A name A name, what is in a name?

A name, A name, what is in a name? Is for lame, or is it for game? She tried to remember. She tried. All she found was emptiness.

Her way on the road seemed long, much longer than that of normalcy. What was it about longness? It took almost forever down the hole...and now the road was almost beating it ten fold...and something was nagging at the back of the girl, called Alice's mind.

There was just something, something...but then there was nothing, and so the process continued.

A rustle of leaves, was disturbed in the darkness, making this girl, perhaps Alice stop along her way down this unnaturally long road, when a person came up.

"Ace.." This girl spoke in a daze. What was it about it that struck a memory, a dream...of lonieness, but nothing more. It was something she couldn't remember, a name...what was it...?

"Alice..?" Ace said, his eyes shining with concern. "You alright?" Again, just another voice, calling her by Alice. This man, Ace. He reminded her of someone. Someone important.

"I'm fine Ace." Though try as she might, she did not feel alright. As though something were missing, that she were trying to look for.

"Well then, it's time to go to the palace!" Ace cheerfully stated, but there was something odd about him saying that, and it almost comforted her; when suddenly she remembered.

"But I'm to accompany Blood..." This girl, Alice stated, and Ace waved her off. "Blood will only place you in a room for the night, if we go to the palace we can have some real fun~"

A breeze went by and some understanding passed between the two. Ace was trying to cheer her up. This lonely girl, the one everyone seems to call 'Alice'. Ace held out his arm, then something told her to take it.

As they walked, this girl constantly had to tell them the way. More than once, this boy ace insisted on taking a route through the woods.

"Ace, you'll just get lost if you go in there." Alice said, but to no avail, he promised his return in a few minutes, for her to be left alone once more.

Once again the familiar feeling crept inside her, but she didn't want the feeling. She wanted to forget it and wished she never tried to remember. That's when she felt the tear and she shook a little bit trying to get the tears over with.

When she was hiccuping from her finished tears, she froze, the feeling of someones hands on her shoulders warned her mind someone was behind her. Then, the hands moved to her eyes, blocking what little light there was; creating a private room of darkness.

"Don't cry..." Said the mystery voice. "There is no reason why." She was released and she turned around to see nothing. Leaves moved, as though someone had been there, walking...

A sigh came to this girl and she shook her head, deciding to wait for Ace. He said he'd come back. Yet she held this feeling inside of herself that no...he wasn't coming back for her at all...

She sat under a lamppost and waited for her knight return, it seemed that hours passed, and she began to feel cold. The air was crisp...but she clearly recalled it being warm earlier in the day...

Slowly her consciousness began to slip under the darkness, and she sighed. Sleep would defiantly be nice, if not for the fact she was extremely uncomfortable in the cold...

Alas, she lost the battle and she went into the comforting clutches of sleep.

In this dream, there was a little girl. In a ring of light watching others play in others rings of light. She was average, and had brown somewhat, thick hair that was tied in ponytail with a bow.

No one was playing with her. This little girl noticed the Alice, and she smiled a little. "I have no name." She said. "I am one with purpose and yet I have no name. You, at least have a name. Can you tell it to me...?"

This Alice was about to tell this young child that she was Alice, but something stopped her. If she told her name was Alice, would that not be a lie...? Then she frowned in this dream, and went to the little girl. The walk through the dark sent shivers of fear down her spine. When she reached the calmness and lightness of the ring, after the horrid trek through the thick dark. The nameless girl stared up at her with wide eyes and she smiled.

"You came into my light. Now I must know your name."

Yet again, the so called Alice was a loss of words. She thought about it, and said her words carefully. "I do not have a name either...but the ones who I hold dear, call me Alice."

"Alice." The girl said in confusion. "Alice of wonderland?" She said, and the girl nodded. "If you are Alice...then who will I be?"

This Alice frowned. "Make your own name." The Alice decided.

"But I don't know many names, and all the ones I think of are taken." That was indeed a predicament. The Alice placed a hand on the small girl's shoulder and smiled down at her.

"Then make your own. Find a word that suits you, and that will be your name."

The girl thought and she sighed. "Then I will be Lonely. For that is what suits me."

Then she faded away, to where this Alice could only see a man. This man had shoulder length hair and an eye patch. "This is your nightmare. I have created your worst fear."

Alice, as she thought of herself now, was confused. "Why would seeing a nameless girl be a nightmare?"

"The point is not the girl, but you...Alice. She is you, if you didn't recognize her." He grinned and leaned forward and tapped her nose.

This confused the Alice. What did that mean..?

"You'll figure it out." Then he too faded, and the girl was left to darkness. Her own darkness, then she began to shiver. She was cold...very cold.

What was the matter with her..? Someone grabbed her hand, pulling her from the darkness, and she was pulled to the surface.

She looked behind her and there was the land of wonder...she was leaving behind, Dum, Dee, Eliott, and everyone else. Even Ace. What about his promise? What will he find in her place? Another Alice?

What did it matter...that wasn't her name. Now she knew that.

The hand still pulled and then she was out, and when she opened her eyes, it was snowing and when she looked up, her love stared back as he held her close.

"That was a close one Bethany...be more mindful of where you sleep." The strong resemblance of her love and Ace was striking, but then again...maybe not.

Bethany Alice Lolenheart. That was her name. That was the journey...her name...for the fun a a game, in Wonderland.

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