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Warnings: This chapter contains male on male sexual situations. There will be use of toys, rimming, marking, non-con, and buttsex. If any of that bothers you, I suggest you hit the back button and find another story.

It wasn't until three weeks later that Ben was finally able to speak to anyone. After arriving at the hospital he was currently taking residence in, Ben had been unconscious for three straight days. When he'd finally awoken, he'd refused to utter a word. Not to the nurses, not to the doctors, and certainly not to the therapist he was provided, whose questions brought back horrifying memories that made Ben shake like a leaf and become even more unresponsive than he already was.

He barely even looked at people that whole time. He hated seeing the pity in their eyes. He was sure word of what happened had spread, and was probably front page news by now. He refused to read any newspapers offered to him. He didn't want to know the full extent of the damage that had been done. And he was afraid that they would include a picture of Albedo in the article, and that monster's face was the last thing he wanted to see. His doppelganger's expression of pure lust as he violated Ben was already engraved in his mind. It was a constant in his brain, popping up just when the young hero thought he would finally be free of the terrifying image. The staff and visitors soon learned to not mention Albedo's name anywhere near the injured boy for fear of sending him into a panic attack.

Even Gwen, whom he had trusted to be strong enough for both of them, looked at him with regret and pity when she visited. When it had first been explained to her what happened, she'd refused to accept it. She'd blatantly denied it, in fact. It wasn't until she had seen the damage for herself one day when the nurse was changing an unconscious Ben into a new hospital gown that she'd finally broken down and left the building, unable to return for two days afterward.

Now she treated Ben like he was delicate, like he could snap in two at any second, just like everyone else he encountered during his stay. Before long, he started completely ignoring her when she visited his room, not even acknowledging her presence. She seemed to get the hint, as after a few days of this, she stopped coming altogether. Ben felt a little bad about driving Gwen away when her intentions were good, but he didn't regret it. He didn't need her pity. He didn't need anyone's pity. He wasn't broken. A little shaken, yes, but nothing he couldn't deal with. As long as he didn't think about the event that took place three long weeks ago, then he would be fine. Perfectly fine.

Well, no, that wasn't entirely true. Ben was constantly plagued by nightmares, flashbacks, and hallucinations, all of which he could no longer distinguish from reality. He woke in the middle of the night in a panic, throwing his blankets off and scratching at himself, swearing he could feel invisible hands roving over his body, touching places that shouldn't be touched. He showered in his underwear, no longer comfortable in his own skin and afraid that if he was even a tiny bit vulnerable for too long, Albedo would come and do horrible things to him again.

The alien's voice haunted his thoughts and echoed through his ears, the constant promises of pain and reminding him, nearly endlessly, of the fact that Ben had climaxed under Albedo's administrations. That memory was worse than anything. He felt dirty, used, and ashamed. He'd come because of Albedo. He'd gotten off on the alien's touch. He was disgusting. He deserved to be left alone with his torturous and nauseating thoughts.

Nobody but he knew any of this, however. Ben kept it under tight wraps. If he couldn't deal with some simple nightmares and a bit of self-loathing, then what kind of hero was he? Heroes didn't get damaged. They didn't fall like he had fallen. He had an image to uphold, people who looked up to him and counted on him. He couldn't show weakness. Not even when he was afraid that it might overwhelm him. Nobody could know. Not even his closest friends.

The only person Ben allowed as a constant in his room was Kevin, who he suspected had figured out that Ben was not as well as he appeared to be. He'd visited every day, and stayed the night more than once, more so than even Ben's own parents. The older teen didn't try to make Ben speak, and kept up a one-sided conversation with little difficulty, making Ben feel at ease in the too-bright, stuffy room. Kevin's jokes and stories helped Ben ignore the scratchy hospital blanket and the bandages stilled wrapped around his stomach, which were only changed when he was asleep so that he wouldn't see what lay underneath.

Kevin had told him that they'd brought in one or two pieces of alien tech to see if they'd be able to heal the wounds that cut across Ben's stomach and stop them from scarring. Ben was very grateful for this, but held very little hope. Knowing Albedo, the odds that the blade used on him was of alien origin was very high, and he doubted even Kevin's extensive knowledge would be enough to reverse the damage. He didn't let Kevin see his doubt, though. The dark haired boy was very sure he would be successful in helping his friend, and Ben didn't have the heart to crush those hopes.

It was on the 22nd day of his stay, which, personally, he thought was a bit excessive, that it was time for the bandages to finally be removed. He'd wanted to be let out weeks ago, as the only thing left of the pain the attack had caused was a small limp and stiff wrists, which were both manageable injuries. His parents and Gwen, however, insisted that he stay for fear that the nightmares he'd been having, so vivid and detailed he awoke screaming and sweating through the sheets, would cause him to do something rash. They wanted to keep him under almost constant watch. Kevin volunteered to stay with the Ultimatrix wielder to fulfill that requirement, but Ben's parents had told Kevin in the least offensive manner possible that they just didn't think he was right for the job, thus extending Ben's stay in what he believed to be the most boring place on Earth. He should be fighting aliens, not sitting in a bed all day eating apple sauce and watching crappy TV.

Ben had requested with the first words he had spoken in weeks, that Kevin be the one to remove the bandages. Ben didn't like the nurses or the doctors, and to be honest the one person he really trusted at this point was Kevin. They were hesitant at first, but finally agreed, stating that it would be fine as long as one of the nurses was there to assist them, glad that Ben was starting to act semi sociable again.

He was, however, starting to worry. Kevin usually arrived to visit him at around one, which was fine as that was near the time Ben normally woke up. It was now 3' o clock and Ben's friend had yet to arrive. It wasn't odd, in normal circumstances, for Kevin to be late. It is simply part of his personality. But ever since Ben had landed in the hospital, Kevin had never been more than a minute late. He knew how important it was for Ben to have company in his small room, and was always sure to be punctual, most of the time bringing with him a small treat he had picked up for Ben.

The button to call the nurse was pushed, and when she arrived Ben inquired about his friend's whereabouts. The nurse, Lucy, assured him that there was nothing to worry about. She was sure his friend would be there soon. "But," she said, looking down at her clipboard. "I'm afraid that we are well past the time when you were supposed to have those bandages removed, and we simply can't wait any longer."

Ben sat up a little straighter, looking over the nurse's shoulder at the doorway, hoping that Kevin would hurry up and get there already. Where is he? Ben wondered, his worries growing more and more as the time passed. Is he hurt? Is he in some sort of trouble? Why isn't he here yet? He promised he would be!

"If you wouldn't mind," said Ben politely, his voice a bit rough from disuse. "I'd really be more comfortable if we can wait until Kevin gets here before we take off the bandages."

The nurse looked at him pitifully, and Ben averted his gaze. He hated that look. "I'm sorry, sweetie, but we just can't wait any longer." She approached the bed, reaching for the materials she would need. "I'm sure your friend will be in soon, and when he arrives, we'll send him straight in." Lucy gave him and bright smile that didn't quite reach her sparkling blue eyes and a pat on the shoulder. "Now lay back, sweetheart. I hate to do this but I've got to give you a little something you keep you calm so that if the wounds haven't healed quite the way we'd like you won't react too badly and risk doing something silly, okay?"

Ben just nodded, no longer caring. Kevin hadn't missed a single day in three weeks, and yet, on that day that Ben needed him most, he hadn't shown. Ben tried not to let how hurt he felt show on his face, and instead closed his eyes as he felt the drugs entering his system. He went limp against the bed, muscles relaxing and thoughts quieting. His body tingled slightly, his skin feeling a bit more sensitive for some reason, but it wasn't uncomfortable. It was actually quite nice, and Ben lost himself in the feeling.

"I'll just let the doctor in now, alright?"

Ben's brow furrowed in confusion. "B… But I thought… a nurse?" His speech was a bit slurred and words were becoming more difficult to form. If he'd possessed the energy, he would have been panicking at that point. He tried to move his arm but could only get it a little ways off the bed before his strength failed him. He looked up quickly, ready to tell the nurse that something was wrong, but she had already left the room.

He was reaching for the nurse call button again when the door opened and a doctor entered, his back facing Ben as he pulled a cart in after him. Ben had never been more glad to see a doctor in his life. "Doctor…I think the…the drugs…there's something wrong…"

A small chuckle sounded from where the doctor stood, which soon turn into a full blown laugh. Ben froze, terror taking a hold of his heart and spreading through his veins. He knew that voice all too well. He'd heard it those three weeks ago, rough with lust and dripping with satisfaction.

His hand automatically moved to his wrist on instinct, until he'd remembered that his Ultimatrix was completely useless to him at the moment. One night, after a particularly horrid nightmare, Ben had swung out of bed, transformed into Humungousaur, and destroyed his room. When he had been moved to a new one, a demand had been made that Ben, for the time being, deactivate his watch so as to not do anything similar again. Ben had agreed, though hesitantly, and now his best chance at escape sat uselessly on his wrist. The reactivation process would take more time than he knew he had. And in his current drugged state, he knew it would be hopeless.

He could only lay there, terrified and helpless, unable to move a muscle, as the monster who haunted his nightmares turned and walked towards the bed, dressed in a doctor's outfit, pushing the cart in front of him. Albedo's red eyes glinted maliciously, gaze burning into Ben's own unblinking one. "No, Ben," He said, smirking. "Nothing is wrong. Everything's going perfectly according to plan."

He parked the cart close to the bed, pulling a few items from it and placing them on top. There was an unlabeled bottle of something that looked like some sort of gel, a round metal disk, a wide plastic ring, and a small plug. He took the metal disk and placed it against the wall, where it stuck. A red light appeared in the middle of it, and the smile on the white haired boy's face widened. He faced the bed again, looking at Ben almost lovingly, before approaching the injured and frightened boy.

The alien gently climbed onto the bed, straddling Ben's hips and lowering his hips so they rested on top of the other's own. A jolt went through Ben, forcing an involuntary gasp from his throat. The hospital gown was thin, and through it he could feel Albedo's erection straining against his pants. He blushed profusely, coming to the sickening realization that the jolt had been one of lust. What's wrong with me? Ben internally screamed. Every place where a part of Albedo touched Ben felt like it was on fire. It was both too much and not enough at the same time.

"That would be the aphrodisiac kicking in, my dear Benjamin." Albedo leaned forward until his face was hovering over Ben's, his hot breath cascading onto the brunette's face, making his eyelashes flutter and his body shiver. "My body has been aching for you ever since that day. I thought that one time would be enough, but I was oh so wrong. If anything, I crave you even more now that I've had you once. All I can think about is how tight you felt around me, how much pleasure your submission provided me. And it is only you, Ben. Only you have been able to pull this lust from me. I have been participating in the human act of masturbation, pleasuring myself to the thought of you beneath me, screaming out in pleasure, begging me to take you harder and faster and deeper," Ben felt Albedo's erection grow stiffer against his own slowly forming one. "I plan to carry out those fantasies with you today, Benjamin. I simply could not wait any longer. You are mine, and I intend to have you."

He moved his mouth down to Ben's neck, sucking on the pale skin he found there. Ben moaned, body alighting with sensation. He dug his fingers into Albedo's shoulders, back arching in pleasure. I'm disgusting. I can't even control myself.

Ben tried to focus and managed to force out a handful of words. "H-how . . . how did . . . the nurse . . . K-Kevin . . . ?"

The mouth pulled back, Albedo admiring the hickey that now adorned Ben's beautiful neck. He gazed adoringly at the gorgeous boy beneath him, brushing a wayward piece of hair from the sweaty forehead. The aphrodisiac seemed to be stronger than Albedo had intended, but as he saw how hard Ben was breathing, and noticed the spark of lust in the hero's eyes, he couldn't bring himself to care. Ben was so wonderfully responsive, and the Galvan loved every minute of it.

"It's amazing how much a few well-placed Mind Bugs can achieve," said Albedo, caressing Ben's pale cheek, watching it turn a lovely pink color. He couldn't have stopped touching Ben if he tried. It had been much too long. "One in a cop, who conveniently managed to pull over and arrest a certain Kevin Leven, who was caught speeding and proceeded to resist arrest. He won't be bothering us any time soon. I heard he's been visiting you every day. And that you've been allowing it." Albedo's eyes grew dark for a moment. "You're mine, Benjamin. You're lucky I did not have worse happen to him."

"I'm… I'm not yours…"

Ben's comments were ignored, and Albedo moved to stroking Ben's hair. "And another placed in the sweet nurse Lucy, who I knew was assigned to assist you today. She managed to get me into the building, find me these clothes, and assure that you and I will be alone for as long as I need. But you want to know my absolute favorite thing that she did, Benjamin?" Ben gave no response. Albedo smiled wider than ever before, his hand slipping under Ben's body. "She made sure you were put into one of these lovely hospital gowns, which allow me to easily do this…" His hand dove into the gap on the back of the gown, and before Ben could even figure out what was going on, his fingers swiped upward, two of them plunging into his unprotected hole.

Ben screamed, both in pleasure and in pain, and those two digits forced themselves inside of him, stretching him open. Maybe somebody will hear that scream, Ben secretly hoped. Maybe they'll hear and come to help me.

The hope was immediately dashed. "Don't be afraid to hold back your noises, Benjamin. I want to hear every little sound. That device on the wall sound proofs this room. The only one who can hear you is me, just as it should be."

Thankfully, after only a few more moments, Albedo removed his fingers and slid off the bed. He turned towards the cart, starting to undress as he did. Ben watched his every move carefully, seeing the coat and the shirt underneath be deposited on the floor. Albedo moved onto his pants, and Ben put what little plan he had into action. If he could just hit the emergency call button, which in his current state was a feat all by itself, then everything would be all right. The room would be flooded with nurses and doctors alike, who could put an end to this nightmare. His finger had just brushed it when his wrist was seized and pinned to the bed.

Albedo stood, completely naked, face a mask of pure rage. He was more muscular than Ben remembered, and his cock, standing tall out of a patch of white pubic hair, looked terrifyingly bigger with precum glistening at the tip. It was coated in something shiny. Lube, Ben's mind supplied. He clenched his legs tightly together.

"You dare try to interrupt our time together, Benjamin?" Albedo hissed, capturing Ben's other wrist and pinning it as well. Ben gasped, pain shooting from his wrists, which had only recently healed with the help of alien technology. "Do you not understand your position? I will kill everyone you love." There was promise in Albedo's voice. "Everyone. Starting with Kevin Leven, who dared touch what is mine."

Red eyes shot to Ben's stomach, and in the next second the hospital gown was ripped off and his bandages were attacked by violent hands. Ben summoned up what little energy he had left and lashed out with his foot, hoping to catch the alien off guard. Albedo was not phased. He avoided the pitiful attack easily, pausing only to deliver a swift smack to Ben's face before returning to his task.

The final bandage was removed. While Albedo looked down at his stomach in awe and pride, Ben had to struggle not to throw up. There, in swirly letters, carved into his skin, was Albedo's name. The scars had turned white, standing out vividly. "Do you see, Ben?" Albedo moved in to kiss the scars, tracing the letters with his lips. "You're mine. I've carved my claim into your very skin. I know how I have overtaken your mind and made you question your sanity. I know I have made you lie to your friends and doubt your abilities to be the hero you always thought you were. I own you now." He grabbed Ben's penis in his hand and started stroking it firmly. Ben moaned loudly, the sensations multiplied hundreds of times over by the drug pumping through his system. "No one else can have you. Not Julie, not Kevin… no one."

He paused in his ministrations, looking up to see ashamed tears forming in the eyes of his favorite human. He cooed at the boy, letting go of Ben's erection and moving to run a hand through the beautiful brown hair of his twin. "Do not weep, Benjamin. I promise this will be pleasurable for you as well. I want you to need me. I want you to be as addicted to my body as I am to yours. I want you to come back to me for more. I want to be the only one you'll ever need." He pressed a kiss to Ben's lips, moaning at the feeling. A surprisingly gentle hand cradled Ben's head as he was kissed, while the other made soothing motions down his side.

The kiss felt horribly, disgustingly, and sickeningly wonderful. A moan was forced from Ben's mouth, which Albedo happily swallowed. The alien's tongue plundered Ben's mouth, memorizing every inch. It was hot, messy, and felt indescribably good. His wrists were released and Ben's hands immediately flew to Albedo's hair, tugging at the snow white strands. His actions were no longer his own, powered entirely by the incredible lust that pumped through him. It begged him to give in, spread his legs, and let Albedo take whatever he demanded.

He whimpered when Albedo pulled away, leaving a thin trail of saliva connecting their mouths. Albedo shushed him, pressing a quick kiss to Ben's lips before moving down his torso, leaving kisses in his wake.

"Please," Ben begged, trying and failing yet again to push Albedo from his body. "Please . . . stop . . . I don't want this . . . I don't . . ."

Albedo was hovering over Ben's cock now. He let his breath cascade over the appendage, watching as it twitched under his gaze. "Maybe you don't want this now, Benjamin, but you will. You won't be able to deny me forever. You'll be become mine, and you'll do it willingly."

Before Ben could even think of responding, Albedo sunk his mouth down onto Ben's cock in one swift move. Ben screamed, back arching clean off the bed and fingers digging holes into the sheets. The hot, tight suction around his cock was too much to bear. He came violently into Albedo's mouth, panting and gasping. He blacked out for a moment, and when he came to, Albedo was back by his face, smiling at him like he was the most precious thing in the world. Ben saw nothing but insanity in his gaze. The brown haired boy gulped, only now realizing exactly what he was dealing with. Albedo wasn't just some random alien with a half ass plan to take over Earth. Albedo was crazy. Like murderous crazy. And he currently had his sights set on Ben.

"You're so responsive," said Albedo. "And you taste absolutely divine."

Ben turned his face away in disgust at his own actions. Again he'd come because of Albedo. Gotten off on the alien's touch. Did he have no self-control at all? It didn't matter that it was partly the drugs fault. He should be stronger than this. He was Ben Tennyson, for God's sake! Saver of Earth and defender of the Universe. Yet he couldn't even prevent Albedo from using him in such a humiliating way. He couldn't stop himself from giving in to the alien's administrations. He was weak and disgusting. He didn't deserve the title of hero. He didn't deserve it at all. Here he was, whimpering and letting Albedo molest him to his heart's content, unable to stop him from doing so. Some hero he was.

"There is no use beating yourself up about giving into the pleasure, Benjamin. That is not the only time you will come during our little encounter here. It is best if you accept that now. Accept that you are mine and this will all become so much easier."

In a rather desperate act of defiance, Ben spit in Albedo's face. "Never!"

"Tsk, tsk, Benjamin. So stubborn. That's just one more thing that I adore about you." He cleaned the saliva off his face with a bit of the bed sheet, seemingly completely unperturbed by what Ben had done. "But alas, I don't have time for it today. Dear Lucy could only get us so much time alone, and I would so hate for our moment together to be interrupted. We most move on."

Albedo caught Ben's thighs and held them apart before they were able to be shut. "I'll take good care of you, Benjamin. The pleasure you will feel will be indescribable. But I must make sure our activities don't end too soon." His hand went away and when it came back, the plastic ring was held between his fingers. Ben watched as Albedo, almost reverently, placed the object around the younger boy's semi hard on, tightening it until it fit perfectly.

Ben flushed, realizing that the thing that had just been placed on his dick was a cock ring. How did Albedo even know about cock rings in the first place, let alone all this other stuff to do with sex?

Albedo's lips returned to Ben's skin, sucking hickey's on any stretch of skin he could find. When he did the same to the inside of Ben's thighs, the hero became fully hard again, and with the new erection came a fierce desperation. Ben did his best not to make any noise. He didn't want to give Albedo the satisfaction.

The white-haired boy gave a quick kiss to the tip of his beloved's straining cock, reveling in the salty taste of precome, before moving further down, and nosing at the special area behind Ben's cock. His tongue swept at Ben's balls briefly, forcing a whimper from the brunette, before continuing further. "I've been doing so much research into this, Benjamin. I wanted to know exactly how to cause you the most possible pleasure, so you would fall apart under my hands. I must say, you humans are very creative creatures."

Ben couldn't have paid attention to what Albedo was saying if he'd put all his effort into it. Albedo's mouth was right next to his exposed entrance, and Ben knew exactly what the alien was planning. It both frightened and excited him at the same time.

The tongue swept up in a flash, plunging into his hole and causing Ben to cry out. He threw his head back, hands tearing holes in the bed sheet beneath him. It just felt so damn good. That warm muscle dove inside of him, eating him out in the most delicious of ways. Every nerve was on fire, lighting up with pleasure. The act was so dirty, yet so wonderful. It made Ben even harder. He sobbed, rocking his hips towards Albedo's greedy mouth, begging for more. Albedo obliged, his tongue thrusting even deeper.

Nothing existed outside of Albedo at that moment. For just a second, Ben let himself get lost in it. He had never felt this good in his life, and though he'd never admit it, he never wanted it to stop. The alien was caressing him, hands gentle and reverent on his skin, in such sharp contrast to their last meeting in the woods. He didn't know what had inspired the change in Albedo, but at least he wasn't being beaten and torn open violently like last time.

Albedo finally pulled away, watching as Ben's loosened muscles clenched around nothing, so needy and wanting to be filled. The whimper that came after his departure was the sweetest music to his ears. Ben was beautiful like this, open and vulnerable for the taking. Albedo wanted to mark every single part of the boy, sink inside of his tight heat and never come out, yet he knew time was short. He wanted to give Benjamin as much pleasure as possible, make the boy want him so desperately he could hardly stand it. Unfortunately, that would have to be done at a later date, preferably when he would finally be able to take Ben away with him for good, an option not currently available to him at the moment. If all went according to plan, however, Ben would be with him soon enough on a course to conquer the universe.

He placed one hand on Ben's hip, slowly turning the boy onto his stomach, and slid his body along Ben's back, stopping when his mouth was at Ben's ear. His cock slid between Ben's ass cheeks, head resting against the open and trembling hole. He wanted nothing more in the world than to slide himself deep inside, making Ben take his entire length in one smooth thrust. He wanted to fuck the boy, long and hard, until he came, filling Ben up with his seed. And he wouldn't pull out. No, he'd stay buried deep in Ben's body, keeping his come safe inside that hot tunnel and fuck his obsession again and again until they both passed out from exhaustion, never once leaving Ben's hole, where he belonged.

He closed his eyes, pushing those fantasies out of his mind. They were for another time. Right now he had to concentrate on what he came here to do today, which was claim Ben, and teach him his place. "I'm going to take you now, Benjamin," he whispered, watching Ben's body shudder in fear at his words. That shudder sent a pulse of pleasure straight to his cock. "I was going to use my fingers, but you were such a disobedient boy during our little encounter here, that I no longer feel compelled to. You will have to live with what preparation you currently have."

"Please . . ." Ben begged, fingers clenching in the sheets, voice rough with tears and unwanted lust. "Please . . . I don't . . . I don't want it to h-hurt."

Albedo took pity on the human, one hand gently rubbing the boy's shoulders and the other moving to grab the lube bottle. Popping the cap, he squeezed and extra layer of the gel onto his cock. "It's going to hurt at first, Benjamin. If it didn't, you would never learn. But I promise the pleasure that you will experience will more than make up for it. I will have you begging for my touch very soon."

Without any more hesitation, Albedo gripped Ben's hips and pushed his cock forward, slowly sliding deeper and deeper inside the body beneath him. He stilled about halfway inside, gasping and grabbing Ben's hips so hard he knew it would leave bruises. He'd forgotten, in the three long weeks they'd been separated, exactly how good it felt to be inside Ben. It was Heaven, it was Nirvana, and it was perfection. He tried, after he'd taken Ben, to see if he could gain such pleasure with another human, but it was impossible. He'd done his experiment with both men and women alike, even those who bore resemblances to Ben. None of them had even come close to giving him the pleasure that dominating Ben provided, no matter how hard they tried. Being with Ben in this way felt right, like it was meant to be. Ben belonged under him, taking what he had to offer and begging for more. He would look absolutely beautiful by Albedo's side when he took over, the perfect queen to his king. He would protect Ben from the horrors of the universe, wielding the Ultimatrix on his own wrist and preventing anyone from hurting his precious human again. The universe would fall to his knees and Ben would be in his arms, safe from all those who wished to cause him harm.

Ben let out a cry as he was spilt open, both of pleasure and of pain. He tried to scramble away from the intruding force, but Albedo's grip held firm. Ben was thankful when the alien stopped halfway, giving him a moment to adjust. Though he would never get used to the feeling of Albedo inside of him. It was something he had hoped he would never feel again. When he'd first woken up at the hospital, he had been in a panic, believing without a doubt that Albedo would come back for him, would hurt him again. He'd been reassured by everyone countless times that he had nothing to fear. There were guards outside the door, they said, and the hospital stuff was told to be on constant alert. They told him the cameras were being watched 24/7, and that there was no way Albedo would be able to step foot in the hospital under any circumstances. Ben knew better. He'd been on edge ever since he'd woken up, and now he's fears had finally come to be realized. Everything had fallen into place to make it so Albedo would be able to get to him. He was powerless to stop the maniac.

After only about a minute, Albedo pushed again, not stopping until his hips were flush against Ben's ass. He stopped for a second before sliding out until only the head was left inside. Ben braced himself for more of Albedo's violent thrusts, but they never came. Albedo slid back in slowly, gently, mouth pressing a kiss to the side of Ben's neck as he moved. To say Ben was surprised would be an understatement. The gentleness in which Albedo handled him sickened Ben. He'd be happier if Albedo was hurting him, because at least that would make sense. But the caressing and the slow, deep thrusts scared him.

His body, however, couldn't complain. Every thrust of Albedo's cock felt amazing, and after only a few moments, he was hitting Ben's prostate dead on with every stroke. Ben moaned, loud enough that if that room weren't sound proofed, the whole hospital would have been able to hear. "Please…" He pleaded, though he wasn't sure if it was for Albedo for him or for him to go faster.

Albedo took it as the latter, picking up his pace. Ben screamed, tossing his head back and arching his hips up to meet the white haired boy's thrusts, panting from the force. Albedo placed a hand under Ben's chin, turning his head until they could meet in a kiss. It was sloppy, Albedo's tongue completely dominating his mouth. The alien pulled away, letting out a loud moan, his trusts becoming even stronger. "So good, Benjamin," He panted. "You feel so incredible. Take my cock deeper, Benjamin. Take it all." He grabbed Ben's shoulders, pushing down will his hips moved up, and held himself as deep inside Ben as he could get. A full body shudder racked him, and Ben's ass clenched tighter around his dick. "You're going to be mine, Benjamin," He hissed, continuing with his movements, faster than before. "You're going to be mine forever. You will always be by my side, willing to open yourself up to me any moment I choose. You'll pleasure me on demand, with your mouth and your ass, and you'll be so needy for it. You'll my body like I crave yours, and will be willingly to do whatever it takes to be allowed to sink down on my cock like the good little boy you are." He grabbed Ben's penis in his hand, thumbing gently at the head as his thrusts got steadily harder and faster. Ben cried out again, sweat mixing with tears as they streamed down his face, he cock dripping massive amounts of precome on to the sheets. He wanted to come so badly, but the ring denied him any sort of release. He dry orgasmed underneath Albedo, crying when his erection didn't wilt in the slightest. It was all too much to handle. The hits to his prostate, the stroking of his cock, all multiplied 10 times over by the aphrodisiac were slowly driving him insane. He begged Albedo to be allowed to come, but was denied by shushing noises cooed into his ear.

Albedo suddenly pulled Ben up with an arm around his shoulder, holding the boy to his chest with a fierce grip, nearly bending Ben in half. His legs remained on the bed, while the upper part of his body was pinned to Albedo's chest, his head resting back on the alien's shoulder and his cock on full display. "And at night," Albedo continued. "We will fuck long and hard and I'll come inside of you. We will fall asleep like that, with your ass stuffed full of my cock and my seed, just as it should be. And in the mornings, I will do it again until you can hardly move." A rough twist to Ben's cock had the boy whimpering, conflicted over whether to thrust back onto the cock on his ass or forward into the tight clench of Albedo's fist. "You will be mine, Benjamin. My mate, my human. Mine."

Ben didn't know how long it lasted, only that he hated himself for enjoying every minute of it. He'd never felt this good in his life. Albedo's kisses were like fire, his touch like magic. Kissing Julie didn't even come anywhere close to what kissing Albedo felt like. Though Ben had never considered being with a man before, now he knew it was exactly what he wanted. If he could ignore the fact that it was Albedo doing it to him, the sex felt good. Amazing, in fact. The feeling of being filled was more right than Ben could ever describe. The movement of a hard, muscled chest against his back was the very definition of incredible. It might be the aphrodisiac talking, but he never wanted it to end.

He was on his knees now, hips raised and face pushed into the mattress. Albedo was close, his thrust more irregular and shaky, and Ben knew that the second the cock ring was removed he would explode. It only took half a dozen more thrusts, with Albedo moaning absolutely filth into Ben's ears, for the alien to come. Just as he did, he undid the cock ring, and Ben followed him over the edge, screaming. Albedo pressed as deep into Ben as physically possible when he came, clenching Ben's hips and panting.

Albedo's come painted his inside, hot and messy, while Ben ruined the sheets with his. Ben went limp, shaking with the after effects of his second orgasm of the day. Albedo was the only thing holding him up from collapsing onto the bed.

Albedo watch Ben's body go limp, his eyes barely open. He admired his human's sweat slick skin and bright red cheeks. His thighs were coated in come, and there were various hickeys adorning his body. Albedo's hands moved, tracing the name on Ben's stomach and smirking in victory. His precious human had lost himself to the pleasure, and that fact would haunt him for weeks to come. He would tear himself apart thinking about it, hate himself for it, and slowly send away those who cared for him. It would leave Ben open and vulnerable, alone, and just waiting to fall into Albedo's arms. Just the way he wanted it.

The decision to pull out of Ben was a miserable one. Albedo looked at the place he and Ben were connected, running a thumb over Ben's hole which was beautifully stretched around his cock. He wanted to remain inside his human for much, much longer, but he simple did not have the time. People would be arriving soon, he had no doubt about it, and he could not be here when that happened.

His cock slid, slick and wet, out of Ben's entrance. Before a single drop of his come could escape, he grab the plug from off the cart and slowly pushed it in. It looked incredible, stretching Ben's hole so perfectly. It made him want to do nothing more than rip it out and slam back in, but he resisted the urge. He did not know why he was so addicted to Ben's body, and if he were in his right mind he might have questioned it. Albedo, however, hadn't been in his right mind for a while. The second he let go again, the boy dropped, stomach hitting the wet spot on the bed with a squishing noise. Ben lay there, unmoving and eyes at half mast, plug sticking out from between pert cheeks. Albedo had never seen anything so beautiful.

He moved up, turning Ben's face slightly to place a quick kiss on his lips. "I'll be back for you soon, Benjamin. Hopefully next time, I will be able to take you away with me. Be a good boy while I'm gone, and don't even think of letting that Kevin Leven touch you." One more kiss, just for good measure. It might be a while till he saw the boy again. "Soon enough, you will be mine."

After quickly putting his doctor's outfit back on, and giving a nod to Lucy on his way out, Albedo left, a permanent grin on his face.

Ben lay on the bed, naked and numb, for what felt like hours, but must have been only minutes. His was mind slowly slipping into darkness. The last thing he heard before slipping into unconsciousness was Kevin's panicked voice calling his name, and then there was nothing.

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