"Another order of these disgustingly addictive things you call Chili Fries that could hardly pass for sustenance on my planet." Demanded a boy with shockingly white and glowing red eyes while shoving a grease covered plastic tray through the ordering window.

The pimply faced teenager who was currently taking working at the Nasty burger glanced up from his magazine to acknowledge the customer. "You again? You've already had five orders, dude. You need to chill."

Albedo's eyes flared up in anger and he slammed his fist on the counter, effectively causing the teen to jump back to surprise. "I demand you to give me what I ordered!"

The teen held up his hands in surrender. "Fine, dude! Whatever you say." He left and came back minutes later with a plastic tray piled high with the delicious Chili Fries that Albedo hated so much. Albedo grabbed it and threw the money at the cashier's face before stalking back to his table that was secluded in the shadow of the restaurant. He threw himself down onto the bench and proceeded to cram the fries into his mouth. Oh how he hated them. Oh how he couldn't resist them thanks to this stupid teenage body. This stupid teenage body that constantly gave him the urge to stuff his face with junk food and sleep all day.

Speaking of urges…Albedo took a green cell phone from his jacket and hit a button so that the screen lit up, displaying a picture of none other than the famous Ben Tennyson in his signature green jacket, standing with his hands in his pockets and smiling sheepishly, as if he didn't really want the picture taken. Albedo had stolen Ben's phone about a week ago to prepare for the plan that was in his head.

Albedo had found, along with his obsession of Chili Fries and a need to lie in bed all day, this new urge. An urge to touch somebody, to fulfill the desires of the teenage hormones that filled his whole body and screamed at him to do something. At first he had tried to resist this urge. But as it got harder and harder to fight, Albedo realized that he didn't want to fight. Lately he had been watching Ben Tennyson, watching his every move obsessively, and the feeling was always there whenever he saw his twin.

When Albedo began to touch himself to satisfy his need, he found he liked doing so in front of a mirror where he pictured his same face except with stunningly green eyes and silky brown hair. He had done research and knew he was giving into the most animalistic part of human nature, but he just couldn't help it. He couldn't control these feelings.

He still hated Ben Tennyson with a passion though. He wanted Ben, and he wanted him to hurt. So he had come up with a plan. He was going to fulfill these sexual urges boiling up inside him, and he was going to get his revenge on the Ultimatrix wielder. He would break the green eyed boy's very soul and it would be beautiful. He had planned it all out. Ben wasn't suspecting a thing. He had merely thought he had misplaced his phone. HA! Albedo was going to have too much fun.

Clearing his throat, Albedo went to Ben's contacts and hit Gwen's number. It was essential that her and that imbecile Kevin were gone so Ben would be all alone and venerable. Just the way Albedo wanted him.

The phone rang three times before it was answered. "Ben?" he heard Gwen's voice ask.

Albedo smirked and answered. "Hey, Gwen."

"I thought you lost your phone."

"I found it under my bed." Albedo lied smoothly. "I'm not sure how it got there, but I'm just glad I found it."

"Good. So, what's up?"

"I just got a tip that the Forever Knights are up to something again." Albedo knew that the Forever Knights were constantly around, so this lie fit nicely.

Gwen sighed. "I'm really tired of those guys. What are they up to?"

"Not sure. But I think we should check it out. Probably just smuggling some more alien tech again. Do they ever do anything else?" he joked, hoping he sounded convincing. If Gwen even suspected a thing the whole plan would be ruined. Although, Albedo doubted she would. He wasn't a threat anymore. He had been deemed unimportant by the trio because he hadn't done anything in a while. But that was only because he had been planning and watching. How dare Ben think he wasn't a threat?

But no matter, no matter. That would all be changed tonight. Albedo was going to strike such fear into Ben that the green eyed boy would never forget him again. He grinned as he thought of what he was going to do to Ben. It sent shivers down his spine. He knew that Ben had a nice body. It was just like his, after all. He couldn't wait to get his hands all over it. To have Ben scream underneath him.

He was pulled out of his fantasies by Gwen's voice. He could have growled in annoyance. "No, they don't." Gwen laughed. "Do you want me and Kevin to pick you up?"

"Nah, I'll just fly there. I'll text you the coordinates, alright?" Albedo hated talking like some common teen, but it was necessary. Ben didn't talk in the same way he did. Every detail mattered.

"Okay. See you there." The call ended and Albedo texted the location of a field way out of town to Gwen. He wanted her and her imbecile of a boyfriend as far away as possible from where he was going to take Ben. Step one of the plan was complete.

Onto step two. Albedo slid the phone back into his jacket pocket and stood, walking over to the pay phone on the side of the building. He brushed aside his white hair to reveal a small ear piece in his ear. He pressed it and it blinked red. "Ben, Ben, Ben." As he said this, Albedo's voice didn't come out. Gwen's did. Grinning from ear to ear, Albedo grabbed the phone and punched in Ben's number, which he had memorized. Albedo held his breath as the ringing started, wanting to hear Ben's voice.


Albedo nearly melted. That voice so like his own. He wanted to hear Ben beg him for mercy so badly it was making his head throb. He took a deep breath and regained his composure. "Hey, Ben. It's Gwen."

"Gwen? Why aren't you calling on your phone?"

Again, Albedo already had a lie planned for his precious little Ben. "Believe it or not, Kevin broke my phone!"

"What? Why would he do that?"

"He was talking on my cell phone to one of his friends or something. You know, since his phone got destroyed when we were fighting the Forever Knights last week? But anyway, he got really mad and just crushed it. Crazy, right?"

"Yeah. Kevin really needs to learn to control his temper. Even Rath has more patience than him." They shared a laugh. "So, why'd you call?"

"Well, before he broke my phone Kevin got some information about something the Forever Nights were up to. It's probably nothing, but we should check it out."

Ben sighed over the phone. "Really? The Forever Knights again? Didn't we just deal with them?" There was a pause. "Fine. Just text me the location and I'll get there soon. I just have to call Julie and cancel our date…again."

Just the mention of that stupid girl's name made anger flare up inside Albedo. Ben was his. All his. And he would prove that by breaking him tonight. They would all know after tonight who Ben belonged to. Some insignificant human girl wasn't going to take Ben. He would be Ben's first and last. Albedo had seen that bitch touch Ben like she would be with him forever. And Ben allowed it! Albedo would fix that. Ben wouldn't want anyone touching him after Albedo was done with him. "Sorry, Ben." He said, his voice laced with fake apology. "I know you were looking forward to that."

"It's alright. She'll be really mad but…whatever. I'll meet you and Kevin soon, okay?"

"Okay, Ben. See you soon." Albedo ended the call and chuckled. This was all much too easy. Step two was complete. Now he just had to get a few things and he would be ready for the grand finale, where he would punish Ben for ruining his plans time and time again, and also mark the boy as his. It was all prefect.

Albedo went back to his shadowy table and took the phone out again and, after texting Ben the location of where the whole event would take place, he stared at the picture of the boy he so hated, but so wanted. "I'm coming for you, my little Ben." He whispered, his red eyes filling with lust. "We're going to have so much fun."


Ben held the phone in his hand even after Gwen had hung up. He was dreading what he would have to tell Julie. Every time he canceled a date she just got angrier and angrier. And so did Ben. Why didn't Julie understand he had to save the world? That was much more important than going to the movies. But not to Julie. You would think he would realize that being the girlfriend of the Ben Tennyson meant that she wasn't going to get to hang out with him all the time. But no. Everything had to be about Julie. Everything had to be about how he always took all the spotlight. Come on! She played tennis. He saved the world. Obviously he was going to get more attention than her. That was another thing. With Julie, everything was about tennis. It was all she talked about. "Come to my match, Ben.", "Look at my new tennis outfit, Ben." Ben was seriously thinking about breaking it off. If Julie couldn't handle the fact that Ben couldn't be with her every minute of every day, then this relationship wasn't going to work out.

Sighing, Ben dialed Julie's number into the home phone and waited for her to answer. He hoped she was at Tennis practice and couldn't pick up. Fortunately, luck seemed to be on his side that day. He got Julie's voicemail. At least he could avoid the fireworks for a bit.

He left a quick message, apologizing for bailing on her again and promising to take her out something soon. Then he placed the phone back on its holder and grabbed his jacket from a nearby chair. He might as well go now. He'd be a bit early, but it was better than hanging around here. He said a loud goodbye and then went outside where he turned into Jetray and took off into the sky.

Ben wished that just one day he would be able to just chill. Just for one day. It wasn't that he didn't like saving the world and going alien; he just didn't like doing to every single day. He hadn't gotten eight hours of sleep in months. It seemed like all his time was spent fighting aliens or sleeping. There just wasn't time for anything else. The pressure was definitely getting to him. Hopefully all the aliens would just take a break soon. Or at least leave Earth alone. Go attack somewhere else. At least then it wasn't immediately his problem.

After a half hour of flying, Ben landed at the place Gwen had texted him and transformed back into his regular self. He looked around for Kevin's car, but didn't see it. Maybe he had gotten here before them. This thought was cut short by a yell. "Ben!" The voice screamed, panicked. It was Gwen's voice. Without any hesitation, Ben took off into the woods where the scream had come from, his hand hovering over his watch in case of an attack.

He followed the screams further and further into the woods, until he came upon a clearing and the screams stopped. Ben glanced around, trying to see if he could spot anyone. Suddenly Ben felt very scared, despite the fact that he had his Ultimatrix. "Gwen?" he called out, receiving no answer.

Then he saw a pair of red eyes appear beside a tree. They seemed to glow in the darkness, staring at him hungrily. "Who's there?" Ben yelled, instinctively placing his hand on his watch.

The eyes seemed to laugh and then the owner stepped forward, holding a gun loosely in his hand. It was the last person Ben expected to see. "Albedo?" The features that were the same as his own turned up in an evil smirk. Ben got over his shock and shouted angrily. "Where's Gwen?"

"Where's Gwen?" said Albedo in Gwen's voice. He tapped his chin like he was thinking. He touched his ear, and when he spoke again, it was his own voice. "That's a good question, Ben Tennyson. She's not here right now. It's just you and me. All alone." An odd look flooded his doppelgänger's eyes. "All alone…" he repeated.

Ben raised his arm threateningly, showing off his Ultimatrix. "Tell me where Gwen and Kevin or so help me…"

Albedo chuckled and raised the gun, aiming it right between Ben's eyes. Ben froze. It was a gun. Not some high-tech piece of alien technology that would stun him or knock him backwards. No. The type of gun Albedo was holding was the kind that could kill. "Is the Ultimatrix faster than this gun, Benjamin?" Albedo whispered. Ben lowered his wrist, scowling at his twin. "I didn't think so." Albedo took a step forward. "Now this is how it's going to work. If you do everything I say, then I won't shoot that pretty little face. Keep in mind that if you are dead, nothing will stop me from finding your friends and killing them as well. I know where they are, Ben. But I don't want to hurt them. I just want to hurt you." The grin got wider. "Understand?"

Ben nodded slowly, knowing he didn't have a choice. He didn't want to risk Kevin and Gwen's safety. He would just have to do what Albedo asked. Ben could stand pain. It was nothing new.

"Good boy," Albedo cooed, red eyes shining. "Now, strip."

Ben nearly fell over in shock. Surely he had misheard. "W-what?" he stammered.

"You heard me, Ben. Take off your clothes. Slowly."

Anger flared up inside Ben. Albedo was crazy and sick if he thought Ben was going to do that. "Never, you sick freak!" His hand moved to his Ultimatrix again.

The bullet just grazed his head before lodging in the tree behind him. Ben yelped involuntarily and grabbed his head. Albedo was frowning, obviously disappointed by Ben's behavior. "That was a warning, Benjamin. Next time I'll aim the bullet a bit more to the left. And I won't miss when it comes to your friends." He smiled again. "Don't be shy, Ben. Give me a show."

Ben glared as he slowly slid off his jacket, angry at Albedo. He had expected a fight, maybe even torture. But this? This was crazy. Albedo watched him hungrily as Ben lifted up his black shirt revealing his pale chest, and pulled it over his head. He felt so humiliated. But he kept reminding himself what the consequences were if he disobeyed Albedo. If he tried to change into an alien the bullet would hit him mid transformation. The brunette didn't want to know what would happen then. He would probably die half alien half human, a mutant freak that would be unrecognizable.

The thought of Albedo pointing the gun at Gwen and Kevin gave him the strength to undo the button on his pants and pull them down before kicking them off. He didn't move to take off his loose green boxers. That was going too far. He looked to Albedo, begging him with his eyes to stop this. But judging from the way that the front of the alien's pants were tented, Albedo wasn't going to stop any time soon. "That's okay, Ben. I can do the rest. Just lie down on the ground stomach up."

The teen obeyed, tears forming in his eyes. Surely there had to be a way to stop this? Maybe if he could just distract Albedo for a moment he could change. Chromastone could take a bullet, no problem.

Albedo stared at Ben as he took off his own clothes, careful to keep the gun steady. When he too was in his underwear, the same as Ben's but red, he straddled Ben's waist, rubbing his crotch suggestively against Ben's. "Why are you doing this?" Ben hissed.

Albedo chuckled, a sound that was seriously starting to annoy Ben. "Well it's all thanks to you, Ben. This teenage body has been sending me these urges. I didn't understand them at first, but now I do. Ever since I started watching you I've had the desire to…well, I believe the term teens use is 'fuck'. Yes. That's it. I want to fuck you, Ben Tennyson. I want to break you and make you scream. I want to shove my cock so deep in your ass you will bleed." Albedo's voice took on an animalistic tone. He leaned down and forced his lips onto Ben's kissing him roughly. He moved his hands into his twin's silky brown hair, loving the feeling of it running through his fingers. In his shock, Ben couldn't stop Albedo from slipping his tongue into Ben's mouth.

Ben tried to struggle and Albedo became annoyed. He stopped the kiss and grabbed Ben's wrists. "Thanks for reminding me, Ben. I almost forgot." In one swift move Albedo broke Ben's wrists. Ben screamed as pain shot up his arms. The alien dropped Ben's hands and moved to Ben's neck, where he sucked hard enough to leave a mark and bit until blood slunk down the pale skin. He continued his journey down Ben's body, pausing at the nipples to lick and nip at them until they hardened and Ben let out a moan. Ben hated how his body was reacting to Albedo's touch. This was wrong. So wrong.

The white haired boy ran his tongue over the cloth covering Ben's cock, making Ben buck slightly. He kept teasing Ben, enjoying the feeling of the small body shivering underneath him. "Stop!" Ben demanded with a slight whimper. "Stop it now!"

Much to his surprise, Albedo listened to him. "You're right, Ben. I'm not here to please you. I'm here to please myself." Albedo moved until his knees were on either side of Ben's neck. He pulled down his boxers, letting out a gasp as his erection hit the cool night air. Ben could tell what was coming and he struggled with all his might. Albedo only pressed the gun against Ben's head, making the other teen fall still. He leaned forward and pressed his cock against Ben's mouth. "Open wide, Ben. Make sure you suck it well. Dare even think of biting and you will be oh so sorry…" he hit the side of Ben's head with the gun to emphasize his point.

Ben opened his mouth and Albedo thrust forward, allowing his cock to be covered in the warm, moist mouth. Ben could hardly breathe. The cock made him want to gag. Albedo threw his head back, gritting his teeth against the pleasure bombarding him. Tears poured down Ben's face in humiliation. Albedo started moving inside his mouth.

Then a phone rang. Albedo bit back a moan and looked to his jacket where the sound was coming from. He reached out and grabbed Ben's cellphone. Ben yelled at him through the cock in his mouth. So that was where his phone had gone! Albedo groaned. "Yes, Ben…keep doing that. It's only your girlfriend. You don't need her anymore. You have me. I'll just get rid of her."

Albedo hit the button to take the call and put it on speaker so it could be heard by Ben. "Hello?" He said innocently, still thrusting into Ben's mouth.

"Ben! How could you cancel another date? You promised that you would take me to the movies today! This is the third date you've canceled this week! Where are you?"

Ben tried to protest, but his attempts to talk only pleased Albedo more. He let out a loud moan. "Ben? Ben, what was that?"

Albedo laughed. "I'm cheating on you, Julie." He breathed, letting out another lust filled moan. "I'm cheating on you because you are such a bitch. You don't deserve me. You think you're so important, but you are nothing compared to me."

"You're cheating on me?" Julie whispered. Then she got angry. "What's her name? Who are you cheating on me with?"

"Not her, Julie. Him. I'm gay. I always have been. I never even liked you. You were just a cover up for me. I didn't want anyone laughing at me. But I don't care anymore. I've found somebody new. Somebody flawless. I'm never leaving him. We are perfect together. Just like Christmas." With that he hung up and tossed the phone causally to the side before returning his attention to Ben, who had tears streaming down his face. A sob went through his body, and that was what caused Albedo to explode in Ben's mouth, filling it with his seed.

He pulled out and placed his hand over Ben's mouth. "Be a good boy and swallow it, Ben."

Ben didn't want to, but eventually he had no choice because he had to breathe. He coughed and spluttered the horrible taste still on his tongue. "Please…" he begged. "Please, stop. I'll do whatever you want. Just stop."

Albedo scooted back and straddled Ben's hips again. He kissed Ben's face gently, almost lovingly. "But I haven't claimed you yet, Ben. Are you growing tired of this? Do you want me to just fuck you now?"

Ben said nothing. Albedo ran his hands over Ben's skin, sometimes digging his nails in and drawing blood. He had dropped the gun since Ben couldn't move his hands to hit the Ultimatrix anymore. "I've wanted this for so long, Ben. Tonight is almost perfect. I just have to feel what it's like to be inside you." Albedo ripped off Ben's boxers and moved his fingers to stroke Ben's cock.

Ben's body immediately reacted to the sensation without his consent. He whimpered and bucked into Albedo's hand. His clone grinned and continued to please Ben. "Come for me, Ben. Come all over my hand." It didn't take long for Ben to succumb to Albedo's demands. He coated the alien's hand with the white substance.

Albedo spread this over his own cock. He took Ben's legs and forced them apart, revealing his hole. "This is going to hurt, Ben." Albedo whispered, lining himself up with Ben's entrance. "It's going to hurt immensely. You will bleed. This is your punishment, Ben. Your punishment for thwarting my plans again and again." And then he slammed into Ben. Ben screamed at the top of his lungs as Albedo's cock ripped apart his inner walls.

"You're so deliciously tight!" Albedo growled, pulling out and thrusting back in with all his might.

Ben wanted to die. Everything hurt. He felt the blood running down his inner thighs, flowing down onto the ground. Albedo picked up a steady pace, intent on causing Ben as much pain as possible. Albedo watched Ben's face as he fucked him, grinning from ear to ear. At one point the pain was over taken with pleasure that filled Ben's whole body and made him let out a small, "oh!" But Albedo purposefully avoided that spot after that, and Ben cried. Albedo grabbed Ben's legs and put them over his shoulders and wrapped his arms around Ben's back so he could thrust deeper and faster. He let animal like grunts and moans.

The phone rang again. Albedo reluctantly grabbed it and answered. "WHAT?" he yelled, nearly overcome with pleasure.

"Ben? Where are you? Julie just called me. She seemed really upset." Gwen said.

"No, not Ben." Albedo muttered, giving a particularly deep thrust. "You want to talk to Ben? Here he is." He put the phone near Ben's head, twisting inside Ben so he was forced to scream.

"Ben! Ben, where are you? What's going on?"

Albedo put the phone back to his ear. "Come find him." He laughed and then he threw the phone from him so it smashed against a tree. He quickened his pace and bit Ben's pale shoulder hard. This went on for what seemed like an eternity to Ben until Albedo let out a scream and came painfully and violently into Ben's ass.

He collapsed on top of Ben, breathing hard. "That was amazing." He whispered. "We have to do that again sometime, Benjamin." Ben just laid under him, staring up at the trees overhead, his eyes unfocused and filled with tears. "You belong to me now, Ben. I'm going to make sure you never forget that." He pulled out of Ben and reached out to grab his jacket. From the pocket he took a sharp dagger that shined in the moonlight. He drove this into Ben's stomach, ripping out a scream from the boy's raw and bloody throat. He cut up and down, making deep letters in Ben's skin. When he was done, he licked the blood off the blade and put it back in the jacket pocket.

Albedo stood and retrieved his clothes, which he slid on. He also took Ben's clothes and held them in his arms. "I think I'll keep these. You look a lot better without them on. And they smell like you."

He got to his knees and gave Ben a fierce kiss, staring into his eyes. "I'll be visiting you again, Benjamin. You belong to me, you know. I doubt you'll want anyone else touching you." And just like that he left.

Ben couldn't find the strength to move. He had just been raped. The full force of it hit him and he shattered. It couldn't be possible. It all had to be a horrible nightmare. He couldn't have just been raped by Albedo. It was crazy. He had to be crazy for even thinking such a thing.

He didn't know how look he laid there, eyes glazed over and blood dripping down his legs, but eventually he heard voices calling his name. He couldn't answer. Kevin entered the clearing first and his mouth fell open. He tried to hold Gwen back. "I don't think you can handle it, Gwen. It's pretty bad."

"Let me see, Kevin." She pushed back the huge teen and laid her eyes on Ben. She stumbled and placed her hand over her mouth, tears in her eyes. "Ben?" she whispered.

Both of them fell to his side, and examined him. Their eyes landed on the name etched into his stomach. "Albedo? He did this to you?" Ben didn't answer. "Kevin, what happened to him?"

Kevin took off his jacket and wrapped it around the small boy, hiding his naked body. "I-I'll tell you later, Gwen. Right now we need to get him to a hospital."

"But what happened to him?" She asked as Kevin walked swiftly back to his car.

"I'll tell you later, okay?" Kevin snapped. They walked in silence back to Kevin's car, where they placed Ben in the back seat. Ben stared at them blankly the whole ride, and both Gwen and Kevin hoped that the hero of the universe wasn't permanently broken.

"He's just like me…" Ben whispered. "Just like me…"