: I can't wait to find out what happened on one of your dates when the Demigod Diaries are released!

To Nico: I'm sorry to say that I had a childhood crush on you, but now my friend and I have created the Kill Nico Club. You better be wary because I do really own a bow and arrows. Oh, and I know where Bianca's reincarnation is...

To Thalia: OMG! My fav character (no offense to anyone else). How did you really feel when you found out that Jason wasn't dead?

To Rachel: okay, my friend brought this up because I play you on a role-play, but does your mouth ever stink up after reciting a prophecy? I mean, green smoke comes out of your mouth, right?

To Octavian: *this message has been censored*

To Clarisse: How do you react to the fact that Frank is your half-brother?

To Hazel: Have your blackouts stopped? I forgot.

To Reyna: When you were on Circe's island, did you think Percy and Annabeth were Greek or Roman?

That's it!


Thalia Grace-Pinecone Face

"Well, all you guys come up here now then!"

Annabeth started answering questions. "No, I didn't know it was out- I'm so excited for book 3! I can't wait to see which date Rick eavesdropped on!"

"I'm with Annabeth," Percy laughed.

Nico, who had grown wide-eyed at the letter's reading, spoke next. "You know where my sister's reincarnation is?"

"Supposedly. This person also hates you, dude."

"Where is she?"

Not allowing Nico to continue fretting over his sister, Thalia started speaking. "Nice to be someone's favorite, and it's cool that you used my name in yours! I hope you know that I do not have a pinecone face. Anyway, I was really surprised at first. I mean, it's not like I'd expected it, obviously. I didn't forget about him, but I didn't think about him as much, you know?"

"Nice to know you care, sis."

"I always have, and you know that! After I got over my shock, I was just really elated, and then furious at my mother, even though she's dead."

"No remorse on your face? Whoa, don't kill me! Okay... Rachel?"

"That is extremely random. I guess it might. But by the time I wake up, it's fine."

"Maybe someone brushes your teeth for you? Octavian, you are next."

Octavian said something in response that was censored as well.

Clarisse began to speak, just to block him out. "I didn't even think about it, actually. At first I thought it was some kind of joke. But after the climax, I guess he's a worthy son of Mars."

"Thanks, half-sis!"


"As for my blackouts, you have to remember that the Heroes of Olympus series has yet to begin. I've just started them, not long ago."

"That's too bad, Hazel. Reyna-"

"Don't even speak to me, Greek. As for your question, Thalia Grace-Pinecone Face, I never thought about it. I currently think of them as Greek, if that helps..."

"It's obvious-"

"Shut it."


Dear Annabeth,

OH MY GODS I LOVE ONE DIRECTION! Harry is mine. They're coming to Dallas which is only hours away from where I live. SO FLIPPING EXCITED. My fave songs by them are I Want and I Wish. And AVPM is also pretty awesome. Gotta love Darren Criss and the guy who plays Voldemort.


"I do as well, my friend. So you'll see them in concert? That's pretty awesome. Those songs are great, as are all the other things mentioned! Isn't it funny that the same guy who plays Voldy plays Umbi- er, Umbridge?"

"Sure. Time for the next letter."

Dear Percy,

You're my favorite character by far in the series. (No offense to any other characters.) What would you do if Annabeth had gone to the Roman camp and you were left at CHB? Percabeth forever!


"I'm glad to hear I have another admirer! If that happened, I'd probably just mope around for a while, then quickly get a huge search party. Not sure when, and if, I'd stop looking... I love Percabeth too!"

"That's kind of obvious. But it's great that you love me so much..."

And the two started to make out... again.

"Okay, break it up you guys!" Piper ushered them away.

Dear Percy,

why do u find in the SoN that u only had memories of Annabeth and no one else?


"My guess is that Hera loves Percabeth and wanted us to stay together."


Dear Piper,

how do u feel about the fact the your whole relationship with Jason was a lie? and do u think it could become a reality?


"I feel extremely pissed about the entire thing. I think it could become a reality if I-"

Reyna glared at her.

"Um... yeah..."

Dear Nico,

first off. your amazing! i love you and find your super kool! and i just wanted to know, would u ever date a mortal girl? ;)


"Okay Nico, snap out of it and come up here!"

"Hmph, fine. Nice to know I have so many fans... if she was right for me, why not?"

"She's dropping hints you know."

"...I totally knew that..."

Dear Annabeth,

Do you have a belly button since you were born from your mom's thoughts?


"That has got to be the most random question I've ever answered... actually, yes, I do. It's an innie..."


Dear Hera,

Why the **** (for younger viewers) are you ending this? It's AWESOME!

You just lowered my opinion of you to negative - times 10000000000000000000000000 to the power of 10.

- The Chaos Creator

"Why the heck did I have to come to this blasted show again?"

"You created it, Lady Hera..."

"Hmph. Wish I hadn't. Does that answer your question? Yes, well, I'm leaving."

A moment later, cheers erupted in the room.

Dear Reyna,


Also, who's your favourite god, excluding your mother?

- The Chaos Creator

"I just don't like it... it's rather boring... don't kill me, Annabeth."

"I won't. I suppose."

"My favorite god is Mars, I suppose. I do like war gods and goddesses. Besides my mother, my favorite goddess is Diana."

"The Roman goddess of the hunt, the moon, and eternal maidens..."


Dear Annabeth,

If I ask this as a question, Reyna can't make you shut up so... what other things could you add to that? =)

- The Chaos Creator

P.S. Sorry Reyna ;)

"Well... there is also-"

"Okay, Annabeth, please. Just send this as a private letter or something. Don't make us sit through ten hours of architecture stuff!"

"Fine, Piper. Just know that it's awesome, and the salad bar-"

"Yeah. We get it."

Dear Apollo and Artemis,

You two are awesome. ^^ Completely awesome. Absolutely awesome. Just completely, completely, completely awesome... but Apollo, you need to reduce your ego. It's bigger than Olympus. Hades, it's bigger than the Earth.

Now, you always argue about who's better at archery... and I know something that will make both of you happy... I think. Apollo is better at Archery, but Artemis is better at hunting.

This part is for Artemis' eyes only: That means that you're better at using all types of weapons for hunting while Apollo's only good for archery. SUCKER.


Apollo, also... how about you move onto acrostic poems instead of haikus?

- The Chaos Creator

Apollo answered first. "I know I'm awesome! I am the most humble person I know! Ooh, 'a humble god is, named Apollo and he is, so freaking awesome'!"

"No poetry, brother."

"Fine... And yes, someone finally admits that I'm superior! HAH! And as if I'd stop haikus! I still have four decades to go with them!"

"No..." Percy moaned.

Artemis took over. "Thank you, Mortal, for saying I am awesome. And for the part Apollo did not hear, as well. His poetry is vulgar."

"Are you forgetting something, sis?"


"Aren't you gonna ask her-"

"I don't even know this person's gender."

"Oh. Riiiight."

Dear Athena,

You're... wait let me search up another, more scientific word for awesome. Awe-inspiring. Yeah, that works. So to ask you, you know the mortals have Science? So how does it work that they have found the Sun but Apollo drives the sun? Is it demigods making stuff up for them or what?

- The Chaos Creator

"Thank you for that enlightening opinion. The mortals' sun is simply a complex thing the Mist has formed for them. It is, of course, Apollo in reality."

"I'd always wondered that..." Jason mused.

Dear Hades,

Instead of thinking you're depressing and stuff, I think you are the coolest god ever. Like, the coolest, best, awesomest, least stuck up (but one of the most dramatic. Sorry.) and the most powerful god. DON'T LET THAT INCREASE YOUR EGO. PLEASE. WE DO NOT NEED MORE EGOISTIC GODS. PLEASE. I BEG YOU.

So... how many people have died since... forever, I guess? Wouldn't the Underworld have like... 10 times more people than the Earth currently has?

- The Chaos Creator

"That's nice, that you think well of me. Just remember, I don't look like a straw, so don't suck up."

"Haha, that's funny..." Everyone stared at Percy for his extremely obvious comment.

"Moving on. I am not egotistic. If Apollo is humble, I am worse than self-hating."

"Too true," Artemis mumbled.

"Lots of people have died. So many, I don't believe there is even a proper name for the number. Something along the lines of 3,556,327,257,562,015,680,432,437,392,382,832,333,849,882 or so."

"Now that's what I call a lot!" Hazel breathed.

Dear Nico,

Are psychic or something? Or are you like Rachel? I mean, you figured out Percy and Annabeth liked each other - wait never mind. They were pretty obvious. Let me think or a different question...

OOH. How about... what do you think of the fanfics with you and Thalia paired up?

- The Chaos Creator

P.S. You. Are. Not. Depressive... well at least I don't think you are... are you?

"Yes, I'm not psychic. It was obvious even to a blind, deaf, and dumb person."

"It was not!" Annabeth insisted.

"Keep telling yourself that. As for the Thalico, I think they're rather inaccurate. She's an eternal maiden, for gods' sake! As for me, I have no romantic interest in her whatsoever."

"And I, obviously, don't care for Nico in that way. Or anybody, for that matter."

"Exactly. And no... I'm not depressive. I suppose I'm the closest to emo of everybody in the demigod world, but that doesn't mean I am emo or depressive. I'm just a child of Hades."

"And a lot more mature than you were when we first met," Percy put in.

"Yeah. Quite a bit more."

"Okay then, thanks Nico. Time for another letter."

Dear Thalia,

Would you ever quit the Hunters? Also, what do you think about the fanfics with you paired up with someone? To tell you the truth, I don't like them... cause I can't imagine you leaving the Hunters. =/

- The Chaos Creator


"Of course I would never quit! I guess I can't speak for a thousand years from now, but as long as I remain who I am now, I am a Hunter unless I fall in battle. I don't like those fanfics either. I suppose it's not terribly inaccurate for Luke and I to be 'together' before I became a Hunter, but we weren't, so don't get any ideas. Just that that's the most believable pairing."

"Yes, it really is! Honestly, why Luke would go for a kid who isn't even ten-"

"Alright, Annabeth, you don't need to ramble about your hate for Annaluke or whatever your pairing is called. And thanks, I am awesome!"

"Don't get a huge ego."

Dear Miranda Gardiner, what do you think of Nico being like your nephew? Oh, I suppose this could apply to all Demeter kids... But I like you best! Zombies love us! -Queen

"Okay, Miranda, come on..."

"Hello. I didn't think I'd ever be on this show, but it's exciting!"

"Get to the point, please."

"Fine, Piper. I suppose it's cool to be Nico's aunt, but honestly we demigods don't pay much attention to our godly families besides our parents."


"Zombies, huh? Interesting."

"The zombie apocalypse is supposedly going to be in December."

"We know, Octavian."

Here r your tickets Nico. Here r yours Thalia. Here is a surfboard for Percy and this 1,000,000 page book on architecture for Annabeth. Oh and a big a$$ sword for Clarisse. Say burn and it catches fire.

-Experimental Agent 1123

"Sweet! Thalia, we're going to a Green Day concert in March!"

"YES! Oh my gods!" She and Nico hugged in joy, then remembered their earlier shipping debate and broke apart awkwardly.

"Don't you love awkward moments? And thanks, I've been wanting to learn how to surf!"

"You mean you don't know how?"

"Well... it's been so long, I seriously need a refreshment lesson."

"I see. A million page book on architecture? This could last me weeks, thank you so much!" Annabeth was about to open the book and start reading when Percy quietly reminded her that this was not the time nor place for reading.


"Whoa, Clarisse, stop that!"

"Uh... stop! Okay, it worked. Phew. Well, thanks, this looks pretty awesome!"

"That's nice how you guys all got gifts- I wonder how they all fit?"

Dear Everyone,

You guys are all the best :D. Hera please continue the show!


(ps team gale!)

"I'm afraid Hera left... but I'll let her know, don't worry!" Apollo flexed a muscle.

"Egomaniac," Annabeth muttered.

Everyone said something along the lines of 'thank you', and Piper showed the next letter.

Dear Percy,

How can you even THINK of dating Reyna. I mean, you two are the worst pairing ever, besides you and Piper, you and Katniss, and you and Hermione... Anyways, IF Annabeth dies, will you start going all emo like our beloved friend, Nico? Oh, and I like the odd pairing, Jason/Annabeth, too, mind you...

~A Sky Full of Lighters

"Me and Hermione wouldn't be that bad, she's Annabeth's mental twin... anyway, I wouldn't dream of dating her at the moment- just the distant future if lots of stuff changes, you know? I suppose if Annabeth dies anytime soon, gods forbid, I would be worse than Nico."


"Uh, sorry. Jason/Annabeth? I never even thought of that one... too busy with the Jason/Reyna/Piper love triangle! Well, they are both blonde..."

"That's no way to pair people together!" Jason and Annabeth said at the same time, surprising theirselves.

Dear Annabeth,

Hey, I have a homework essay thingy due soon, so can you, like, recommend a good poem for me to recite in front of the class? Nothing too complicated, of course... Thanks! You're awesome :3

~A Sky Full of Lighters

"Asking me for homework help on a TV show... well then. I would recommend something from perhaps Emily Dickinson if you don't want it too complicated. You should think of poets you know and Google them, that's what I would do if I was stuck."

"Good advice, I think?"

"Percy, don't act academic."

Dear Everyone (especially Octavian),

I didn't have much of a chance to make this list... damn school... and parents forced me to study for some stupid entrance exams. So I have three, simple and efficient ways to kill Octavian. =) (Feel honoured Octavian. I wasted my time on your death.)

1. Get Ares in a mad mood then put Octavian in front of him.

2. Make Octavian boast that he's smarter than Athena, record it and give it to Athena ^^

3. Piss me off. An example of what I can do to you?

A small example: I will chain you up to a wall with poisoned spikes, and push you into them slowly and painfully. Then I'll carve random designs into your skin and pour salt water over you. I'd get a knife and scrape out the salt, then chop off your arm and leave you in that state for five days. After that I'd chop off your leg and again leave you alone. Then I'd chop you into pieces like Kronos, but unfortunately for you, you can't come back.

I can do worse. You have been warned.

Have a good day everyone!

(That does not include Octavian. Or Hera. Or Zeus. Or Ares (but it includes Mars). Or Aphrodite. Or Kronos. But especially not Octavian. I think I've forgotten some names...)

- The Chaos Creator


"Ignore Octavian, that's pretty funny! We'll have to remember that if we need to kill somebody..."


"Yes, I did."

Apollo made himself useful for once, and, instead of reciting horrid poetry, duct taped Octavian's mouth.

Hera/Juno please please please let Kronos at least speak because that would make me quite happy, anyways we already know that his voice still works in Tartarus right? So please? (if u dont I swear on the River Styx *insert thunder here* I will send spam your email 4 ten years if u don't let me at least tell him wut I want 2 say.) :L

Kronos, U R Awesome! And probably the best made bad guy innn the world! Everyone thinks I am quite strange 4 admiring u. :c Not sure why . and my question is what happened 2 your scythe? (since my message didn't get through last time *cough* Hera *cough*) ps: I totally think u would have taken over olympus if it weren't 4 the fact that u needed better ppl on you side because it wasn't u that failed, it was all those little noobs who fought 4 u ;) just can't carry out orders right can they? Know that it's not just the good guys who get the fame! U has one fan here :)

(I mean it Hera! Lemme talk 2 Kronos! Please! Remember the email and if u dont have email well... I'll team up w/ annabeth and we'll think of something)

~lollipop monster! w00t!~

"Since Hera isn't here, I'll answer for her," Artemis announced. "It will be very difficult to communicate with Kronos. We will contact him for you, but it will have to wait until we've finished wrapping up the show. So, be patient. We'll go ahead and air our trip to Tartarus before the ending."

"We're going to Tartarus?"

"Not you, Miranda. Thalia, Percy, Annabeth, Jason, Reyna, Apollo, and obviously Hades, you can come with me."

"Not fair!" The others protested.

The group of nine cautiously approached Tartarus, knowing they had no flying shoes in their midst.

"Kronos?" Hades called out.

"Who do you think you are, visiting me like this?"

"It's just me, Hades. I have a letter for you, from a mortal."

"What would a mortal want with me? How would they even know about me? What are you really doing?"

"This mortal supports you over us, and knows about you from literature. I am being 100% honest, I swear."

"Fine. Read this letter to me, I can't stop you anyway."

Kronos, U R Awesome! And probably the best made bad guy innn the world! Everyone thinks I am quite strange 4 admiring u. :c Not sure why . and my question is what happened 2 your scythe? (since my message didn't get through last time *cough* Hera *cough*) ps: I totally think u would have taken over olympus if it weren't 4 the fact that u needed better ppl on you side because it wasn't u that failed, it was all those little noobs who fought 4 u ;) just can't carry out orders right can they? Know that it's not just the good guys who get the fame! U has one fan here :)

~lollipop monster! w00t!~

"A real mortal, admiring me so much? I never thought I'd see the day..."

"Nor did any of us, Father."

"You should punish those who think you strange. Make them see the true way or kill them."

"Don't go giving mortals advice like that, are you daft?"

"I will say what I please, Hades. I would assume my scythe was seized by the Olympians, they only know what has become of it. Thank you for your words."

"Kronos apologizing?" Percy muttered.

"We have just one more letter which we've overlooked. Actually, two."

Dear Percy,

Look, Kelp-Head. I have one question for you. 1) I know Hera wiped your memories, but how the Hades do you forget nearly everyone? If you forget Annabeth next time, I swear to the gods, I will personally slap you so hard, that you'll need a five-year recovery. Anyway, I absolutely adore you and your stupidity in the series!


"Kelp-Head? Interesting. I forgot them because I didn't have any memories, why else? I wouldn't choose to forget most of them! I'm glad you adore me, and Luke as well it seems."


Dear Nico,

Dude, I'm a big fan. (Yay, you have fan girls!) But, I'll give you some advice. Girls like guys who actually participate and do crazy things. Look at Percy and the Stoll brothers for instance. Connor probably had more gfs this week than you in your lifetime. Also, does your dad get mad when you say what the hades?


"I know girls don't like 'emo' boys like me (not that I'm emo), but I do clearly have many fangirls! I don't have a clue-"

Hades interrupted. "No, I don't. It's better than him swearing at his age, I suppose."

I really doubt that you'll bring Luke back for this qeustoin, but I wanted to express my crazy obsession for him. I know most of you hate him, he died a hero. Ha, I said it! And, I bet if there had been a way to, Percy or Annabeth would've tried to save him. Or, at least Hermes. There wasn't really a reason for this but... Luke should know someone at least cares, right?


Annabeth stepped up. "As I probably knew him the best, I'll speak for Luke. We would bring him back if we could, no doubt- I would, Hermes would, Thalia and Percy would. His mother would. He did die a hero, and I'm sure-"

"Yes, he is in Elysium," Hades said.

"Wonderful! I'm sure living in Elysium, Luke knows someone cares- you, me, Thalia, Percy, Hermes and May Castellan. Possibly more people."

"Wow, I'm looking at the results again- we missed a lot of them! I think we skipped a page or something!"

"Well then Piper, keep reading!" Jason said, rolling his eyes.

Piper blushed as he talked to her.

Dear Jason, most readers complain a lot by your lack of personality in TLH. Do you feel you're a "rock" because you lack your memories or because in general you're not really a ray of sunshine?


"I really do believe that the personality shows to those around you, not you yourself. So, I simply hope I'm not a rock! I hope it was just my lack of memories."

"I'm sure it was!" Reyna shouted.

Dear Percy, how do you feel when people ship you with Luke/Nico/Jason?


"People ship me with... I think I'm going to be sick..." He ran out of the room, causing many who had already discovered slash to burst into laughter.

Dear Leo, how do you feel about Reyna owning two automatons? Will you try to look them over and examine them and who do you think built them?


"If I ever find them, I'll surely look them over! If they don't eat me... that would be bad. I guess I sorta respect her for it, you know? And I have no clue who built them. Bellona, for her daughter, maybe?"

"I won't say. Just be wary of being eaten when you meet them," Reyna cautioned.

Dear Piper, I think you've realized by now that you're not really liked amongst the readers, do you plan on doing something to change their opinion of you?


"To be honest, I don't know what I could do to change their opinions of me. All I can think of is get a boyfriend other than Jason."

"Being a daughter of Aphrodite, that shouldn't be hard," Leo added, trying to be helpful."

"I want to actually love him, though..."

Dear Reyna if Jason didn't exist who would you like?

-shipper in obscurity

"I don't know, honestly. There is nobody else I like right now, so no one, I guess."

Dear Annabeth what is your opinion about Leo?

-shipper in obscurity

"He's very funny, and he's a spectacular mechanic. It's too bad he fails at flirting."

"What? I do not!"

Everyone stared at him in disbelief.

Dear Leo would you rather go out with Piper or Reyna?

-shipper in obscurity

"Reyna... she's my type."

"Um, thanks." She couldn't say she hadn't been warned!

"No problem, babe."

"Don't call me that!"

Dear Percy who would you go out with if Annabeth didn't exist?

-shipper in obscurity

Percy had gotten back from his fake vomiting session. "I don't know! Nobody?"

"Nice try, Seaweed Brain. I respect you for it."

"Just looking out for my fellow demigods' welfare..." Plus, he didn't have a clue.

Dear Piper would you ever go out with Leo?

-shipper in obscurity

"I really have to say no to that one."

"Too bad."

"Leo and I are just friends."

Reyna would you ever like Frank?

-shipper in obscurity

"Nah. He's not my type. Plus, he and Hazel are so perfect together..."

"What do I have to do with anything?" Hazel still hadn't read The Son of Neptune. Shame.

Dear everybody,

Snape... Snape... Severus Snape...


Oh, btw, can't you just CALL Kronos? On a telephone?

BTW 2, I vote Nico.

~Mystic Supernovae




"Harry Potter!"

"Snape, Snape, Severus Snape!"



"Okay, Annabeth, Percy, Nico, Thalia, Grover- shut it!"

The Potter Puppet Pals ode ceased.

"He doesn't have a phone. Great idea, though."

"And you voted for the most popular candidate- Nico won!"

"Now, I'm afraid it must come to a close..."

"Who is your favorite, Jason and Percy or Annabeth and Reyna?"

Everyone proceeded to party. Percy and Annabeth started making out without anyone to pull them apart, Piper tried to make a move on Jason, Leo tried to make a move on Reyna, and Jason planted a kiss on Reyna's lips.

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