Farther Down the Rabbit Hole.

Round and round and round we go. Where we stop nobody knows! Down the rabbit hole, into the world of wonderland!

She had wanted a life different from hers. A world where nothing made sense. She held her book of drawings that came together in a story.

A glint of light, and so this child followed, the scent of strawberries in the air. Was that a flash of white she saw, and rabbit ears..

Curiosity defiantly getting the better of her she went...going, going. Then the road ended and yellows and greens were seen beneath the tree's leaves.

"Will you drink this?" This man offered her something and it was a vial. With a red substance, it stopped with a glass heart.

This was her chance...and before her mind could stop herself she drank the liquid with a smile dusted on her lips. Her life could change. No more learning...no more boring life.

Not long after, she felt strange...who was she? Where was she going? A hole...a big deep hole.

How long was she falling? Where could she go once she reached the bottom and who would she meet? Upside down tables, and laughing tea partied and a clock ticking backwards. A name of her own just on her lips.

Where was she from?

Where will she go?

Who was she?

Down down down, the rabbit hole.

Slowly she decided, she would fall forever never to reach a bottom. This would never end. Not even air touched her face. So many questions ran through her mind. Too many colors blinded her as she fell...

There was a floor, and strangely even though she landed on her feet it felt like she landed on her head. Air again rushed onto her cheeks roughly giving her a rude awakening.

"Welcome Alice, it's nice for you to be back." A hand was offered to her and there was an arm attached to it, and to that a shoulder, and to that a head. She couldn't she her host's face for it was hidden by the dark shadow of his hat. This girl, Alice. Her name perhaps, took this persons gloved hand. The texture scorching itself in her mind. It was silky...but the color...what was the name of it?

He was smiling, as though to praise her for taking his hand and soon others arrived to greet her.

"Alice, come play with me!" Said Tweedledee, and his twin Tweedledum not far behind. Strangely these names floated so easily in her mind, and yet her own wasn't anywhere to be found. Maybe it was Alice?

Such confusing thoughts were soon forgotten as she was torn to this interestingly strange present.

"It'll be fun! We waited for such a long time for you to come back to play! You almost missed tea!"

"Is that so...? I apologize." The voice, Alice, spoke with was so far away, was this her daily where she was meant to be?

Where was the exit? Soon she was whisked away through a maze as she followed the twins and their tails coats. Their dark heads running through the maze taking her somewhere. You would think the twin brothers were fat...but if you looked at them truly they weren't at all...thin children...so very thin. Their coats were colorful of oranges and reds. Both smiles were lit with a mischief, and they sat at a table never seeming to end.

"Welcome Alice." There was a boy...a boy with ears and tails of a cat, and smiling. Have you ever seen a cat smile...?

"So you made it safely down the rabbit hole?" His smooth voiced asked. It coated with honey and he touched this Alice's cheek.

Again a nod came to her head, and a breeze came to her ruffling the leaves around them. Why was she so easily able to trust them?

People were talking...so much talking and soon her ears were filled with laughter. Her laughter. What was so funny?

Maybe because she didn't have to be in the waking world...there was no need to be proper here. Absolute no need for manners.

"Would you like some more tea?" Said a man with hay colored hair.

"Why of course Elliot!" Said she and again laughter filled her ears. Elliot...the name rolled off her lips so easily, and there was a trumpet call and everything was quiet for a fleeting moment crushing the eardrums along with it.

"Blood is having you at his place! Will you go?" That name...a familiar name, and this new girl Alice sipped at the hot tea that trickled down her throat soothing her body.

"Possibly..." Why would she go? She did not know.

But whatever waited for her there

was farther down the rabbit hole.

Hello everyone! I hope you all appreciated the one-shot I made. Well...should I keep it a one-shot? I'm thinking of things to write for it...but if no one wants to read it then there really is no use...Oh well! ^~^ Remember: Read Review and Rainbows need Rain! Will you walk a little faster...said a whiteing to a snail...there's a porpoise...