Naruto: Demon of Konoha

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Normal speech: "what"

Thoughts/Speech taken out of context: 'what'

Demon/Summon speech: "what"

Demon/Summon thoughts: 'what'

Jutsu: Shadow Clone Jutsu

Chapter 1: Specialized Training!

It was another regular day in the leaf village as Naruto awoke. Since his return home a week ago from the wave mission, all he could think about was Sasuke 'dieing' to protect him.

'Maybe I can ask Kakashi for more training'

With that thought he got up from bed, ate, showered, and brushed his teeth then ran to team 7's usual meeting spot.


Once he arrived at the bridge he saw Sakura pestering Sasuke for a date while he sat there waiting for their eternally late sensei. "Hello Sakura-chan" "Hey teme".

"Baka! Don't call Sasuke-kun a teme" Sakura shouted, her patience already run thin from waiting for Kakashi.

"Why do you guys get here so early if you know Kakashi-sensei is always late" Naruto deadpanned. Before they could retort Kakashi appeared in a poof of smoke.

"Yo" He greeted with his trademark eye-smile.

"YOUR LATE!" Naruto and Sakura shouted.

"Well, I was halfway here then I had to save a box of kittens from a burning building and after that i had to go home to change my clothes because they were burnt."

"LIAR!" They shouted once again.

"Anyway I called you all here to discuss the chuunin exams which will take place in 2 weeks." Sasuke perked his head up now interested.

"Hokage-sama called all the Jonin-sensei's to nominate their teams and I decided to nominate team 7" He handed all three their entrance forms. "Fill those out bring them with you to the exams."

"Yes! Becoming a chuunin will get me one step closer to becoming Hokage!" "So Kakashi-Sensei will you be training us until the exams?" Naruto asked.

Kakashi answered "You will be training, just not with me, well at least Naruto and Sakura wont."

"What do you mean Sensei?" Sakura decided to ask.

"Well to prepare you for the chuunin exams I decided to ask around for help and Kurenai-san agreed to teach you some genjustu tomorrow since you have very good chakra control while I teach Sasuke how to properly use his newly acquired sharingan."

"Hey! Who's gonna train me?" Naruto asked, feeling angry that he was left out. "Well you since you still need to train your basics and chakra control, I couldn't find anyone else to train you because they also have to prepare for the exams,so for now just do the tree walking exercise and in one week I'll show you how to do the water walking chakra control exercise."

'Of course, he's gonna personally train Sasuke and leave me out to train myself ' He thought sadly, but quickly put on his emotional mask. "That's fine Kakashi-sensei! I always train better on my own anyway!"

"I'm glad you think so Naruto, but I'll still look for someone to train you. OK then, in two weeks head to the academy where the first part of the exams will be held."

"OK guys see ya, I'm gonna get me some ramen!" with that Naruto dashed off.

'I'm sorry Naruto, I owe it Obito to train his last relative.' Kakashi thought before he to disappeared in a shunshin.

'Finally, with Kakashi's help i will soon be strong enough to defeat my brother, Kakashi will be the perfect teacher for me he has the sharingan, over 1000 jutsu, and he became Chuunin at the age of 6. Look out Itachi, im coming for you' He thought before also going home to prepare for his 'elite' training.

'Naruto.' Sakura thought solemnly. She turned to see Sasuke had already left so with a sigh she also ran home to get ready for her training tomorrow.

Naruto ran through the village on the verge of tears 'I thought Kakashi was different, but he isn't, he prefers Sasuke over me just like everyone else' He continued running until he was well outside the village(think the valley where he summoned Gamabunta for the first time).


"Bee wait, I can sense another bijuu nearby lets go check it out" "Hmm well I have to be in the leaf village before the gates close" "We still have 2 hours, we have time now go!"

"OK,OK I'll go see whats up" Bee arrived in the clearing to see Naruto with his face in his knees crying. "This must be the jinchuuriki, the others are not as lucky as you and Yugito, in other villages they are hated"

Naruto poked his head up to see a dark-skinned man wearing a Kumo flak jacket and headband he also had sunglasses covering his eyes but the most noticeable feature was the 7 swords strapped to his back. Naruto quickly put a defensive stance "What do you want?"

"Woah, woah boy I just wanted to see one of my fellow jinchuuriki." Naruto realized recognized the word he used from when the old man talked to him after the Mizuki incident. "Wait, your like me and how did you find me out here?"

"Yep, I'm Killer Bee the jinchuuriki of the 8 tails and as for how I found you, my bijuu told me."

Naruto was shocked "Wait, you talk with your bijuu?"

"Yeah, I got full control over my bijuu, so we talk to each other and he gives me his chakra when I need it."
"Anyway which one of the 9 do you contain and what are you doing out here? Your just a genin and your by yourself outside the village."

"Well, I'm Naruto and I have the 9-tails and I'm out here because my two teammates are getting personal training while I was told to train by myself for now."

"I knew it, his sensei probably wont train him because of his status as a jinchuuriki" "Maybe you could help him out" 'You know I cant do that, our villages aren't exactly friendly and I cant just steal a jinchuuriki' "Well we can meet him out here, we're far enough away and I can mask his bijuu chakra, no one will ever know. Oh, and the kids talking to you"

"Hmm? Oh what do you want kid"

"Well you kinda spaced out there for a minute" "Anyway can you teach me how to control my bijuu? That way people wont have to be afraid of me losing control anymore!"

'Should I do it? He was left alone for the exams.' "You could just teach him the basics and maybe continue from there, if he is left without training he could die in the exams" "Sure kid I'll teach you the basics for now, come back here tomorrow at dawn and I will teach you how to contact the Kyuubi, but don't tell anyone about this training or they might force you to stop"

"Aww man I wanted to tell the others I get special training too!" By now Naruto was literally hopping on foot to foot in excitement.

"You have to keep it a secret because they might stop me from training you since I'm from another village and people may not want you to gain control of your bijuu"

"Ok, Bee-sensei, I understand, we have two weeks until the exams starts lets train!" With that Naruto ran off to get some celebratory ramen.

"Oh man, this kid is gonna be a handful isn't he" 'Hey this was your idea, but I have a feeling this kid is special.'


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