13 PM

January 3, 2000.

Heavenly Court Room.

"The Heavenly court is now in session!"

"We are here today because Belladonna claims Charlie and Annabelle have committed serious crimes to the Heavenly code." said the judge.

Annabelle looked down in shame while Charlie sat nervously in his seat.

"Mr. Carter Ziur, call your first witness." said the judge.

"I call Itchiford Dotson." said Carter.

Itchy walked up to the stand.

"Mr. Dotson, in your own words, explain as much as you know." said Carter.

"Well, I had been at the Flea Bite since morning with my wife, Bess." said Itchy. "Charlie and Sasha was off on a foot race during the morning and I noticed that Sasha was the only one who returned. So I get to talking with Sasha and she tells me that Charlie is here in Heaven studying a watch. I thought this was normal angel business. You know. I didn't think anything of it-"

"Mr. Dotson, when was it that you began getting suspicious?" asked Carter.

"When he didn't even bother to show up at me and Bess's apartment." said Itchy.

"And why would he come to your apartment?" asked Carter.

"Every night, Charlie, Sasha, Bess and I have dinner together." said Itchy.

"Say no more." said Carter. "I call Charlie Burt Barkin to the stand." said Carter.

Charlie walked up to the stand while Itchy sat down.

"Mr. Barkin, where were you on the night of Friday the 13th, 1999?" asked Carter.

Charlie sighed and spoke.

"In a beach house... having sex with Annabelle..." he said in shame.

"Annabelle, is this true?" asked Carter.

Annabelle hesitate as she shed a tear.

"Yes." said Annabelle. "It's true."

"Case ends here." said the judge. "Charlie, Annabelle, your wings will be clipped for seven weeks. Annabelle, you lose your powers. You are expelled from Heaven into a padded cell and with a pregnancy to maybe teach you a lesson. Charlie, we won't be needing you until the seven weeks are over."

"NO!" cried Annabelle, being taken away.

"Annabelle, I'm so sorry!" said Charlie.

Steve Conte - Heaven's Not Enough

The next day, Annabelle was staring at the floor in her cell, shedding tears. She put her paw on her belly.

At a Los Angeles bar, Charlie was drinking a mug of beer. It was the first beer he'd had in a VERY long time. Tears ran down his face because of the sin he'd done.



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