Good evening all. I haven't written anything in a very long time. I'm going to attempt something that will be a bit of a challenge this time around. I have been playing through a few of my old Twisted Metal games, and thought it would be amusing to try my hand at a sort of twisted romance story. The story takes place after Twisted Metal: Black. Everyone else is back at the Asylum except for Sweet Tooth, who won the contest and is now on the loose (Yes, I know everyone was killed in the contest save for the victor, but it is an alternate universe, so there isn't exactly a rulebook when you have a guy with no eyes, or mouth talking and driving). Anyway, please be nice and, as always, comments are greatly appreciated. Here we go.

This story begins with a man named Grimm running down a dark corridor…

Grimm did not have the time or the patience to rot in this hell-hole any longer. He had killed the guard who brought him his medication, and was now in the process of evading the others while looking for a way out of the asylum. He could hear voices coming from every direction, and he needed a place to hide and to think. He took the keys that he had obtained from the dead guard and used the biggest one to open the door closest to him. The key he used was the one used to open the doors of the asylum's most "interesting" patients. Grimm knew it was only a matter of time before he was found, since the place was undoubtedly being searched top to bottom in an effort to find him. Still, a moment to remain out of sight and to clear his head was all he needed. He quickly entered the room and closed the rather heavy door behind him.

He was surprised to see the occupant of this particular room. She was equally shocked to see someone other than a guard enter her cell.

"I remember you. You were in Mr. Calypso's contest… your mask scares me…" she trailed off.

"Could've fooled me", Grimm said impatiently. "First, his name is Benny, and he is a friend. Second, you're not exactly an open book with that mask of yours, either. Look, the guards are looking for me, and I need to get out of here. I don't think I can do it solo, though. You want out of this place?" Grimm asked.

The girl didn't answer. She just stared.

"Look," Grimm shouted "We don't have much time, do you want out of here or not?"

She flinched. It seemed she was a bit uneasy with the situation, but Grimm had no time for sympathies. "Okay…" she said finally.

(45 minutes and 14 dead guards later, they were in the bay where the vehicles from the contest were being held as evidence).

Grimm mounted his motorbike and turned the key.

"Get on. They'll catch up soon, and we need to be quick if we wanna get outta this place!" Grimm said firmly.

"But I can't leave my-" she objected.

"We need to move fast, and I remember what you drove in the tournament. Do you really think you can be discrete in that monster of a semi? Get on, or get left." Grimm rasped.

They drove for about two hours and ended up at an old abandoned garage that Grimm and Benny used to occupy in high school before they were shipped off to war.

"What is this place?" the masked girl asked, still a bit unnerved from their whole escape attempt.

"This is where Benny and I learned everything we know about cars and bikes." Grimm said plainly. "Now that I'm out, I'm gonna find Calypso and make him bring me the guy that cost me my sanity and took Benny's life. I'm gonna make him pay." Grimm growled.

"What about you?" Grimm asked, "What're you plannin' on since you're free?"

She flinched at his statement. "I'm not free. I'll never be free as long as this mask stays on", she said sadly.

"Can't you take it off?" Grimm inquired.

"No, Mr. Creol locked it up good and tight with a special key that he made. That key is the only way to get it off."

"So that's your plan? To track down this guy and lose the mask?" Grimm asked.

"I don't know", she said "The whole thing is my fault anyway… If I hadn't been so clumsy, Mr. Creol wouldn't have had to lock me in this mask for…"

Grimm cut her off. "Hold on, Doll," he said "That guy didn't have any right to lock you up in this thing. Don't blame yourself. You've got a life to live, and it's still salvageable. Take it from someone that doesn't have anything left to live for but revenge, you've got a chance here, and you owe it to yourself to take it."

"I'm not so sure…" she spattered.

"Listen, how about I help you find this "Mr. Creol" and get that key from him? Then you can help me find Calypso and get my payback. Sound like a plan?"

"Why would you help me? I don't deserve any of this." She was stunned.

"You don't deserve to be locked away when you didn't do anything wrong. I've killed more people than I care to remember, and I don't feel any regret. My sole purpose in life now is to track down the bastard that ruined it. If I can help you, at least I can have the satisfaction of knowing I've done one good thing with this screwed up life of mine. How about it?"

The girl was beside herself. "I…thank you."

"Let's get going then." Grimm called, as he made his way toward his two-wheeler.

End Chapter 1

Author's Note: Well this is my first stab at chapters. I need to figure out where to go with this. I've got a pretty good idea. What do y'all think? Is this whole thing convincing, or am I wasting my time?