The stars buzzed around me, going at top speed. They were like tiny beams of light, whispers of a rumor long gone, floating past as if carried on a wind. I felt…alive. But what was alive? I could feel my hands, my legs, my arms, my head, my heart…but there was no pain. I was so accustomed to pain, but there was none. Not even after my final battle. Was it my final battle? I wasn't so sure…was this the end? Where was I? I knew I'd wake up sooner or later in the ruins of 3S…I was sitting in dead space, floating.

"Well, well. You finally come here."

The voice came from the man with the goatee and porkpie-like hat, sitting in fine jacket and dress shirt just like me, floating in space. I did not know who he was, but I had seen him before.

"I…excuse me?"

"Nat Somers? You are here, finally. The prophecy of the zombie pigmen speak of you…and that prophecy has been fulfilled completely," the mysterious figured spoke.

"And you are?"

"I? I am your creator…you refer to me as the 'Blessed Creator', but that sounds a little…well, kiss-ass. Please, call me Notch. I am your creator, of course." I knew the figure now—the reliefs in the local churches, of the Holy Pickaxe, of the ancient race of humans first created on earth, and of Notch, the benevolent Creator.

"So…you're the Creator? But…"

"I'm sure you're full of questions. But first off, you're dead." Notch seemed very content with my death; I wasn't sure how to answer.

"Wait…I'm…dead? Like, dead, dead?" I asked, confused.

"You are dead. As dead as dead can be, your mortal life is ended. That is the fulfillment of the prophecy."

"But…the prophecy never spoke of—"

"Of course it did," Notch cut me off, albeit rather politely. "Elder Cassius just never mentioned it to you. You were supposed to die—neither of you, neither the Usurper nor the Warrior could live. It is the prophecy." He began to twiddle his hat on his finger nonchalantly, as if none of this really mattered.

"The Usurper…the Warrior…the Enderdragon and I? Neither of us can live?"

"Of course not. To bring balance, both must die. With the Enderdragon, the End was destroyed, and balance has been restored to the universe. Sacrifices must be made to obtain balance, Nat Somers," he said.

We sat in silence for a little while. I was pondering everything, and he was playing with that damned hat of his.

"Where are we?" I asked him out of nowhere. He did not seem surprised by the question.

"In time and space, everywhere and at the same time nowhere. We exist outside of all, and inside of everything. Does that make any sense at all?" I shook my head.

"Of course. I find no sense in it either. Of course, greater beings do, but…"

"Greater beings? There's greater beings than you?" I asked him, astonished. He simply chuckled, replacing the hat on his head.

"Of course there are…I simply know the basics of the universe and about what I have created. Only this universe," he chuckled.

"Only this universe?"

"Ah, yes…there are many more universes out there, controlled by those much like myself. Intangible, indecipherable, invisible, but yes, they are out there. I know that they are. You are just one of many universes. And your time in your universe has come to an end, I'm afraid." He began to rise, leaving me where I was.

"NO!" I shouted suddenly. He stopped in his tracks as a sort of doorway opened in our little area, a white light shining from it.


"Take…take me with you. Please…"

"I cannot do that, Mr. Somers," he said politely but sternly. "You are dead now. Your time has come."

He began to walk again.

"WAIT! One second!"

I fumbled in my back pocket. Sure enough, the stone was still there, protected from any marks by my InSec armor. I extended my arm to him.

"Take this, please. And—"

"Give it to her? Is this your last gasp, your last will on earth? Just for her?" Notch asked me, taking the stone.

"Y…yes. It is my will and testament to my existence. Bring it to her." I spoke, trying to remain strong. He nodded.

"I shall do it. But only that."

He began walking again, almost into the doorway.

"One more thing!" I shouted. He stopped, halfway through the dimensional door, and turned back around, pocketing the stone gently.

"Mr. Somers? One last thing?"

"Yes…am I real?" I asked him.

"Real? Are you real?"

"That's what I'm asking you. You're my creator…am I real?"

The creator himself pondered this briefly.

"You are real. And you are not real. It all depends—"

"Depends on what?" I yelled, irritated. "Am I real or not? I can't be both—"

I stopped dead in my sentence. He smiled.

"You are real if you believe that you are. If you do not believe—"

"So what if I believe that I am real? Does that just simply make me real?" I asked him, heat racing as my life neared its end.

"That it does. If you believe you are real, than this may all be a dream. Nothing more than a dream."

"A…dream?" I queried, my voice stuttering.

"Only a dream. Is it a dream, Mr. Somers?"

I wasn't sure how to answer. I was becoming so confused.

"I'm…I'm not sure…"

"This is up to you to decide. Are you in a dream, Mr. Somers?"

"Y…yes. I am in a dream," I stammered. Notch was still there, watching me closely.

"You are in a dream then…you can continue to sleep, or you may wake up. It is now your choice. I am offering you this choice."

A moment of silence. The weight of time and space seemed heavy and light at the same time.

"I…want to wake up."

"It is not what you are expecting, Mr. Somers…you expect life again, don't you?"

I did not answer.

"I want to wake up. I do not want to sleep. I want to wake up." I spoke firmly and sternly.

"Then it is settled. You must wake up…if this is a dream, you must wake yourself up."

"How do I—"

He stifled me with a simple finger to his lips, bringing me to silence.

"It is your choice. Wake up, Mr. Somers."

"Wake up."

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