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Our Homefront

"And Robin?"

Kaldur's voice sounds almost like a gunshot despite the screaming of blood in her ears. Her whole body is on fire with panic. She's watching Megan barely breathing, seeing Conner and Wally gasping for air, now free from the wrath of the watery grave they faced mere moments ago. Her heart pounds, her fists grip, and she walks on all four, chimp-like, to where the raven-haired child lay, thin form unmoving.

The tiniest gasp escapes her as she notices, as she turns his face upwards, that one half of his domino mask has been torn clean off, a pale eyelid there rather than sunglasses or fabric. Artemis can't believe she may actually be seeing this. This is... real? Her head throbs a little bit.

A finger presses to his neck, where his pulse should be beating like the rhythm of a drum, thump thump thump. There's nothing. "He's not breathing!" comes the cold, strangled cry from her throat as she then covers one hand with the other, places them both on his chest, and presses down with enough force to hopefully get the water out of his lungs.

She feels Kaldur'ahm's eyes on her, silver shafts like moonlight watching her with fear.

Artemis feels tears burning her eyes. "Come on," hisses the archer through gritted teeth. "Come on, Robin." Pain bubbles up in her throat, a hot bile ready to consume her. "It's your turn to get traught, you cheeky little bastard." She pumps down on his chest again.

He still doesn't breathe. His skin is cold; his uniform is soaked and still dripping little teardrops of water. His chest does not rise nor does it fall. That eyelid remains shut, unmoving, unblinking.

"He's still-" Her voice is breaking, shattering just as her heart is. She couldn't keep her own family together and now she can't keep this one together. Tears leave long, wet stains on her cheeks. "He's still not breathing!" Anger is now flooding through her voice as she again pushes down on his ribcage. "Why isn't he breathing?" she howls in despair, unable to fathom what this team would be like without their little bird.

"Careful!" was Wally's contribution, voice worried but not as panicky as that of the blonde. "You'll break his ribcage!"

"He's not even breathing anymore, Wally!" Her voice is a mix of a hiss and a yell. A sneer is upon her lips as she again feels for his pulse. Nothing. Any pitter-patter of a heartbeat is long gone. Again, she lines up her palms and pushes down on his chest, not yet giving up hope on this. "There's no pulse!"

Then a miraculous cough. A splutter and a longer stream of coughing. Then some spitting of the disgusting sea water. "I'm good," came his harsh breath. He coughs again heavily, trying to get all the water out of his lungs. "I'm good." His face is turned away from her, eye hidden. The blue is dull and pained, but he's upright and mobile. It's a good sign. "Clearly I've nearly drowned a few too many times..." Another cough, a half-smile.

Kaldur's sighing his relief and calling down to Superboy and Kid Flash while Artemis has her arms around the kid's neck, clinging to him just to keep him there, so he can't leave her again for Death. "Then stop almost-drowning, would you?" she asks, still holding him close like a concerned mother would a child. "You nearly gave us all heart attacks!" She still hasn't let go.

A choked chuckle comes from Robin as he attempts to worm his way out of her incredibly tight grasp. A mental note is made not to piss off the archer. She had the upper body strength to rival Batman at the least. "I'll see what I can do, no promises." And he manages to pull away.

Blue. It's blue. She can't believe it for a moment, but then it hits her like a ton of bricks that she can see his eye. Blue enough to put the ocean to shame, blue enough to make even the brightest sky seem dull and lifeless. There's so much hope in those eyes that she can hardly believe he was on the brink of death only seconds ago.

He sees her face, shock penned all over it. He reaches for his face, finding one half of the domino mask absent from its usual place. He feels the torn fabric that covers his other eye. Robin pauses, contemplates a decision, and removes the rest of the mask. A faint smile touches his still cold lips. "Told you we'd laugh one day," he said weakly after giving a little cough and looking at the ground. Secret's out anyways, why lie? "Turns out it was the same day."

A pause. A faint flicker of recognition in her eyes as she hears a girl's moan as Kaldur hauls Megan up off the floor and towards Conner and Wally. "Freshman?" she asks, subconsciously aware that she knows his name, but just can't put a finger on it.

"Grayson," he says softly, putting a hand to his chest where he knows the girl fractured one of his ribs. Never piss of an archer. "Richard Grayson." The bird looks to her with his innocent blue eyes and his tired smile, knowing that he could trust her. After all, she'd just saved their lives, hadn't she?

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