Naruto: Demon of Konoha

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Jutsu: Shadow Clone Jutsu

Chapter 5: Round Three begin! Battle of the Jinchuuriki!

"OK Naruto we have one week left before I head home so I want you to try and go 3 tails." Killer Bee told Naruto.
"But I haven't mastered the 2-tailed mode are you sure it will be safe for me to go into the 3rd state already?" Our blonde haired ninja asked.
"It's OK, if you lose control I'll be here to stop you." Killer Bee reassured him.
Naruto nodded and soon felt the now familiar rush of Kyuubi's chakra flowing around him.
"OK Bee, I'm going 2 tailed now" Naruto warned. Kyuubi's chakra started to forming into the 2 tailed cloak.
"Alright, I'm still in control I'm heading into 3" As a third chakra tail started to form Naruto's eyes turned completely red and he let out a burst of chakra with a feral roar.
"Oh crap!" Killer Bee yelled.
This caused the feral Naruto to turn to him and charge at the Kumo nin.
"Naruto wait! Stay in control!" Bee tried to reason with him but to no avail as Naruto continued his charge.

"Ohh my head, what happened?" Naruto asked while rubbing the bump on his head.
"Well you lost control but luckily I was able to knock you out before you caused too much damage." Bee responded casually.
"Oh lucky me" Naruto said sarcastically.
Bee's voice then took on a serious tone. "Listen Naruto. Your dangerous when you lose control of Kyuubi."
"Yeah, I know that's why I'll train hard everyday then me and Kyuubi will be just like you and Hachibi!" Naruto interrupted.
"That's what I was talking to you about. Once I leave, you cant train with Kyuubi's chakra alone. If you lose control and I'm not here to stop you, people can and will get hurt." Bee explained
"But I can master Kyuubi if I have enough time!" Naruto protested.
"And I believe you can Naruto, but not without me to guide you and protect you from yourself, so promise me you wont try and go past 2 tails without me."
"But if I cant control Kyuubi's chakra the people of Konoha wont ever stop hating me." Naruto tried to reason.
"And if you lose control and hurt or kill people then they will hate you even more so promise me you wont go past 2 tails." Bee fired back.
"I guess your right, OK Bee I promise you I wont go past 2 tails." Naruto finally agreed.
"Good, and I promise you that if your ever in Kumo use Kyuubi to find me and I'll train you even more." Bee responded.
"There's even someone in Kumo who I think would love to meet you" Bee added "OK lets continue training, then we can go get some ramen,OK?


Its been one week since Killer Bee returned to Kumo and after he left as promised Naruto's Bijuu training came to a grinding halt.
With nothing else to do that day Naruto was walking towards Ichiraku's to get some ramen. 'Man now that Bee-sensei is gone I cant train with you anymore.' He thought to Kyuubi.
"On the bright side you completely mastered the novice forms of the fox-fist style."
'I guess your right but still-' His thought was cut short when he saw a man with a mane of white hair peeking into the hot springs.
"Hey! Old man! Stop peeking at the women in the hot springs!" Naruto shouted.
From inside the hot springs screams and shouts of anger could be heard. The 'old man' immediately jumped up and turned around only to find Naruto firmly standing in his way preventing his escape.
"Hey kid move!" The man shouted.
"No! I'm standing right here so these women can catch you!" Naruto said valiantly
"Don't you know who I am kid?" The man said while puffing out his chest and striking a quick pose.
"Am I supposed to?" Naruto asked while tilting his head slightly.
"Of course you are! I am the toad sage Jiraiya of the legendary Sannin!" Jiraiya said proudly.
"Oh no, not another one of you sannin jerks, last time I met one of you that snake bastard tried to kill me!" Naruto said while getting in his fighting stance.
"Wait what snake bas-" Jiraiya started to ask until he heard the crowd of women leaving the hot springs.
"Uh-oh kid time to go!" He yelled while grabbing Naruto by the collar of his shirt and jumping away.
"Hey let me go!" Naruto protested.

After surviving the hot springs incident the two walked around town while Naruto told the toad sage all about his battle with Orochimaru.
"So let me get this straight, you fought my old teammate, Orichimaru of the legendary sannin" Jiraiya asked dumbfounded.
"That's what jiji told me" Naruto responded coolly.
"And you were able to fend him off, alone, until help arrived" The toad sage continued.
"Mhm" Naruto said
"Then, after that fight you went on to continue the chuunin exams, defeat your opponent, and advance to the third round?"
"You got it" Naruto answered.
"And you did this all without formal training with your team sensei" Jiraiya asked somewhat angrily.
Naruto's face then took on a sour expression.
"Yeah, but I still trained hard and got stronger without him then I ever could training with him."
"So you really feel like you don't need him" Jiraiya asked with a grin.
"After all this no way!" Naruto responded strongly.
"Hey Naruto listen, we still have a little time before the exams and since I was put in the same situation as you when I was younger why don't I train you?"
"Well are you strong?" Naruto asked
Jiraiya smirked, bit his thumb, slammed his hand onto the ground and in a puff of smoke stood atop a huge orange toad.
"Am I strong? Kid I am the great Jiraiya! One if the legendary sannin,the toad sage of mount myobokuzan, super pervert extraordinaire!"
Naruto facepalmed and asked again "So are you strong?"
Jiraiya faceplanted off the toad and simply responded "Yes I am very strong."
"Good then lets train!" Naruto shouted
"Hold your horses buddy, first I need you to sign this" Jiraiya then pulled a large scroll from his waist and unrolled it.
"What is it?" Naruto questioned
"This is a summoning contract, if you sign it you will be able to summon toads like I can." Jiraiya then explained how to sign then asked Naruto to sign it.
Naruto then signed the contract but as he finished his name disappeared. "What happened?" Naruto asked
'It's not gonna work' kyuubi sighed
'Why not?" Naruto asked
'Jinchuuriki cannot sign contracts due to us sealed inside you' Said the fox
Naruto mentally nodded and told Jiraiya he couldn't sign the contract.
the contract, many consider the toads to be the strongest contract." Jiraiya told him
"Yeah, sorry but I'm sure" Naruto assured him
Strangely Jiraiya smiled, nodded and accepted his choice easily and without much protest.
"OK now lets train!" Naruto shouted again excited to be training once more.
"Actually we start tomorrow" Jiraiya told him.
"What why?" Naruto asked
"Because I have a few more hot springs to go to" He answered with a wide grin.
'Freaking perv' Naruto and Kyuubi thought at the same time.
(Next Day)
"OK Naruto, before we begin have you ever felt a second chakra source inside you?" Jiraiya asked
"Oh you mean Kyuubi?" Naruto told him
"Yes i did, so you know about him?"
"Yeah, before i became a genin my old teacher Mizuki told me about him when he tried to steal the forbidden scroll." Naruto explained.
"OK then since you already know we're gonna teach you how to use his power" Jiraiya said while unwrapping his scroll "Now i have a demon chakra seal here just in case-"
"Actually i already know how to use his power" Naruto said while entering the 1-tailed state. "See? Totally in control" Naruto confirmed
Shocked Jiraiya asked "How can you do that?"
'You cant tell him the truth because you promised Bee you would keep it a secret' Kyuubi reminded him
"Well uh I um, I made an agreement with Kyuubi because if I die he dies so he agreed to help me on certain occasions." Naruto answered nervously.
"Gah! OK since my first two options for training were no good i do have one thing left i could teach you but it's probably to difficult for you to learn." Jiraiya told him while walking away.
Naruto took the bait and shouted "Hey pervy sage get back here! I bet i could learn anything you throw at me!"
"Ohoho determined i see, well...OK I'll teach you a technique the fourth Hokage himself created" Jiraiya told the blond
"Really?" "What is it what is it what is it?" Naruto said excitedly while hopping from foot to foot.
"Well, it's called the Rasengan and the first step is rotation..." Jiraiya started.

Today is the day for the third and final round of the Chuunin exams so Naruto and Jiraiya were standing outside the arena where it would be taking place.
"This is it Naruto, you ready?" Jiraiya asked
"You bet I am, are going to stay and watch?" Naruto replied
"Sorry I can't I have serious business to attend to." Jiraiya responded
"Your missing out on me becoming a Chuunin so you go perv on women aren't you?" Naruto said angrily.
"Heh, not this time, I'm heading off for official business from the Hokage, since Orichimaru's been sighted I need to get on his trail before it goes cold." Jiraiya told him.
"OK I believe you, sorry I have to go now my match is gonna start soon" Naruto said while walking to the arena.
Jiraiya wished him luck and headed off for his mission.
As Naruto was walking to the competitors booth he was stopped by a voice calling out to him.
"Naruto! Wait up!" A voice he knew to be Sakura's called out to him. He turned to see his pink-haired teammate jogging towards him.
"Hey Naruto, you ready for this?" She asked him
He grinned widely and said "You bet I'm ready! I've been training all month for this!"
She was about to ask him what kind of training he could've done without Kakashi but then they heard the proctor announce that Naruto's match was starting.
"Sorry gotta go I have a match to win!" He said while turning to go into the arena.
"Good luck!" She yelled to him before he was out of hearing range.
'Your going to need it to beat my Sasuke' Inner Sakura added mentally.
'Oh shut up' Sakura told her inner self.
"You guys ready?" The proctor asked the two opponents, when both nodded he added "Listen you are both Konoha ninja, there is no need for killing each other just to prove a point,understand"
Both boys knew he was directing this more towards Neji than he was Naruto but Naruto just told him to start the match.
The proctor nodded and announced to the crowd "Ladies and gentlemen the fight between Neji Hyuuga and Naruto Uzumaki will...Begin!" He yelled while jumping out of their way.
Naruto jumped backwards while summoning five shadow clones to attack Neji. The young Hyuuga quickly activated the byakugan and easily dispatched all five clones with jyuuken strikes
'OK the byakugan can see 360° around the user so if I make 360 clones he can't fight them all off at once' Naruto thought to himself and satisfied with his plan he created 360 shadow clones to charge at Neji who this entire time was just standing still while in his family's stance.
Up in the stands all of the Jonin were shocked at the sheer amount of clones he just created.
"Holy crap Kakashi what have you been teaching this kid" Asuma asked still slightly in shock.
"Uh well" Kakashi started before he was cut off by Sakura
"He wouldn't know he's only been training Sasuke since the exams were announced." She told rookie 9 and their sensei's who looked at him disapprovingly.
"Well, see with the sharingan Sasuke was the only one who I could teach my techniques to who could use them properly." Kakashi tried to explain
Back down in the fight Naruto's clones had surrounded Neji and with a yell all charged at once.
'Yes! Got him' Naruto thought before he heard Neji yell kaiten!
Neji spun around while releasing chakra creating a protective dome that eliminated the clones as they touched it. As all the clones dispersed they left a plume of smoke around Neji, effectively blocking him from view.
'This is my chance' Naruto thought 'With that smoke blocking his view he doesn't know where I am but I know where he is' Naruto sidestepped to his left then charged Neji's last known position.
'Heh, I can probably win this match without you' he thought to Kyuubi
'Idiot'' Kyuubi thought back
'Hey no need to be a-' Naruto began
"8-Trigrams 64 palms!" Neji yelled as the smoke dispersed
The crowd watched as Neji performed the Hyuuga's prized technique on Naruto. A few looked away in shock,others cheered Neji on,the majority though, watched in awe as the Hyuuga clan's genius performed this technique to perfection.
"You can see it now can't you?" Neji began as he stood opposite Naruto "These eyes of mine show me many things. One thing they've shown me… people's limitations are set, fixed, and unchangeable. Only a fool wastes his time trying to become something he can never be!"
"Well" Naruto began to say as he stood up "I guess im a fool then, because I will change my so-called destiny and I'll start by defeating you!"
Neji, infuriated by what Naruto is saying rips off his headband to reveal the caged bird seal. "Do you see this mark? It was my destiny to receive this mark just because my father was born just seconds after his brother, condemning him to be a branch member"
Naruto then revealed the seal that held back Kyuubi "You think you were the only one forced to be sealed? My seal caused me to be hated by the entire village and I know for a fact there are 8 other people out there who were hated just as much as I was."
Naruto crouched onto all fours and entered his 1-tailed state. "So enough with your sob story, you have the caged bird seal so deal with it just like i learned to deal with my seal, use it to make you stronger and show the Hyuuga's they should have never branded you."
Up in the stands the Jonin were panicking thinking Naruto lost control and Kyuubi was breaking free.
"Wait, look he doesn't seem to be out of control" Kurenai whispered to the other Jonin.
"OK, but if he gets another tail we have to stop him" Asuma whispered to his comrades who readily agreed.
Naruto charged at Neji while making 2 clones on either side of him both clones grabbed onto the original and rocketed him forward.
Neji saw Naruto speeding towards him and thought 'Fool'
"Kaiten!" Neji shouted
'OK he's spinning clockwise so...' Naruto thought to himself and began to spin counter-clockwise. Demon Fox Buzzsaw! Naruto spinning at high speeds crashed into Neji's chakra dome and slowly began to cut through.
'Its working' Naruto thought'
'My ultimate defense is being broken!' Neji screamed inside his head.
Naruto finally cut through Neji's Kaiten and slammed Neji into the stadium wall effectively knocking him unconscious.
Naruto withdrew from his 1-Tailed state as the proctor announced his victory.
"I thought you didn't have to use me" Kyuubi grinned in Naruto's head
'Yeah yeah he was stronger than I thought he would be.' Naruto responded
"Will Sasuke Uchiha and Gaara of the Desert come down to the arena!" The proctor called out.


As Naruto walked up the stairs, Sasuke was on his way down to his fight.
"Hey, try not to lose this one because your the one I want to fight the most." Naruto said while still walking up.
Just before he was going to walk into his aisle he heard Sasuke say "I wont lose, not to him and there's no way I'll lose to you, so you better be ready."
Naruto nodded and continued to his seat where he was greeted his fellow genin.
"Holy crap Naruto, where did you learn that technique?" Kiba asked
"Well uh it just kinda came to me i guess." Naruto answered
Back down in the arena the proctor announced "Sasuke Uchiha V.S Gaara of the desert!" He jumped away and immediately Sasuke jumped forward, screamed "Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!" and shot a huge fireball towards Gaara.
Sand rose up in front of Gaara to block the fireball then the sand formed into a volley of spears which fired at Sasuke.
'Shit, gotta move' Sasuke thought. In a blur Sasuke dodged all the spears and completed another set of handsigns. "Earth Style: Mud- Before he could finish Gaara's sand wrapped itself around his legs and slammed him into the wall. Sasuke slowly got up and looked at Gaara with an evil stare.
"Come and get me Uchiha! I must defeat you to kill the fox!" Gaara screamed crazily at Sasuke.
Again Sasuke blurred away with Garra's stream of sand following close behind him.
"How did he get so fast?" Guy asked Kakashi
"Well, I had him copy Lee's style and we just trained with weights from there" Kakashi answered "Also i taught him my special technique which he was able to add his own idea to. Look! he's using it now" Kakashi added proudly
"Wait you taught him that technique?" Guy yelled "That is not a technique for a genin!" Kakashi ignored him and watched his prize student perform his adapted technique.
Back in the fight Sasuke had just completed a long set of hand signs while dodging and weaving away from Gaara's sand. "Twin Chidori!" Sasuke screamed out and not one, but two crackling Chidori's appeared in his hands.
Gaara responded by sending a wave of sand to cover him. The Uchiha sprinted straight toward the wave and cut right through it with his chidori. 'It's an easy win with my ultimate technique' Sasuke thought to himself. The sand wrapped around his foot and threw him backwards but he flipped, landed on his feet, and continued his sprint towards Gaara.
All the sand compacted around Gaara into a sphere. "Sand defense again? I'll just cut right through it!" Sasuke yelled and charged forward.
Both Chidori hit their mark and pierced right through Gaaras sand and in the process got both hands trapped in the sand.
"Hahahahaha!" Dark laughter could be heard from inside the sphere. Sasuke desperately tried to pry his arms free as the laughter became darker and colder. Suddenly the sand exploded and sent Sasuke flying backwards into a nearby tree.
Gaara stood in place of the sphere and willed the sand to crash into Sasuke sending him through the tree.
"Why isn't he moving?" Ino yelled, worried for 'her' Sasuke
"The twin chidori is an A possible S-rank technique, even after all our training he only has enough chakra to use it once before he is exausted, right now he is at his limit." Kakashi answered while gripping his book tighter.
Sand wrapped around Sasuke's leg and flung him around like a rag doll. Finally he was pinned to the stadium wall and was slowly being crushed.
"Lucky for you Uchiha I no longer want your blood." He told Sasuke as he was slowly losing conciousness. "Where is the Uzumaki? His blood is the one mother wants!" Gaara yelled
Back in the stands everyone looked at Naruto who was beginning to sweat.
"Damn Naruto what did you do to him?" Kiba asked him
"I didnt do anything I swear!" Naruto told him
'Actually that's my fault' Kyuubi said while chuckling.
'What why?' Naruto asked
'Well he's mad at me because he was the weakest of all the tailed beasts while i was the strongest, and you better believe i made sure he knew it' Kyuubi told him
'You bullied him?' Naruto asked dumbfounded
'No, he's just never won a fight against any of the 9 which made him pretty angry at all of us tailed beasts. So he feels if he beats me he will prove himself as the strongest.' Kyuubi explained
'Great' Naruto thought
Gaara released the sand and Sasuke fell to the ground unconscious. Kakashi appeared beside him as the proctor announced Gaara's victory and brought him up to the stands.
"Is he okay?" Sakura asked
"He'll be fine he just out of chakra and a couple of bruises, luckily Gaara wants Naruto instead of him" Kakashi answered
"What the hell is wrong with you, he wants to kill me!" Naruto screamed
"Uh sorry that came out wrong" Kakashi replied
"What are you gonna do Naruto? Your match is starting now" Kiba asked
"Well I'm gonna go down there and win" Naruto said simply
"There's no way you can win if Sasuke couldn't even beat him!" Sakura yelled "Please Naruto don't go down there, you heard Gaara you'll get killed!"
"I bet you guys thought i couldn't beat Kiba, and i know for a fact all of you thought i wouldn't beat Neji, so I'm gonna prove you wrong once again by beating Gaara." Naruto said strongly.
Both Jonin and genin were silent as they knew Naruto was right. "OK then, when i win you guys all owe me ramen!" He yelled at them while jumping down to his match.
"Yep, he's gonna win" Kiba said simply.
(In the Arena)
"Ladies and Gentle the final match of the chuunin exams will be Naruto Uzumaki of Konoha!" Boos and yells could be heard from the entire stadium except for the rookie 9 who tried their best to cheer for him. "VS Gaara of the Desert from Suna!" Cheers from the entire stadium, including the Konoha citizens could be heard for Gaara. The Konoha citizens hoping for a chance to finally have the demon killed legally.
'Okay, a great start to my match' Naruto thought
"Want me to kill them? It would be soo easily to crush all of them right now. They would probably taste delicious." Kyuubi told Naruto while licking his lips.
'No you cannot kill and eat them, now or ever!' Naruto screamed in his head.
"Fine" Kyuubi said sadly.
"Begin!" The proctor yelled.
Sand burst from around Gaara's feet and crashed into Naruto before he could even move. Naruto was sent flying backwards while all Gaara's sand once again formed around him, but now it slowly formed around his right arm, half his face and lower back which formed a tail. His eyes became yellow and his right arm turned into a sandy claw.
"I KILL YOU UZUMAKI! Gaara roared.
'What the hell is that!" Naruto shouted "That is a jinchuuriki's partial transformation, he seems to already be losing control of Shukaku so take him out quickly before things get out of hand" Kyuubi warned.
'Alright i got this' Naruto thought while activating his 1-tailed cloak and charging forward.
Gaara extended his arm towards Naruto who ducked at the last second and wrapped his tail around the sand arm and pulled Gaara in close. Gaara responded by letting his arm become loose sand and willed it to return to him. Naruto charged Gaara and was able to get a punch to his stomach in sending him sprawling back. Gaara influenced by Shukaku was angered by the fact 'Kyuubi' even got one hit in lost control. Gaara began a series of hand signs, yelled Feigning Sleep Technique! and collapsed to the ground.
"What the hell? Did i win?" Naruto thought out loud. "Holy crap i won! Yes!" Naruto jumped in the air so happily he didn't notice two things.
One, the feathers appearing out of nowhere and falling to the ground.
Two, the amount of sand suddenly covering Gaara's body.
"Naruto!" He turned to see Ino, Sakura, and Hinata jump into the arena. "Hey guys come to congratulate me for my win?"
"No! Konoha is under attack by Suna! The exams where just a diversion!" Sakura yelled.
"Wait, there's no way Suna would waste their jinchuuriki by letting him lose which means..." Kyuubi began
"Oh no this cannot be good" Naruto turned to see what once was Gaara but now the 1-tailed demon Shukaku standing in all his glory. Shukaku looked down at Naruto and yelled "Finally Kyuubi i will kill and take my place as the strongest of the tailed beasts!" He raised his foot above Naruto and the girls and slammed down.
The genin and their sensei who were fighting off Suna nin looked in horror as they were crushed.
"HINATA! NO!" Kurenai screamed. They all jumped down next to Shukaku's foot to try and lift it up.
"HAHAHA Finally Kyuubi is dead and i am the strongest tail-"
"Shut up!" Naruto screamed
"What the hell?" Kiba yelled "Did anyone else hear Naruto's ghost?"
"I am not dead you bastard!" Naruto yelled in his 3-Tailed state while using both hands and all 3 tails to stop Shukaku's foot from crushing them. With a roar and a burst of chakra he pushed with all his strength and lifted Shukaku's foot causes him to stumble backwards of off them and crash into the arena wall.

"I got Shukaku, you guys defend Konoha!" Naruto screamed still in his 3-tailed state shocking both the Jonin and genin. They nodded and jumped out to evacuate the civilians.

Naruto ran on all fours up the side of the now standing Shukaku his chakra claws causing tiny pricks of pain in Shukaku's side.

'OK how do we defeat him?'

"Shukaku controls his jinchuuriki through sleep so if we wake Gaara Shukaku should lose control." Kyuubi said

'OK, where's Gaara then' Naruto asked

"He should be in the head his seal leaking chakra to the rest of his body" Kyuubi told him

Shukaku tried swatting Naruto away but he was able to jump off and use his tails attach to Shukaku's arm. Still on all fours Naruto sprinted to Shukaku's face and grabbed his left eye, dug his claws in, and pulled.

"Get off me Kyuubi!" Shukaku roared and grabbed onto Naruto and pulled him off, in the process ripping out his own eye which Naruto still held. "Aaaarrrggghhh!" Shukaku screamed in pain. Yellow bubbling chakra flowed out of his eye socket and the left part of his face crumpled to the ground revealing Gaara suspended in sand.

'There he is!' Naruto thought and again started to make his way up to the head.

Shukaku responded by covering his body with sand spikes, many of them almost piercing Naruto. Distracted by the spikes Naruto slowed his ascent just enough to allow Shukaku to grab him.

"Agh! Let me go!" Naruto screamed as Shukaku's hand slowly started to crush him.

"Finally Kyuubi today is the day I WILL have your blood" Shukaku relaxed the grip in his hand just slightly so he could have more force in his grip but he relaxed it just enough to allow Naruto to push with his tails to wrench open Shukaku's hand and dart onto his arm.

Naruto jumped from Shukaku's shoulder to his face while he tried to grab Naruto out of the air.

'Okay, first step rotation' An unstable sphere of chakra started to form.

'Next step power' The unstable sphere compressed and became a stable ball of pure chakra.

"Rasengan!" Naruto slammed the rasengan into Gaara's chest effectively waking him up.

"Yes! He's Awake!" Naruto shouted. Then Naruto felt the pull of gravity finally realizing was up in the air.

"Oh crap!" Naruto and Gaara crashed into the ground. Landing within 5 feet from each other.

"How did you get so strong?" Gaara asked "I heard them boo you, why did you fight so hard to protect the village?"

"Heh, yeah they hate me but I fought so hard to earn their respect." Naruto responded "I met another jinchuuriki like us except his village loves him because he can control his bijuu. So I want to be like him, I thought if I can learn to control Kyuubi maybe I can gain the village's respect and maybe even become Hokage!" Naruto finished.

" a good goal, thank you." Gaara said while drifting into unconsciousness.

"No problem hopefully we can both learn to control our bijuu." Naruto said while joining him in unconsciousness.


"He's waking up!" Naruto heard a voice say. "Move aside let me check his vitals" a new voice said

Naruto opened his eyes to see 3 people the first was Jiraiya, the second was a young woman with black hair with a pig in her arms, the third was a light-skinned woman with light brown eyes and straight blonde hair.

"Hey pervy sage, where am I and who are they?" Naruto asked

"Well kid your in the hospital and this is my old teammate Tsunade and her apprentice Shizune." Jiraiya answered.

"How long have I been here?" Naruto asked again

The woman identified as Tsunade answered "You've been here a week, ever since the attack on Konoha."

"Oh yeah! What happened after I beat Gaara?" Naruto questioned

"A lot Naruto, we won but...the old man is gone." Jiraiya said sadly

"Gramps is dead? How?" Naruto asked with tears in his eyes.

Jiraiya then explained Orochimaru's plan and the battle between student and sensei.

"Also Naruto, your friend Sasuke... he" Jiraiya started

"Oh, no! Is he OK?" Naruto said worriedly to leave alright" Jiraiya added.

"Well,-" Jiraiya started

"Sasuke abandoned the village approximately two hours ago." Tsunade said bluntly

"What! I have to go get him!" Naruto screamed

"Shikamaru and his team just left, if you leave now you could-" She started but Naruto was already out the door.

"Jiraiya, i came back for this kid. Something i said i would never do, i hope he's worth it" Tsunade said sturnly

"Oh, believe me Naruto is just like his father and with the 9-tails i truly believe he will be the best Hokage Konoha has ever had." Jiraiya answered