AdultGameShipping (Game!Red & Beauty (Trainer Class)): named for the fact that Red is 10 and Beauty's are attractive young woman who have to be at least in their 20's. But yeah, this stupid fic makes the pairing seem jokey, hence the stupid title. (Fun fact: The Beauty class's Japanese name translates into "Adult Sister".)

Disclaimer: I don't own the Pokémon series. I only own this story.


I Need an Adult!

She was drunk. Red may have been 10 going on 11, but he knew inebriation when he saw it, and this woman was drunk. At first, he thought she had a speech impediment with the way she slurred her battle challenge from afar. But when she stumbled towards him, nearly falling over repetitively, a nearly empty bottle of alcohol fell out of her faux Arbok skin bag to her drunken giddiness. She picked up the battle and downed what was left inside of the bottle before tossing it aside into the tall grass—and Red only hoped that no innocent Pokémon was there to be hit by the glass bottle. Close up, he could see her smeared lipstick and the dual trails of mascara going down her cheeks, and the scent of alcohol wafted from her body. Good Samaritan that he was, Red couldn't let the woman walk around in this state, let alone start a Pokémon battle. So he tried to bring her back to town so she could get proper treatment from the nurse at the Pokémon Center.

He tried.

Despite not appearing muscular or strong, the drunken woman somehow managed to wrestle him to the ground and pinned him down. She started to lightly bite and kiss his neck, rubbing her hand along his leg at the same time. The sensation was enough to make Red freeze out of fear. If this had been anyone else, a thief or maybe a Rocket Grunt, he would retaliate with brute force and knock them out, but this was a woman—a drunk woman. His mother had told him not to hit ladies, and right now this was a lady who was currently not in control of her actions.

Like when she started to take off his pants.

Red began to scream, but she quickly placed a hand over his mouth to silence him. She shushed him, breathing the scent of alcohol into his face with a disturbing look in her eyes before resuming the task of taking off his pants. At this point, Red didn't know what to do. This may have been any other boy's dream, but it was horrible to him. He wondered how far she would take this, or how long it would be until the alcohol kicked in and she conked out?

This was one of those situations where little kids needed to be saved by someone…


Thank God for diligent police officers like Officer Jenny.