Have you guys heard Damian and Cameron from the Glee Project sing 'Haven't met you yet'? I direct you back to chapter one of this fic. I totally called it ;)

I only really did half of this prompt, since the rest of it refused to be written =.=

Prompt: Puck takes Dave shopping (by my lovable Padfoot who refused to sign in to review so I don't know her actual screen-name)

"Why am I here again?"Dave rose an eyebrow as he flicked through the rail of clothes in front of him. He and Puck had known each other since they were kids, but this was the first time they'd hung out together since football camp, and that was years ago. So Dave couldn't help but be a bit suspicious.

"Because you are the only person that I know who knows how to shop. Other than Kurt. But Kurt would just ask a shit-ton of questions about why I'm buying Blaine a present and what it means for our relationship, or some shit like that."

"Why are you buying him a present?"

"Because he's my boy now. And he got a gig playing at that amusement park. And...well, since the brat won't tell me when his birthday is, I'll just get him a gift now."

"Sound logic."

"Exactly. But...I have no fucking clue what to get the curly-haired twat."

Dave sighed and wandered around the shop absent-mindedly. He stopped as something caught his eye on one of the shelves. He cautiously picked up the miniature pink carousel, carefully spinning the sparkling ceramic unicorns attached to the delicate framework. "Maybe Kurt would like this..."

Puck appeared behind Dave, casually throwing his arm around the other boy. "Dude. Your gay is showing."

Dave glared at the boy. They were the only ones who knew about each others sexualities, but Dave sure as hell wasn't happy with Puck announcing it in the middle of a crowed store. He put down the carousel and stormed off. Puck quickly chased after him, "Dude, lighten up. It was just a joke. Come on. You promised you would help me out."

sighed, he rubbed his eyes wearily. "Fine. You have one hour. Then I'm gone. I have a date with Santanna later and she'd kill me if I was late."

"You guys still doing the beard thing huh?"

"Yeah..." Dave shrugged, not wanting to talk about his current relationship dilemma.

Instead, the two of them spent the next 3 hours looking up and down the shops for the perfect present.

They eventually settled on a navy photo album for Blaine. And Dave decided to buy a scarf to give to Kurt, just for the hell of it. Because he knew Kurt liked scarves.